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No. Not this. Not now. Why? His heart raced. How could this happen? Why this? Why her?

It was as if time itself wanted to torture his heart, he witnessed it in such slow motion. He saw her eyes widen as she was hit. He heard her breath quicken as the pain over took her. He smelt her fear. Fear of dying.

How could he have let her get so far from him? If he'd been there, he could have taken the shot, he could be the one on the ground now, and she could be safe. And yet here she was, bleeding, broken, barley breathing, her body shaking, overwhelmed with pain.

How could he have done nothing? He knew he could have done something to prevent this, he just knew it. It couldn't end like this.

He was at her shattered form now, tears streaming from his eyes. She was in pain. So much pain…How could he have let this happened to her? Why hadn't he prevented it?

He could see the tears in her eyes. He knelt beside her. 'This can't be happening…This can not be happening…How can this be happening?'

"B-Beast Boy?" Her eyes found his, a pain-filled guise overtaking her normally placid face. He couldn't stand to see her like this. Why her? Why couldn't it have been him? This couldn't happen to her…not her…

Yeah Rae?" He attempted to put a strong face, for her, not to let her know the immense pain he was feeling as he looked down upon her bleeding body.

"I do-don't think I-I'll be coming ho-home w-with you…" She spoke rigidly, pain evident in her voice. His façade broke, no longer with the ability to contain himself.

"Don't you say that. Y-You're gonna b-be fine. D-Don't say that." His tears fell fast. She looked up at him, trying to hide her pain from him. Trying to be strong for the both of them.

"N-No, I don't think so. Y-You'll be f-fine without me. Y-You will be—" She was abruptly halted as she was attacked by body racking coughs. Blood became visible at the crook of her mouth. She closed her eyes in pain. Her eyes returned to his, pleading to him.

"No. You can't leave. I—I'm nothing without you. You can't leave." More tears flowed from his eyes, still focused on her. A small, sad smile graced her face.

"It'll be okay. I promise. Things will be better when I'm gone…"

"No. No, they won't. They never will be if you leave. I--I love you, Raven. You can't leave. I'll die without you. Please don't leave me…Please…" He broke down, his face pressed against her, his arms cradling her damaged form. He felt her delicate hand grace his cheek, brushing away a stray tear from his distressed face.

He looked up, tears still falling. Her eyes grabbed his. For a moment, time seemed to stop. Suddenly she seized his lips in her's, and his senses numbed, nothing mattering but this. She filled him. Everything was forgotten, if only for a moment.

Soon they broke apart. He longed to taste her lips again, to feel them against his one more time, if only for a second.

He looked at her, his eyes reamed with tears, the thought of her leaving him resurfacing. She beamed a small, sad smile at him. Tears flowed freely from down her insipid features, she no longer able to hide her pain. He couldn't wrap his mind around the thought of her suffering. Her soft voice broke the air of quiet that surrounded them.

"Beast Boy…you have to promise me something." Her voice was beginning to sound strained, an obviously sign of it being painful for her to speak. Beast Boy's face gained a more distraught look to it.

"Raven…no, please….you're going to be alright…you have to be alright…please…" his sobs altered his voice strength, making him sound more distressed then before.

"No, you have to promise…please, Beast Boy…you know this is the way it has to be…Promise me you'll find someone--"

"I've already found someone, Raven! You…Please, don't…you have to hang on…we'll fix this…I promise…Cy will be here any second, and then everything will be better, don't worry. Just hang on…please…" His tears fell faster now, his hand griping her cold one.

"Don't interrupt. Let me finish." Though tears flowed down her face rapidly, her voice remained strong. "I want you to promise me that you'll find someone else after…after this…" a sob escaped her throat, "Someone that deserves your love, someone worth your time, someone that will make you happy," she took a shaky breath, "I don't want you to cry over me, Beast Boy. I'm not worth your tears."

He was taken aback to say the least. How could she believe that she wasn't worthy of him? If anything, she was above and beyond him.

"Raven…" he said, his tears beginning to well up again.

"Promise me, Beast Boy," she said breathlessly. "Please promise me." She stared up intently at him, tears silently drifting down her pale cheek. His mouth opened slightly, in attempts to answer her, when Cyborg's voice halted him.

"How's she doin', B?" he asked Beast Boy as he ran up to the two on the ground. He had seen Raven get hit, and Beast Boy running to aid her. He and the others retaliated against the crook that had fired the shot. After they had taken him and his buddies down, Robin took care of the police, while Cyborg raced over to them, Starfire not being able to, being given the job to haul the prisoners off to jail.

He could hear Beast Boy whispering to Raven as he neared, stopping a few feet behind him. Beast Boy, reluctant to tear his eyes away from her, hesitantly turned to face him. Cyborg just about gasped from shock as he saw his usually upbeat friend turn, revealing his tear-stained face. He whipped back around in an instant.

"Cy's here, now Rae. Everything's gonna be okay," he whispered back to the girl in his arms, a small reassuring smile gracing his features. He refaced Cyborg, his eyes pleading to his large friend. "Cy, tell her she'll be okay."

Cyborg wordlessly knelt down and reached for the girl still in his younger friend's arms. Beast Boy tentatively handed her to him, whispering her words of encouragement to her as he did so, and continued to grasp her hand tightly in his. She gasped as he passed her to Cyborg, causing him flinch. More tears filled his eyes.

Cyborg gently laid her on the cold ground. With sorrow in his eyes, he quickly scanned her, analyzing all of her injuries. A frown etched itself across his face.

"Raven?" he asked gently, "have you tried healing yourself yet?" The changeling's head immediately rose at this, his eyes full of anger and agitation.

"Don't be stupid, Cy! Of course she tried! Her powers are offline, or something. Isn't that right, Raven?" His eyes fell upon hers, which at the moment were closed, as if sleeping. His face immediately paled.

"Raven? Raven!?! No, no, no…Raven, please, wake up!" His eyes poured tears as he gently shook her. A small groan was released from the form on the ground, followed by a sharp inhale of air.

"Oh thank god."

Raven's eyes opened, squinting up, confused. Why was she on the ground? Why was everyone standing over her? And why the hell was she in so much pain?

Her eye sight wasn't cooperating with her at the moment, only allowing her to see a few fuzzy shapes and colors. She blinked a few times, both attempting to wake up her eyes and to keep back the tears trying to escape on account of all the pain she was experiencing. Her vision cleared and she found herself staring up into two of the other titan's faces.

"Raven? Raven, are you all here?" Cyborg said, worry most prevalent in his voice.

"Where am I? What's happening?" Her voice was frantic, a hint of terror filtering through.

"Raven, you're injured. Just stay conscious and we can…" Raven's eyes began to close. She was so tired, she lost focus on what Cyborg was chattering about long ago, and all she needed at the moment was sleep…

"Raven! Don't you pass out on us again. Come on. Ya have to stay awake. Now, have you tried healing yourself yet?" Ravens head spun, but that didn't silence her thoughts.

'Cyborg seems to have a hold on the situation, maybe I can get some rest...' As she fluttered between conscious and unconsciousness, she felt a tight squeeze on her hand. Then, in a moment that seemed almost blinding, everything came back to her. The shot, the pain, Beast Boy…Everything…

"Raven?" his voice questioned, seeing her jump slightly. He noticed her eyes closed in pain now, and his voice gained an apprehensive attribute to it. "Raven, are you alright?" A moan was his only response.

"Raven, open your eyes. Please…Cyborg, why does she keep falling asleep?" He looked to his larger friend, his troubled eyes peering through him. A deep sigh flowed from the metal man.

"She's lost a lot of blood, B. She feels drained. I'm surprised she's held out this long." Beast Boy looked back down at the girl on the ground. Her eyes blinked back open, gazing into his. She spoke this time to Cyborg, though her eyes remained planted on Beast Boy.

"I tried, Cyborg, by they aren't working. I don't know why." Happy to finally be answered, Cyborg didn't hesitate to ask another question while she was still cognizant.

"Have you tried recently? Maybe they kicked back in." She shook her head violently, then instantly regretted doing so as her world began to spin. She closed her eyes for a moment to halt it, but answered just the same.

"No, it hasn't. Trust me, I would know." She swallowed hard. Sleep was beginning to win the battle. Suddenly another, more feminine, voice called attention to itself.

"Friend, is everything-" Starfire was halted as she noticed the thing everyone was crowded around. "Friend Raven! Cyborg, is she the okay?"

"She has severe internal bleeding, a punctured lung, a few broken ribs, and various mild injuries. We should probably get her to the infirmary ASAP."

"Ya think?" Beast Boy's voice rang out, again enraged. He glared at Cyborg, who of which was taken aback. He didn't understand why his friend was so quick to become livid with him.

"Calm down, man. I just-"

"You were just sitting here, doing nothing, while Raven's laying here, bleeding to death. Yah, 'cause that's completely understandable."

"Hey! I'm trying real-"

"Trying what? To kill her?"

"No! You know what, why you suddenly care about her well being is beyond me. Could'da swore you hated her," he sneered. Tears sprang to his friend's eyes.

"You don't know anything!" he fumed.

"FRIENDS! Stop. We need to work together, for Friend Raven's sake, at least for the time being. Now come-"

"Guys! I'm gonna need some help. I was taking care of the police report when all of a sudden this force field like glow came over the entire mile radius. Somebody's put a force field around us, and unless we can get him to remove it, we're never gonna get Raven out of here." Robin stood, breathlessly, anxiously waiting for a response.

Beast Boy paled. If they couldn't get Raven out soon she was gonna bleed to death.

"Beast Boy! I need your and Star's help with this guy. I want Cy to take care of Raven."

"Why?!" he replied before thinking. The leader replied with an agitated sigh.

"Because he's the doctor! Now come on!" Beast Boy, desperately not wanting to leave her side, squeezed the unconscious girl's hand one more time, and with a receding glance, hesitantly followed his leader.

Cyborg looked down at the girl on the ground. He needed to start fixing her wound up, although doing it here would raise the change of infection to her internal organs. He set to work.

As he labored to remove the bullet, he couldn't help regret what he had said to Beast Boy earlier. Yes, it was true that he was agitated with is behavior towards him, but he didn't have to say something so mean to him. Beast Boy cared about everyone. He wondered if Beast Boy would care enough to forgive him after this.

After he had sealed up the area where the bullet entered, he heard a groan. Raven was muttering something. He listened closely. She was talking to him, apparently.

"…Cyborg…Where is my Beast Boy?...Where did he go?...Why did he leave me…" As she continued to mumble, Cyborg stared in astonishment at the meaning of the words. Did she just say 'my' adjacently to the words 'Beast Boy'? She must have lost a lot of blood to be this delusional. He needed to get her fixed up and fast, before anything else popped out of Raven's mouth he wasn't prepared for.

"Raven? Raven can you hear me?" he asked uneasily. Her eyes seemed to meet his, though it seemed as if she wasn't looking at him, rather through him. They appeared dull in the shadow of the building.

"Wha?" she replied, very unorthodox for Raven of the Teen Titans. After a second of bewilderment Cyborg replied.

"Um…Oh! Try healing yourself again. Maybe your powers have kicked back on." Raven shook her head, her eyes closed in faux frustration.

"Cyborg, Cyborg, Cyborg. What in the world are you babbling about? My powers work just fine. See!" She lifted her hand over her head, which evidently hurt by the slight change in her facial expression, and flicked her wrist, looking smugly at Cyborg the entire time. After a few seconds a frown replaced the arrogant expression. She looked questioningly at her hand, shook it a few times, as if to shake out the kinks, and flicked it again. Once more nothing happened. Cyborg couldn't help but smile at her as she attempted to scold her hand into submission.

"Raven." He bent down to her level and gently pulled the one hand that currently had a finger jabbed at it in a disciplinary manner. "Your hand didn't do anything. You told me earlier, remember?"

"Nope. I do—n't no wha your talkin' 'bout." Now had the situation been different in anyway, Cyborg would rolling on the ground laughing his head off at the way Raven was talking at the moment. He was having quite a difficult time not doing so now. Though, he realized, no one would think it funny if they saw him laughing at a half dead girl lying in the dirt. Especially Beast Boy. He didn't want to anger the other titan anymore than he had previously.

"It was right after you woke up, right before Rob came over and got Starfire and Beast Boy to-

"Beast Boy's nice." She interrupted him, saying this flatly.

"…Yes…Um…Anyway, do you remember now?"

"Nope." Cyborg sighed. This conversation was beginning to get on his nerves.


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