Popcorn by: Zovid

Flicking popcorn at a sleeping brunette Sam stood up her arms crossed over her arms as she stared at her work. A smirk played on her face as she stared a popcorn covered Freddie, a piece hanging on his lip. She stared at him for another minute or so before she moved to her bag to grab a camera.

"This is too good." A mutter of words under her breath.

Sam zoomed in on his sleeping face, popcorn in his hair and on his shirt, drool coming onto the piece that was hanging on his lip and, snap there was a picture ready for iCarly. Tucking her camera safely back into her bag she promised herself later that she would add it on to the site.

Moving back to the couch where she was sleeping for the night she pulled the blanket up to her chin and grinned deviously at the thought of having Freddie's picture on the site.