(ok be forewarned...my story is very obviously focused on two women who indeed have feelings for one another, so if you dont like that or if your against it then please leave. Also, kindly leave if this is illegal in your state or whatnot. thanks. This is my rendition of the Xenaverse..so some events have been changed to fit the story. Also, sadly I do not own Xena, Gabrielle or any of the other Xena characters. Everyone and everything in the Xenaverse belongs to Robert Tapert. Enjoy : )

My small companion was walking quietly beside me, staff in hand lost in her thoughts. I smiled at the young bard as I watched her out of the corner of my eye. Her long blonde hair was flowing in the wind and her cut-off tunic and skirt showed off her now finely toned muscles. She never had been large, in fact when I first saw her I thought she could stand to gain a few pounds. From the stories she has told me of her childhood, her mother always made her feel like she had to stay thin if she was ever going to be a good mother someday. That thought made my blood boil. How could a mother tell her child that she needed to look a certain way to achieve happiness? A nudge somewhere near my middle made me abandon my thoughts and look down.

"Xena, are you even listening to me? I've asked you the same question three times." Gabrielle said trying to look stern, but to me came off as being cute. Wait, cute? No way, ok this is Gabrielle I was talking about, my best friend. Ok, back on track. "I'm sorry Gabrielle, what was your question?" She gave me an exasperated look and sighed. "Xena, you really should pay more attention. What if we were being snuck up on and you were to preoccupied to notice?" That never occurred to me, I couldn't believe I let my guard down. I panicked and quicker than almost anybody could follow; I drew my chakram and peered into the trees. A small hand on my shoulder made me whip around and I soon realized I had my chakram pressed on Gabrielle's throat. She gave an involuntary whimper and I immediately dropped my hand. "Oh, Gabrielle I am so sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been so off lately."

She looked at me and concern flooded her features. "Xena, are you sick? I'm sorry; I should've realized something was wrong. I should know better than to sneak up on you when you're on high alert. I should've..." and her words were cut off by a finger to her lips."Gabrielle, you're rambling again. Look, I'm sorry. I just think that all this fighting is starting to take a toll on me. I have an idea. How would you like to pay the amazons a visit? You are queen you know, and I'm sure they will be thrilled to see you again. Plus, we can take some time off and relax for awhile. What do you say?" The small bard grinned at me and said "That was actually my question you know." Confused I gave her a puzzled look. She laughed and said "I asked you if you wouldn't mind us going back to visit them. It's been ages since we've seen Ephiny and Eponin. I'd love to see them and the rest of the tribe again."

Looking down at her I could see her eagerly awaiting an answer. Secretly pleased with myself for knowing that visiting the Amazons would indeed make my young bard very happy, I nodded at her and said "Ok, well let's go. We should be able to cover quite a bit of distance before nightfall"

I walked beside Xena and began planning for our arrival in Amazonia. We would spend plenty of time catching up with the tribe and I would most likely be pulled into some political meeting or other. But if I knew the Amazons, and I did, there would also be a huge party thrown in our honor. They look for any reason to party, but even more so when its for their Queen. Queen, wow that title still strikes me as amazing, even now. I remember the day I found out that being a part of the Amazon nation was now a part of my destiny, as if it was yesterday.

Xena and I were walking and I asked her what the odd feather-laden things hanging from the trees were for. She said "They are no trespassing signs, this is Amazon country". I became excited and asked her "Do you think we will see any?" A split second later a volley of arrows landed in front of us, I looked to Xena in alarm. "Almost certainly." With that she drew her sword and stuck it into the ground blade first. She then clasped her hands above her head and kicked me slightly. I hurried to follow suit. As soon as I did a group of women wearing masks leapt down from the trees. One stepped forward and said "You know the Amazon sign of peace, yet you are not one of us."

She introduced herself as Terreis. Her and her close friend Ephiny decided that we must go to Melosa the Queen to see if she will allow us safe passage through Amazon territory. We begin to follow them when suddenly Xena screamed my name. I rushed to her side, and the amazons took to the trees. Volley after volley of arrows came and Xena fended most of them off. Terreis however screamed and fell from the tree. I had to save her, or at least try. "TERREIS!" I screamed. I ran to her and I used my body as a human shield to protect her. A sharp pain in my shoulder forced me to cry out in pain. The arrows ceased and Xena and the Amazons come running. Terreis is in horrible pain and the arrow pierced her chest. Xena runs up to me and looks at the arrow and shakes her head. Tears began to fall down my face, and as I tried to comfort Terreis I grimaced as pain shot up my shoulder.

Terreis looks up at me and said "You tried to save my life. Only an Amazon would do that for another Amazon. I want you to take my Right of Caste" The amazons around me gasped and Ephiny hissed "Terreis." She ignored all this and said "Please" looking up at me. I nodded and said ok. I had no clue what I just promised but it seemed so important to her. Xena pulled me away and slowly pushed the arrow out as I screamed out in pain. She jabbed a vein in my arm and the pain ebbed some, it was tolerable now. She quickly stitched me up and we made our way to the Amazon village. We ended up in the middle of a war that was threatening to rage between the Amazons and the Centaurs. As always Xena saved the day, but not before finding out I was now an Amazon Princess, and was trained in battle to use the fighting staff.

But that was a long time ago. Before everything with Eve, and Ares freezing us.

When we first woke up from the big freeze I was worried because all of our loved ones would be either old or killed within a span of twenty-five years. Artemis and Aphrodite however put a spell around those closest to us so that they too were frozen in time until we were awakened. Eve however could not be protected because Octavius had seized her and Ares was favorable to him. Eve became Livia and tormented everyone. She kidnapped both Joxer, Meg his wife, and their kids and held them for ransom hoping we would come to their rescue. Eli showed her the way of love after she murdered Joxer in cold blood and watched as his children cried out for their father. She is now roaming the lands spreading Eli's teachings to as many people as she can. To my delight, the Amazon tribe that I was Queen of was protected by the two goddesses. Xena's mother Cyrene and My mother and sister were also among the saved. My father had been killed some time back and even though he hated my life with Xena I still loved him and I did miss him.

Well, the past is the past. Hm…that could be a great subject for a new poem. Of course I never ran out of things to write about while traveling with Xena. How she fought effortlessly, how she looked beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Gods, I loved that about her. More time to think about that later. On to Amazonia and hopefully a huge party.

I glanced at Gabrielle who was rambling on about some subject or another as we walked together into the sunset. It was comforting to hear her talk. Before it may have annoyed me a bit, but even then I didn't mind her talking. It had always soothed me and I never could figure out all this time on the road Gabrielle still never ceased to amaze me. Along with her well-rounded fighting skills with the staff Ephiny gave her when she became a princess, Gabrielle could talk her way out of almost anything, and she could cook! I may be a woman of many skills, but cooking was never one of is far more important to me than just a good cook though. She is the other half of my soul, and my best friend. Thank the Gods that Gabrielle is part of my life, without her I would still be lost in the darkness of my past.

Hm…speaking of darkness the sun was nearly gone from the horizon. I called out to Gabrielle. "Hey, see that cave up ahead?" She squinted into the darkness and said "Xena, I can't see anything. It's almost pitch black out now. But I trust you, if you say it's there, then it's there. Lets hurry, I am starving" she said. I laughed and smiled at her. "My bard, you are always starving." She gave me an indignant look and said "I am not always Starv…" but her words trailed off as a huge rumble cut her off. She blushed, "Ok, so maybe I am. You got a problem with that buddy?" I laughed at her and said "Never, my bard. I love all of you, even your insatiable appetite." She dropped Argo's reigns and looked at me with an odd look on her face and hugged me.

Taken aback, I returned the gesture and reluctantly pulled back. "What was that for?" I asked her. She smiled at me and said "Nothing, just I love you too Xena. It's such a wonderful feeling to be loved. Right friend?" Friend? Huh yeah...that's right, that's what I meant. Friend love. "Uh yeah Gabrielle, but don't you go getting all mushy on me ok?" She giggled and nodded her head. Shaking my head I grabbed my golden Mare's reigns and began walking again. "Come on Gabrielle, let's go. The cave is just up ahead." I called over my shoulder. "Where you go, I go" she replied simply falling into step behind me. Wherever I go she goes huh? You know I really think I like the sound of that.

The cave was dark and damp and if Xena had not been with me there is no way I would've ever went in it. Xena had left a quarter of a candlemark ago to scare up our dinner, which left me to gather firewood. Then sun was going down as I left the cave, I would need to find the wood and soon. I walked as far away from the cave as I could while keeping it in sight, Xena would kill me if I got lost and she had to come looking for me again. I spotted a pile of wood and made my way towards it. I grabbed as much as I could carry and walked back to the cave.

I dropped them and began piling them up, and lit them. Bright flames blazed in front of my face as my thoughts wandered once again to Xena. She would probably be surprised to know how much I actually think about her, and about all that we have been through. A lot of it was painful, but there were good times to. Either way there is no point in bringing up the past, because we have a future to look forward too and that is what matters. I love Xena more than I ever loved anyone, even Perdicus. She is my whole world, I only wish there was a way I could let her know. Well, maybe one day I would tell her, but there is no way I am going to risk our friendship just because of my feelings for her.

I went over to Argo and removed our packs and laid out the bedrolls next to the fire. I sat down and began writing.

Every time I see you my heart skips a beat
You came into my life and into my heart
When I'm away from you I feel incomplete
I realized that I have loved you from the start

You have such power over me
I would do anything for you
Why is it that you cannot see?
Those three fateful words I can't undo

Not knowing if you love me back
Is slowly yet surely killing me
I can hear my heart shattering with a crack
Why is it that we cannot be?

I know that there is only one thing to do
I have to wait for you to see if you love me too

As I was finishing the last line, I heard Xena humming to herself make her way into the cave as she approached, my breathe caught in my throat. Xena, even humming, looked as formidable as ever. Power seemed to radiate from her as she walked. Gods, she is so beautiful. Those long, perfectly toned legs, partially hidden by her boots amazed me. Her leathers were in perfect condition and her breastplate and armor gleamed in the firelight. Her strong, tanned arms and her long black hair, and angelic face ignited a fire within me. Everything about Xena was amazing, but possibly the most interesting of all were her eyes. Fire raged behind those baby blue eyes, but the fire within softned to a bright glow when she saw me.

A smile spread across her face as she walked in and made her way towards me. I hastily threw my scrolls back into my pack and said "Hey, what did you get us?" She smiled and held up a string of fish. "Fish again Xena?" I sighed. Oh well, it's better than nothing. She looked at me and said "Are you making fun of my hunting skills shorty?" Shorty! "Shorty?! Who are you calling shorty?" I asked putting on my best angry face. She chuckled and pulled me into a hug. "Gabrielle, you are the perfect size, see?" she said resting her chin on my head. Smiling to myself I did see. She was right. I pulled back and looked at her. "Ok, I guess I forgive you." "You guess?" she asked with a small pout. All my resolve left me then, "Oh Xena, how could I not." She smiled and said "Why don't you try and get some sleep, I'll take first watch." "I nodded and went back to my bedroll and pulled out the scrolls and began writing down our adventures for today.

Xena sat down to sharpen her sword. I watched her for almost half a candlemark before she stopped. She frowned slightly at her finished blade and ran a long finger down its length. "Ouch! Damn it to Hades, I hate that!" she said, putting her finger in her mouth and sucking on her nicked finger. I gasped in concern and made to get up. "No, don't Gabrielle its fine" she said to me in her low voice. "I'm coming to bed anyways." She silently made her way to her bedroll and laid down beside me. "Goodnight Gabrielle" she said closing her eyes. A smile crossed my face as I wrote the last line of my nightly writings.

And so, my angel drifted off to sleep after a long day of being warrior princess; now, she is just my warrior and I like that.