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Title: Never make a promise

Summary: The brotherhood crashes a party hosted by friends of the X-dorks.

The brotherhood stormed the mall searching for something to do on this boring Saturday. Liz and Elias were shop lifting, well trying to there wasn't anything good to steal. All in all it was a boring day for all of them and they had no idea what to do with themselves. They loitered around the fountain for about a half an hour.

"Man, there's nothing going on around here!" Toad complained. Liz noticed the x-losers coming their way. She groaned angrily. She wished her brother would just break up with Kitty so she wouldn't have to suffer.

"Hey Eli!" Kitty shouted happily as she ran over and the others stayed behind. She jumped and hugged him then held his hands.

"Taryn's having a party tonight! You want to come with me?" She asked gingerly. The others jumped in excitement.

"I don't know I kind of had plans…" Elias replied angrily as he took his hands out of hers and looked away. He saw his friends stare at him angrily. He knew they really didn't have anything to do but, he didn't want to see Kitty. He had become angry with her every time he saw her. He sighed angrily and turned toward her.

"Fine I'll go!" She jumped for joy and hugged him she turned around to meet back up with her friends then turned around one more time.

"Oh and one other thing" She started. "Try not to bring them…" She said in a hushed voice. Elias' eyes widened, was she crazy? Those were his friends he'd never ditch them for some chick. He merely gave her a look the instilled that he will not be taking heed to what she just said. He didn't like being told what to do.

Everyone left except for Rogue who walked towards Liz. Liz raised her eye brow in confusion as she approached.

"Listen don't mind them, I think it'd be awesome if you came with us. Well just you, I know you don't want to hear it but. You're not like the rest of the brotherhood…" Rogue said as she sat next to Liz.

"I used to be in the brotherhood…"

"Really, why'd you leave…?" She asked lethargically. Rogue sighed hardly.

"It's complicated. Listen I know your views are different from mines and I'm okay with that. I don't see you as another delinquent for some reason. And I think we should hang out together."

"Whatever if you put it that way. But don't try to get me to get on your side. I've made up my mind on this…"

"Fine, I'm Rogue."

"I'm Liz, and I'm bored as hell…" She whispered as she stared up at Lance.

"Who does she think she is?" Liz heard her brother rant. She and Rogue got up and looked at him.

"You guys can come if you want. I don't care what she says. Bro's before Hoes! That's it! I can't take it anymore. I don't care how good the sex is…Its over. I'm breaking up with her tonight!" Elias exclaimed. He seemed very furious.

"It's about damn time; she always comes over and tries to be nice to me… Doesn't she know I'll kick her ass?" Liz decided to add on the rant.

"Yeah you think that's bad, I have to share a room with her…" Rogue wanted to join in. All of the brotherhood stared blankly at her except for Liz.

"Hey Rogue, what are you still doing here?" Toad asked.

"Yeah your group is up there" Pietro said as he pointed up to the party supplies shop.

"I'm sort of hanging with Liz, you guys mind?" She sassed. Elias couldn't help but stare at Rogue. Everyone else shrugged and continued to complain. While Liz stared longingly at Lance every few minutes. Rogue noticed that she kept doing it she pulled her aside for a sec.

"Do you like Lance?" She whispered to her. Liz jumped.

"How'd you know?" Liz whispered in a scared voice.

"You can see it from space Liz…"


"I can help though…"

"Really how?"

"Well, your going have to talk to Jean. Just promise you won't hit anybody."

Liz hesitated and began to pace.

"I'll try, but I can't help an old habit…" She replied.

"Good enough for me let's go…" Rogue spat back as she pulled Liz away to where the x-men were.

Liz approached the rest of the x-men hesitantly, they stared angrily at her and she stopped right in front of Jean.

"What's your business here Ziffermen?" Scott asked angrily. Liz sneered then remembered the promise she made to Rogue.

"Scott stop doing that, Hey Liz what's up?" Jean corrected.

"Jean we have a little favor we wanna ask for…" Rogue started.

Back at the Brotherhood boarding house everyone did what was necessary for crashing the party. Toad looked for some cool music. Pietro stole some beer in the mall and decided to bring it to the party. Lance looked for his favorite hoodie to wear at the party. Don't ask me why I don't know. Liz didn't do anything really in fact she fell asleep on the couch as she listened to Elias practicing different ways to break up with Kitty.

"Its not you, its me… no, no, no, Um. I think it would be in your best interests that you stopped dating me… Dammit no um. I think we should start dating other people. Yeah that's it." Elias muttered to himself.

"Why practice how to break up with some one? It's not like you never done it before…" Fred said.

"Freddy m'boy, I like the break up to be as memorable as it is devastating…" Elias replied. "Let's go guys, don't wanna be late now do we?" Elias yelled as he slapped Liz in the face, immediately waking her up. They all piled up into Lance's jeep and set off.

When they arrived to the party they all couldn't believe how nice the apartment looked. They couldn't wait to trash the place.

"Um, do I know any of you?" Taryn asked. Elias smirked.

"You want to?" He said as he winked at her. She scoffed and walked away. He laughed and gave Pietro a high five.

"You know I'm all up in that…" Elias laughed.

Taryn ran over to Duncan, Jean, and Scott. Her expression was worried and distraught. Most people got worried seeing Lance's crew at the party. Some even wondered how they got in. Regardless, their presence was killing the mood and it infuriated Taryn.

"Duncan! Scott! Those guys are totally ruining my party! And this is my parent's business apartment, what if they steal something?" She complained. Scott sighed angrily and started towards them. Jean pulled him back.

"Give them a break Scott; if they don't bother us then we don't bother them…" She consulted.

Liz sat on one of the couches in the apartment. It was well lit and all the things looked like they cost more than $100. Liz had to restrain herself from stealing anything. About an hour passed by while everyone socialized and danced. Liz for some reason was still bored. Her day dreams were interrupted by a tap on her shoulder.

"Hey Liz, you look bored…" a voice said. She looked up and saw it was Pietro, and then lowered her head again. She sat beside her. She could feel him staring at her.

"Want to go and dance?" He asked. She said nothing as if she wasn't listening.

"Fine Liz, we'll just sit on the couch like two pot heads…"

Taryn gathered everyone around for party activities, well all the people who wanted to participate…

"Okay everyone we're playing seven minutes in heaven…" She announced.

"What are we in? 6th grade?" Scott asked, obviously refusing to play as many others at the party did. Everyone sat in a circle on the floor in front of the closet. Taryn took a soda pop bottle to use a device to use to choose the pair. About three to five pairs had already gone, Liz sat in anticipation. Waiting to see who she would get. Taryn spun the bottle as it circled round and round then finally began to slow down. The slower it got the more likely it be her and Pietro in the closet together. Jean winked at Liz during the last turn, and then used her powers to point it towards Liz and Lance. Liz smiled at Jean (wow that's a first…) She mouthed the words "Thank You" as she looked over to Lance. Lance's face was shocked and dumfounded. He looked up to Liz then looked away.

"Hurry up you two, other people want to go you know!" Taryn yelled as she pushed them both into the closet then locked the closet.

"Good job Jean, thanks a lot. That meant a lot to Liz…" Rogue whispered in Jeans ear. Jean nodded calmly and looked back towards the closet. Rogue got up and stood by the wall and watched them chat.

Elias who was sitting on the couch at the time called Kitty to the balcony. He figured it was the perfect time to break up with her. She walked over with a cheery face. His face was stone and serious.

"Hey Eli, what's up?" She asked.

"Kitty, you're awesome and you've been nothing but great to me but…"

"But what?"

Liz and Lance stared each other in the closet. She leaned against the wall as he stood in front of her. Probably not knowing what to do. She sighed hardly.

"Listen Lance, we don't have to do anything if you don't want us to. I mean we just met a couple weeks ago and—" Liz's words were cut off by a passionate kiss. Liz began to dart her eyes in shock as Lance began to tongue kiss her. He hoisted up her legs and opened them and put his legs in between. The kisses became so passionate, so fervent that Lance's tongue was almost down Liz's throat. But she was not complaining, this was dream come true.

"Three, two, one, Okay love birds time to get out!" Taryn opened the door and revealed Liz and Lance's lustful shenanigans. Everyone gasped in shock as Pietro angrily got up and sat on the couch. Elias looked and saw Lance with his sister.

"Lance! What the Hell?" Elias shouted angrily. Lance blushed and quickly walked away from the scene. Liz slowly and bashfully walked toward Elias.

"I'm sorry…" She sighed.

"No, you didn't do ANYTHING! It's his entire fault Liz…" Elias replied angrily. Liz sighed and went into the bathroom shamefully.

Pietro sat on the couch begrudgingly; Lance came over and sat next to him. Pietro pretended not to see him around him. He was uber pissed at him.

"Pie, you know I'm sorry…" Lance started.

"You're always sorry. This always happens Lance; I fall for a girl and then she falls for you instead of me… I'm getting tired of this shit Lance…" Pietro complained.

"But, it's just… Liz… never mind you wouldn't even understand…" Lance started for his defense but then gave up.

"All I know is you were touching the girl I like in places I wanted to touch her…"

"We didn't even do anything!"

"Your legs were in between hers…"

"Shut up! I don't have sex in public like you!"

"Screw you!"

"Why do you care anyway!? She was going to be just another fuck for you right?" Lance asked. Pietro stayed silent and merely looked away.

"Get away from me before I kill you…" He whispered. Lance stood up abruptly and stormed away.

Liz was remorseful of what she had done; she suspected that she was causing a lot of problems which made her sad. She paced back in forth in the bathroom, dreading going back outside. Meanwhile, Elias had to get something over with before he kicked Lance's ass.

"Kitty, I think we should start dating other people…" he said stone faced-ly. She frowned.

"You're kidding right?"

"No, I want to end it…"

"But I, you, Why?"

"BITCH just accept it… I got bigger fish to fry…" Elias said as he walked over to Lance angrily.

"Dude what is your deal?" Elias shouted.

"Listen, I'm not gonna lie, your sister gives me a woody. There I SAID IT! What the hell do you people want from me? I'm Fucking HUMAN! Oh wait… scratch that… But never the less… I have urges just like everybody else does…" Lance complained.

"Well, my sister is not like the rest of us… Under her tough exterior she is extremely insecure and doing shit like that gives her false hope…" Elias argued.

"She acted like she was scared or something and she was shocked when I touched her, Elias… I wanna bone your sister…"

"DUDE NOT COOL!" Elias yelled as he covered his ears.

"At least I'm not lying to you…"

Liz gradually walked out of the bathroom and snuck onto the couch were she was sitting earlier. She felt like she was being stared at, she hated that feeling. It felt like lots of lights on your skin and everyone refuses to remove them.

"Liz…" Pietro's voice said. She jumped, she was so deep in thought she didn't even notice he was next to her. She began to breathe hardly.

"Why didn't you just tell me that you liked Lance? Instead of making me think I had a chance…" He whispered somberly. She had never seen Pietro so serious before, her heart hurt a little because of the guilt he gave her by his words and his looks.

"I'm sorry" She sighed sadly.

"Sorry doesn't fix…" He started and then sighed hardly "Never mind I gotta go…" He said as he got up quickly and went to the other side of the room. She stared at him forlornly and the curled into a ball on the couch and hugged her knees and dwelt upon what she had done. It made her want to drink.

"Can you at least use protection?" Elias pleaded.

"NOPE! I wanna bone your sister with out a condom and I wanna knock her up" Lance denied.

"Now you're just being an asshole…" Elias' eyes wandered away from Lance and to Rogue. Lance turned to see who he was looking at.

"I see you got your eye on Rogue, I don't recommend her." Lance started.

"But she's so hott!" Elias whined. Pietro approached them somberly. Lance looked away.

"I'm sorry about earlier…" He whispered.

"Whatever…" Pietro replied indifferently.

"No really, I'm serious…" Lance added. Pietro got angry.

"What are you gay?" He spat. Elias rolled his eyes as he sipped his Heineken.

"Some one's got sand in their vagina…" He whispered.

"What was that?" Pietro mumbled.


She wasn't quite sure how many beers she had but she knew it was a lot because she didn't feel too good. Getting drunk used to her best friend back in Detroit. It was an old habit. She tried to drink the sorrow away. It never worked but she figure one day it would. But right now she was stumbling and falling and people were getting worried about her. She needed to sit down.

"Oh Shit…" Elias said in a quiet voice. Lance and Pietro turned to see what he was looking at. Elias' face suddenly looked worried as he put down his beer and wiped his mouth.

"What's wrong" Lance said.

"She did it again; she always does that shit when she's depressed. I need to get her home…" Elias muttered.

"Who? Liz? Liz is drunk?" Pietro gasped quietly.

"I'd love to stick around guys but, I got to go get Liz home before she hurts herself…" Elias whispered as he began to walk over to her, Pietro stopped him.

"I'll do it…" Pietro sighed.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, you guys stay here… I'll take care of Liz…" Pietro replied. He walked over to her and helped her up.

"Lizzie it's time to go home now…" He whispered.

"Hmm?" She looked at him with a confused face. He shook his head and her arm around his neck and helped her out of the apartment.

"TAKE CARE OF HER PIE!" Elias yelled.

"NO PROBLEM! I'LL TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER! I PROMISE!" He yelled back as he walked out the door.

He didn't know how long they had been walking. He decided to leave the car because he promised not get Liz hurt so, he didn't want to chance getting into a car crash. He saw her slumping along the way. He lifted her up and carried her on his back (piggy back style) she drifted in and out of sleep.

"Thank you for taking me home Lance…" She whispered.

"I'm not Lance, I'm Pietro…" he replied.

"I knew you liked me I just thought you were scared I wouldn't like you back… But its okay Lance…"

"This is Pietro not Lance…"

"Y'know every night I think about you until I fall asleep, back at home every time I crushed on a boy, he would be too scared to talk to me. Luckily for me that's not the case at Bayville…"

"Liz, for the last fucking time I'm not Lance…"

"Pietro's nice but, he's like my brother, he's a player… I'm scared a player is gonna play with my heart…" she started.

"I'm scared of with everything with a penis in that house actually… I don't know how I deal… But at least I have you Lance" Pietro stopped and dropped Liz on the ground purposely and stood menacingly in front of her.

"I will leave you right here and you could get home on your own, if you don't snap out of it. And I don't want to have to beat the sense into you…" He murmured angrily.

"I'm sorry…" she whined.

"You sure are sorry… Look at you…" He said and he placed her back on his back and began to walk.

"I don't know why I let myself get drunk like this… I don't even remember when I started doing it. I do remember why though. I was never a good student, or a good daughter. I'm a terrible citizen; I make Hitler look good… I'd be all sad about crap like that, and my dad would have about 10 six packs in the fridge… So I would just start drinking… To make the pain go away…"

"You could always do other stuff to make yourself feel better…"

"You don't understand… Sometimes, back at home I'd get up on the roof and look at the moon and stars and I'd tell myself that was a better life out there for me… But I still haven't found it…"

"That's because you're not looking hard enough…" He started. "The things you're wishing for could be right in front of you…" She smiled and rested her head against his neck.

"Your really nice to me Pietro, why weren't you like this to me when we first met?"

"I don't know…" He spat angrily.

"Why are you taking me home?"

"Because I promised your brother I would and I also told him I would take care of you…"

"Really? You did? On your own, he didn't ask you?"

"Nope" There was a silent pause for a moment.

"Thank you…" She whispered. Pietro stopped for a second, he felt his heart skip a beat for a second he began to blush. Then he continued on the path home.

Later on…

"Look we're home" he sighed as he let her body down on the couch.

"I'm so tired…"

"Then you should rest, we need as much rest we can get…" He sighed as he started up the stairs.

"Pietro…" She whispered. He stopped and came back down.


"Can you teach me something?" She said bashfully as she sat up on the couch. He sat in front of her.

"Sure what?"

"Tonight, Lance was kissing me and I didn't know what to do… Can you teach me how to…" She blushed and looked away. "How to kiss?" Pietro blushed after he heard what she said.

"Oh um… Okay" He stammered. He reached over to her and gently rubbed her chin with his thumb and index finger.

"You're supposed to put your lips like this…" He said as he pressed his lips gently on hers. His heart began to beat extremely fast. For the first time he actually felt like it was gonna come out of his chest. Liz always thought that he was a rough lover, but his kisses were soft and gentle. It made her stomach knot. He pulled away immediately.

"I should get up stairs…" He muttered as he attempted to leave. She pulled on his arm.

"No please stay…"


He crawled under the blanket she was using on the couch; He laid next to her nervously. She sighed and put her head on his chest and slowly drifted into sleep.

I hope you liked it…