Zypher: Well, time for another Halloween story for you all. This might be at least a one-shot for this year but depending on how long it will turn out to be, it might be a multi-chapter story. We shall see but for now, hope you enjoy this scary story.

Summary: Yugi is always a curious child. But curiosity can bring into dangers that he can't escape from. Unleashing a curse from an ancient tome has now plagued him with a monster hidden within his own shadow. With nothing to help him rid of it, what will he do once the creature is revealed?

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Short, simple and sweet.


Curse of the Shadowheart

Chapter 1


It was another day as the school bell rang for the final hour, relieving students of the burden of dealing with their daily lessons. A small boy walked out from the school, smiling all the while. This particular child was Motou Yugi, social outcast and the butt of everyone's jokes. But he didn't care for his spirit was carefree. He lived with his elderly grandfather in a small game shop a few blocks away from Domino High. But of course, even with his carefree nature, he was a curious boy. Always looking up new things to examine during his spare time. Today, since he was done with his homework early, he decided to stop by the library.

So many students hated coming to this particular library because of the creepy librarian that runs it. She was strict and very scary, like she came from a horror novel but Yugi didn't mind one bit. The small bell upon the door rang lightly with the entrance of another studious reader and Yugi started heading towards the back where the mystery, sci-fi and horror novels were located. But also in the back was the forbidden area where no one was allowed. Some say that the books were cursed and other say that it was because the books there held monsters that would come out once you opened the cover.

Yugi wasn't tempted but this day, his curiosity sparked as he looked towards the forbidden area. He shook his head and went into the horror aisle. "No, I can't. It's forbidden…" But no matter how often he told himself physically and mentally, he was drawn there like a moth to a flame. Making sure that the librarian wasn't walking by, he went inside, knowing he was breaking a major rule by going inside. But when he stopped to look at the books, he was awed by so many of the ancient tomes that were just gathering dust.

He looked through the many titles, getting more and more interested until he came across a particular book. This book happened to be sitting on a pedestal and looked to be more ancient than any of the other books there. He smiled and took hold of the book before leaving out the section and went to sit at the table nearby.

"I wonder what could've made the forbidden section so forbidden?" he questioned to himself as he opened up the aged pages to past rituals and legends from this time. He continued to read the book, unaware of the curse that was about to befall him. It was getting late when they librarian came around and spotted him with the book. She pointed at him with old fingers. "You," she cried and he looked up in shock. 'Oh no!' he thought in fear, thinking that he was about to be reprimanded for taking a book from the forbidden area.

The librarian walked over to him, waving a finger. "You should have never touched that book! Now you will be cursed forever with a shadow within your shadow!" she cried and he gasped. 'No, this...this can't be true...' With a cry of his own, he bolted out from the library, hearing the continuous cries of the librarian saying he was cursed forever.


When he reached the park, he was breathing harshly as he went to rest on a bench. "She...can't be telling the truth...she just can't be..." Yugi whispered to himself as he sat there. "There's no such thing as curses. I'm sure of it." After gaining his bearings once more, he stood up and was about to leave out the park when something peculiar and scary all at the same time caught his attention.

"My...my shadow...it's facing the wrong way..."

Fearing the words of the librarian, he started on his way home, trying hard not to stare at his shadow that now stayed in front of him no matter which way the moonlight shined upon him.

When he got home, he was glad his grandfather didn't ask about the mysterious shadow phenomenon and continued about the night with eating dinner and finishing up some last minute homework for class tomorrow. And ever since he entered his house, his shadow reflected in the right direction so he brushed it off as a trick although his still feared for the return of it.


The next day, when he woke up, he always looked down, thinking that somehow, his shadow would shift to be facing the wrong way but nothing changed as he walked off to school. He bumped into Myrrh (who's Zella only with black bunny ears and tail. request of change from the person who introduced me to her) on the way into the building and smiled. "Hello, Myrrh." Yugi greeted to the other girl. She smiled as well.

"Hello, Yugi. How have you been?" she asked as they walked inside. "I've been fine." he replied. 'Even with the odd curse that is still frightening me even to this point…'

"That's good to hear. Well, I need to get to class early so I'll see you at lunch with the others." she said before running off to her class on the second floor. Yes, Yugi knew he was considered the social outcast of the school but at least he had friends to support him when others wouldn't even spare him another glance unless it's to speak of something ill willed or just have a reason to pick on him. As he headed to class, he saw his shadow start to spasm and he gasped as he ran into the bathroom just as his shadow shifted but then returned to normal.

"Why...why is it that this curse is fated to be real? And not only that, I was never able to finish the book so I don't even know what this curse could possibly be and if it's even dangerous."

Within a world shrouded in darkness, a pair of glowing, bloodstained eyes waited. The person that owned those eyes was waiting for the perfect time to claim the host that has freed his and the other spirit from the ancient tome that has locked them away.

'Soon, my child. Your existence shall end and ours will reign, bringing about the future for the Shadowhearts. In due time...'


Zypher: And that's all for the first (coughextremelyshortcough) chapter. Hopefully I'll have this one done before Halloween but if I don't, well, just enjoy the story like you peeps always do. And I shall see you with the next chapter soon.