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It had been so quiet, so long. He wondered when the interrogators would return to torment him. He was surprised he hadn't been skewered yet…

How could he have been so stupid? Letting these inferior mortals capture him? If he ever got out of here, He was…

"He's not gonna be pleased with me, that's for sure…"

"Who?" range out from the shadows, shattering the silence and causing the bound man to jump. Spying two spiteful eyes in the corner, he shifted uneasily in the hard chair.

"None of your business, Titan." The voice scoffed at him, exciting the dark corner, smirking widely. His eyes grew.

"That's the worst lie I've ever heard…" she pursed her lips, whispering lightly, "…Occisor (1)…" He frowned for only a moment, his biting smile returning surprisingly fast.

"Welcome back to the living, Sanies-eif (2)" the man hissed viciously. "Hope you had a nice nap." Noting the change in the girl's expression, Leonard sneered.

She narrowed her eyes, frowning deeply at the man. His smirk contently, leaning back as far as he could in his bound chair.

"Who were you speaking about? You may have thought you fooled my friends with that ridiculous lie you told them; you have not fooled me. Why are you here, Occisor?" Laughing to himself, Leonard kept his eyes pinned on the enchantress.

"There is no reason to resort to names, darling." Smirking lightly, he glanced away. "Ah, yes, simple-minded indeed are these 'friends' of yours." Brandishing his teeth to her, he continued lightly. "I heard the green vermin that attacked me is still in the living…"

He smiled wider, noting her sudden change in façade. "After what he did to your Only Hope, I would think that you might want to…put him down?" Chuckling lightly at her reaction to his words, he spoke again. "I'm even further surprised that he remains one of you," he said disgustfully.

"That is ENOUGH!" Raven shouted, causing Leonard to jump at the sudden outburst. Wisps of fear danced behind the dark demon's eyes. As she bent over him, her fury-filled eyes burned into his.

"You have lied long enough in my presence. I am tired of all your vulgar insults about my friends and I! This has gone on long enough. If you wont give me what I need, I'l-" Halting mid-sentence, Raven glanced confusedly up at the dark glass mirror. Staring for a moment longer, she returned to her captive, though much quieter.

"I will take it by force if I must," she whispered rashly, anger seething through her words. Roughly grabbing the confused demon's face, she glared into his frightened eyes. Energies began to flow between the two, pouring into the terrified man. A light red glow began to flitter around the demon's bound hands, unbeknown to both parties.

Yelling out in pain, Leonard unwillingly sent the crimson light pounding into the girl, sending her flying back against the adjacent wall. With a thud, she hit the ground.


1. Occisor – Latin for 'Assassin'

2. Sanies-eif – Latin for 'Corrupted Blood'


The door slid open as quietly as physically possible for a sliding door. The silence was unbearable. A small, green shadow wavered in the doorway, unnerved by the eerie stillness.

He knew he shouldn't be there. If he were caught…lets just say it would not be good news for his rear end…

But he couldn't leave now. He wasn't gonna leave her alone. Not with him.

Technically he hadn't cleared the infirmary yet. But neither had she. Raven and her will to scare the crap out of a 7'8'' man; it never ceased to amaze him how 'persuasive' she could be…

He wasn't gonna let her go alone, even if it meant him breaking a few rules. He broke rules all the time, after all…

But no. These were not just rules. If he ended up doing something to the prisoner…No. No matter how much he wanted to rip that guy's throat out, he would refrain from doing so. He was here for Raven. Not that creep.

An involuntary growl escaped his throat as he stepped in front of the darkened window. He could vaguely see Raven's shadow hovering over the small table in the center of the room, staring hauntingly over the strapped down demon. Lightly, he leaned against the glass to better watch over his beloved and that monster she stood beside.

He didn't know if it was his aura or a creak of the pressure on the glass, but not a second later Raven's tense eyes glanced up to the dark glass he hid behind. Beast Boy dove for cover, praying her glaring eyes didn't bore through the steal casing that separated them. Cowering for what seemed like hours, slowly he stopped his deep breaths and calmed his heart long enough to peek over the seal.

Noting her attention was now back on the bound prisoner, Beast Boy rose from his hiding place, careful not to get to near the window again. In the dim light, he noticed Raven uncomfortably close to the demon tied to the chair. A small pang stung his throat, his heart choking what little oxygen his mouth managed to inhale.

He told himself silently that he was simply concerned for Raven's well being, standing that closely to the villain responsible for her recent condition. He was certain that is was not a sting of jealousy crawling up his throat, constricting his airway and causing his breath to be so heavy. Swallowing deeply, Beast Boy wiped cold sweat from his forehead.

Before he could sort his thoughts properly, a flash of red light filled the room, shooting the cloaked girl against the adjacent wall with a loud thud. His eyes instantly widened, fear shooting up him, choking off any rational thought. Rushing to the side doorway, he ran down the small stairwell, hastening to the integration door.

Minutes passed as hurriedly typed in the code. Loud bangs came from the room, causing his focus to be lost. Anxiously he restarted, pounding the keys in, attempting to brush off the sent of burning flesh that had suddenly passed his nose. A scream of pain accompanied it, causing his blood to freeze in its veins. Punching the consul's 'ENTER' key, the changeling held what little breath he had managed to inhale.

The door slid open, smoke pouring from it. Beast Boy's heart stopped, the image of a dark, cloaked figure stepping forward from the haze. Glowing red eyes burned into his as the figure spoke…

"I warned you to stay away…"


Pain. Red, hot, sharp. A sulfurous scent circled the air, polluting it. Hissing, hurtfully piercing the space, numbingly loud.

Raven struggled to open her eyes, to lift her hands to protect her sensitive nose and ears. She was lost in an almost unconscious state, the time between awake and asleep. Thunderous, powerful laughter changed this rather quickly, however. As icy recognition set in, her eyes shot open, fear gripping her shaking body.

A dark figure lay in the distance, mocking her loudly. She stood, attempting to gather herself for confrontation. The being drew closer, speaking in a patronizing manner towards her.

"I see we meet again, Daughter. I hope you've behaved appropriately in my absence." Trigon stepped forward, smiling viciously in Raven's direction. Still shaking, she stood her ground, narrowing her gaze at him.

"Why am I here?" she demanded, surprising herself with the steadiness of her voice. Trigon smile widened, his bloodstained teeth reflecting the scorching heat of the air.

"Why, my dear child? Because my minion finally did something right. Now perhaps we could get on with this so I might leave this retched place for good? My waiting is overdue for repayment, I do believe." Trigon inched closer to her eagerly. "This will hurt you more than it will hurt me."

Before Raven knew what was happening, a large clawed hand reached for her menacingly. She had no time to defend herself, no time to stop the inevitable as the retched fingers gripped her, squeezing the life from her.

She already knew she was going to die, even if the reason was beyond her. She shut her eyes, attempting to block out the pain, to bring happy memories forward for her last remaining breaths. To see his face in her final moments.

And suddenly she was falling. Falling in the darkness. Falling for eternity. It was a strange feeling, slipping through nothing. She could not open her eyes, either out of fear or sheer physical incapability, she was unsure.

And then she hit. Hit what, it really didn't matter. It was hard, hard enough to steal her breath away, and that's all that counted. She sat up, gasping for air, cracking her eyes and peering through her tears from the pain of the blow.

Leonard sat there, still bound in the interrogation room, but with a look of pure shock strewn across his face. This quickly turned to triumph. His hands began to shine crimson, and he began to cackle with glee as he felt his power manifesting.

The bindings broke. Leonard stood, grinning manically in her direction. Raven suddenly understood.

"You," she stuttered, "You are working for my father." Confusion swept her. "Why?" Leonard's smirk grew, almost feeding off her mystification.

"Why else? Power, my sweet. And you are the key to it all." A spark flashed across his eyes, almost as if he were picturing his glorious future. "Now hold still so I can return you to your father. Oh how he misses you."

Raven's back brushed the wall. She was trapped. There was no help. No one would be saving her. She had no hope.

A loud bang came from outside the locked door. Leonard looked towards it, fear flittering across his features for a moment. Raven had an opening.

Time seemed to move slowly as she murmured her curse at the demon. By the time he realized what was happening, it was too late. He burst into flames, staring at her in utter horror, an agonizing scream filling the room. In an instant he was gone. She knew there was no coming back from that.

The door opened just then, revealing a hysterical Beast Boy, searching frantically through the fog. A light smirk played on her lips as she strolled towards him.

"I warned you to stay away…" she spoke, false malice in her voice. Her grin widened as he jumped at her words, still not seeing her through the smoke. She giggled lightly, walking up along side him. He enveloped her in a fretful hug, pulling away quickly to check her for injuries.

"My God, Raven, are you okay?? What hap—" He was suddenly cut off by her lips pressing up against his own, impeding his worry rant. After a dizzying moment, Raven pulled away, leaving Beast Boy speechless for the moment. This moment did not last long.

"Raven, what—" Again, he was interrupted by another kiss. Longer than the last, Raven pulled away slightly breathless, arching her eyebrow and smirking softly. After a longer minute of flabbergastment, Beast Boy tried again.

"Ra—" And once again he was cut short.

Slightly frustrated, Beast Boy was the first to pull away this time. "Are you going to do that every time I try to talk?" His confused stare only depends at her widening grin.

"Perhaps. You care to test me?" At this challenge, the changeling couldn't help but beam back at her, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist and closing the small gap remaining between them.

"I think I just might."

And she couldn't help but kiss him once more.


Leonard landed with a thud on the hard ground, his flesh carrying the scent of charred meat. A low growl answered his entrance, and he looked up into the face that equated terror. He couldn't help but shiver.

"Why have you failed me, Leonard?" the voice boomed, shaking everything in proximity. Leonard stooped in his presence, trying to present cowardess as respect.

"My Lord, I did not mean to. I had her, but she managed to escape. You saw. Please. Have mercy," Leonard begged, his deep voice cracking from sheer fright. A bitter laugh was his only response before he was completely obliterated into nothingness.

A deep sigh resonated from the hellish arena. Trigon was eager to be rid of it, but this incompetence was going to get him no where. At this rate he would never be free.

Suddenly a puff of dark smoke filled the musty air, drawing Trigon's interest. A small girl stepped out from the cloud smiling gleefully. The trespasser was of little interest, and before he destroyed her he decided to ask her business just for kicks.

"What could possibly make your need so strong as to enter my domain, small one?" Trigon rumbled. Her smile widened, and she danced around in a comical fashion that bored the demon quickly. He reached out with all intentions to kill her, but the girl held out her tiny hand for him to halt. She spoke in a reedy voice, stabbing the atmosphere unexpectedly.

"My Lord, I just might be able to help you…" she sung out in a voice that suited a child. He stopped short, surprised.

"How so, child?" She giggled, the sound tittering around the enclosure as no mortal voice should.

"I can help free you, of course." Trigon's confusion deepened. He did not like this. She spoke again, laughing deeper, "Now, now, don't kill me just yet. I can be quite useful to you, you'll see. Just give me an opportunity."

"An opportunity to do what, small one? You are incapable of breaking these bonds. And I'm certain you will not be able to destroy the creator of them. What makes you so sure you will be any worth to me?" A sudden flash of mischievousness glinted across her eyes, and she spoke sharply, a tone that made her almost nightmarish.

"Just you wait and see. I will bring you your troubled daughter's head without fail. You will see."


Yes, this is a set up for a sequel. I know, you all are probably like, 'OH GOD NO!' but I did promise a friend I'd do a plot for her, and I will do it. Eventually. Best of luck to you all!