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Prologue: Something to Hold Onto


The Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure stood before the village councils who were all sitting in a semicircle. Candles burned brightly in each corner of the room casting their faces in shadows and making them look more intimidating than they were. The old Hokage wore his battle gear, having just gotten off the battle field himself and had a small bundle of cloth held protectively in his arms. A small hand reached out of the bundle to pull on the old man's beard, revealing a small blue eyed baby with three thin whisker-like marks on each cheek and a small tuft of blond hair on his head. Although the scene was cute, none of the council members looked at the child with affection. Most looked at the child with hard gazes, willing him to turn to dust under their glare, while others looked neutral trying not to judge because of something of which the child had no part.

The one reason for the meeting was the child. The baby the old man held was the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune whom the Yandaime Hokage sealed inside the child at the cost of his own life by using a forbidden jutsu called the Shiki Fuujin.

"Is that the demon child?" a man with graying hair and beard asked. Although everyone knew he was they still needed an affirmation of sorts before voicing their displeasure.

"Yes," the old man sighed, the only one looking at the child with affection. "This is the container of the demon."

Murmurs rose in the room as the council talked quietly amongst themselves. After a while of quiet conversations another man who was balding at the front scoffed. "Whatever he is, we should either kill him or have him removed from the village."

There were several nods of agreement to this and the old man stiffened and tightened his grip on the gurgling baby slightly. "This child is the hero of this village! He bears a grave burden forced on him at birth and without him we would all be dead. We should treat him with respect for all that he is and will go through for this village. Besides, Yandaime's last request was for the child to be raised in this village and seen as a hero. We must honor his dying wish."

The man with graying hair and beard sighed and removed his green glasses to rub his eyes tiredly. "Be that as it may Sarutobi, the village will never accept him. We could save him and everyone else much grief if we just removed him from the village. They will just use him as a means to take their aggression out on." 'Like some, are doing now' he added mentally.

Sarutobi sighed. He knew what his old friend said was true but the child had just as much a right to be a citizen of Konoha as much as anyone else. If anything, he had more of a right. He knew the adults would not make life easy for the child, but at least he could try to keep him from being hated by the next generation. That way he could make friends who would make his childhood better. "How about we make this an S class village secret punishable by law. No one is to speak of how we truly defeated the Kyuubi to anyone who doesn't already know and if they do we will send them to be reeducated by Morino Ibiki. This way we can keep an eye on the child while doing our best to give him as close to a regular childhood as we probably can."

The man with the glasses sighed. He did not know why his old teammate was so adamant about keeping the container in the village but he would give his support and hope that nothing too bad would come out of it.

Of course, no one noticed the black robed figure grin and open his blood-red eyes to stare at the small child wrapped in the old mans hands.


Eight years later . . .

Uzumaki Naruto shivered as he wrapped his small arms around himself to try to warm himself up. He wore an oversized black T-shirt and oversized black shorts that he had found in a box in an alley one night. His tattered sandals did hardly anything to protect his feet and his matted blond hair barely moved as the wind whipped through the air and made him shiver. His clothes were worn out and had multiple rips and tears when random villagers had attacked him. Dried blood stained some parts of the clothes a deep purple color where he had tried to wash the blood out in a river. Dried tears stained his cheeks and his eyes were a dulled blue instead of the sparkling crystal blue they normally wore.

The old lady had kicked him out of the orphanage today but not before they gave him his weekly beating and forced him to find shelter outside.

He had thought about trying to find the Hokage but today was his birthday and he knew better than to wander around. He did not know exactly why people hated him or why they hated him even more on his birthday, all he knew was that he had been born on the day that Yandaime had defeated the Kyuubi.

He heard people partying and having fun down the street at the festival but did not dare go out. Last year he had gone and he had been cornered by a group of drunken villagers who told him to avoid the festival if he wanted to live. He did not doubt that they would make good on there promise.

The blond haired boy turned when he heard a noise and said a word he had heard a man say when he had dropped a box on his foot. Coming through the front of the alley were drunken villagers who no doubt wanted a pleasant secluded place to throw up and pass out. He curled into himself and hoped they did not see him, but luck must have been on lunch break because they spotted him with a slurred cry of 'deemun!'.

He stumbled to his feet when the drunkards begin to run toward him with all the grace of a dizzy pregnant penguin.

The young boy needed somewhere to hide. If he ran fast enough and kept his head low people probably would not see his whisker marks and recognize him. He ran out of the alley and cursed when he realized he was heading through the festival. Naruto ducked through legs trying to find somewhere safe to spend the night when he bumped into a muscled leg. He let out a cry of surprise and fell on his butt. He stood up quickly and lowered his head so that his bangs covered his eyes. He covered his face with his hands in hope that the man would not recognize him.

"Hey brat, you okay?" he asked gruffly, his voice holding only a hint of concern. Naruto nodded mutely and tried to step around the man. However, he reached out and caught his hand and removed it from his face. "What's wrong kid, you crying? Jeeze, you didn't fall that hard." He paused when he got a good look at Naruto's wide-eyed stare and his eyes shifted to his whisker marks. By now Naruto was shivering in fear and hoped that the man did not make a scene. Yet unfortunately, misfortune was taking luck's place and they were out to get him.

He pushed Naruto down and kicked him for good measure. "Get lost demon brat," he snarled and walked away. Naruto whimpered when he felt the kick connect to his stomach and tried to pull himself up but another man must have overheard as the man took that moment to get a cheap shot at Naruto's back.

Naruto just lay there breathing hard as he tried to hold back tears and a crowd gathered around him to see what was wrong. When they noticed it was just the blond-haired jinchuuriki some begin to turn away or hide their children's eyes while the braver souls tried to work up the crowd into a frenzy.

"Hey it's the demon brat!"

"Look. It's the monster child!"

Before long, a drunken angry circle had arrived around Naruto. One man picked him up over his shoulder and began to lead them to an alley and away from the people at the festivals eyes. When Naruto felt himself being picked up, he began to struggle and cry for help as the tears he had tried to stop begin flowing freely down his face. He only cried harder when the people he called look like they wanted to help before they turned away so they would not have to look.

The man holding Naruto snarled and dropped Naruto unceremoniously onto the ground when he thought they had walked far enough away from prying eyes. A snarl followed up the boot to the face that made him cry out and hold his bloody nose and mouth. Soon people began to stomp him and yell obscenities and other nonsense. Naruto could only try to roll up into a ball to cover up his face and stomach but they just stomped on his arms and kicked him in the back.

"Wh-wha - cough - h-have I e-ever - whimper - done to y-you?" Naruto asked pitifully between blows. This only seemed to outrage them forward until one man who looked relatively sober stopped them so he could grab Naruto by the hair and stair into his eyes.

"What have you ever done?" he asked quietly, his eyes taking on a maniacal gleam. "How about attacking the village and killing thousands of people?! The Yondaime risked his life to kill you only for your soul to be put into this body! You are the Kyuubi no Kitsune!"

Naruto's brain began to shut down as the man's last statement echoed in his mind. He's wrong! I can't be . . . Naruto then remembered his fox like whisker marks on his face and the black spiral tattoo on his stomach. He also remembered how his wounds always healed faster than most people, how the villagers always glared at him, and how they called him names. Is that . . . why people don't like me?

They cut Naruto's thoughts short as they slammed him roughly into the wall, the hold on his hair only tightening. His back arched off the wall and his mouth opened in a silent scream. "You killed my wife! My pregnant wife and my two-year-old daughter!" he cried, spittle flying from his mouth. Naruto winced at the volume of the man's voice and the pain. "I...n-never d-did anything." Naruto whispered so low that only the man in front of him could hear him. Apparently that was the wrong answer as the man screamed in rage and began to slam Naruto's skull against the alley wall repeatedly. Naruto's skull cracked and blood began to pour down his neck. However, the man did not stop and continued to slam his head in his rage clouded mind. Naruto lost consciousness. However, the man did not stop until he was sure he saw brain matter on the wall and let Naruto drop as he took a step back and looked at work.

Naruto lay there, blood oozing out the back of his head as his breath shallowed before finally stopping. He was sure that nothing even the Kyuubi could do that could save him now.


When Naruto awoke' total darkness surrounded him. He stood up and found that he was even standing on darkness. Am I dead . . . ? Is this hell . . . ?

"No, this is not hell, but you are dead," a soft voice said from behind him.

Naruto turned around and found a hazy figure staring at him. He could not make out any details but he guessed they were female by the voice that was calm and soothing.

"Wh-who are you . . . ?" Naruto asked checking the back of his head and noticed that he was wound free and that he was not in any pain. He also noticed he was wearing a black kimono and black hakama tied with a white obi.

"My name is . . . " they started but trailed off without saying their name.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't wanna," Naruto said quietly and lowered his head. It would not surprise him if they were just another person who hated the Kyuubi.

They let out a sigh. "I guess you cannot hear my name, and you are not the Kyuubi. Still, they have sealed him inside you and his soul is forcibly merging with yours because you did not live long enough for it to happen naturally. Yet what happened, Naruto . . . have you lost your will to live?"

Naruto just stared at the figure as if they were crazy and turned his head away from them. "What do I have to life for . . . ? Aren't I dead? Besides, the villagers hate me . . . " Naruto said his head hanging low and his shoulders slumped in a sign of defeat.

Naruto turned back to look at the figure when the air suddenly grew heavier and he had to try harder to breathe. Which was odd because he was dead, wasn't he? "What do you have to live for?! Why don't you live for that old man, yourself," they paused, and he guessed they turned away, as if he disgusted them, "or me?"

Naruto saw his darkened world begin to break away into boxes of red and floated upwards, leaving an inky white purgatory. Or so he thought, because the next thing he knew he began to fall downward, or was it upward?

The woman remained standing upside down on empty darkness that soon also faded to white. "You are turning into a monster because you are losing yourself to darkness. The only way to save yourself is to find your will to live in one of these boxes. Choose wisely." With that she disappeared in a swirl of green wind.

"W-wait!" Naruto cried as he fell, the wind rushing in his ears. He opened the first box only to find it empty and let out a sigh. He repeated this process a few more times before tears of frustration begin to form in his eyes. "I'm not gonna give up! I...I want to live!" Naruto then noticed a box to his left that seemed oddly familiar and hurriedly grabbed it. Inside the box was the hilt of a sword. The hilt was green and the guard was a silver four-point star. Naruto didn't know exactly what it was but he grabbed it with both hands and pulled with all his might.


A shinigami watched an old man carry a small blond boy's battered body away while his soul remained chained to the ground, writhing in what might be pain.

White particles of reiatsu formed and fitted over his face in a mask. He let out an unearthly scream as there was a spike in reiatsu that burst outward like a shockwave and made him take a step back. The reiatsu picked up a cloud of dirt that swirled around the boy like a twister and the shinigami watched in curiosity when it began to clear.

The boy stumbled out and fell to his hands and knees and began to breathe hard. He wore the basic shinigami garb and held a basic green katana hilt in his hand. On his face was a hallow mask of a white fox with blood red markings for whiskers on each cheek and the muzzle protruded off his face with the teeth bared in a demonic snarl. Naruto reached up with his shaking hand and pulled off the fox mask to reveal his face. He had violet eyes that glowed ominously and deep rugged claw like marks on his face that stretched from his nose down to his jaw. He had a mop full of spiky dark blond hair that had black and red streaks in it.

The shinigami let a smirk cross his face as he jumped down to land in front of the boy. The boy jumped to his feet quickly and took a couple steps backward and his violet eyes widened in fear.

The shinigami pulled off his glasses and ran a hand through his brown locks of hair. "I'm not going to hurt you. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sosuke Aizen, what is yours?"


Naruto let out a shaky breath as he looked at what the shinigami wore. He had the same clothes that Naruto wore except he had a white haori with a diamond shape on the back. "Uzumaki Naruto," he said, his voice sounding a lot gruffer than he remembered. I guess that means my soul merged with the Kyuubi's. So does that make me a hanyou now? I guess that kind of makes me a new person . . .

He was interrupted from his musings when the glasses wearing shinigami spoke. "I'm a shinigami. How would you like to come with me Naruto-kun? I could train you to make you stronger, then you could defend yourself, and no one could hurt you again."

The charming smile the man flashed him didn't fool Naruto one bit. Something in his mind just screamed not to trust the man, but he didn't exactly have anywhere else to go. He didn't really want to be ghost haunting Konoha or something. Besides, the prospect of never being defenseless again sparked something inside him. "Okay," he said slowly. He didn't know why this man would want to train him but he would be wary when around him.

Aizen smiled a disarming smile and put his glasses back on his face. "We're going to Soul Society, which is where good spirits go when they die. I will take us to Seireitei, which is a branch of Soul Society where you can train to be a shinigami like me."

The hanyou vizard nodded slowly. "How are we going to Soul Society?"

The bespectacled man chuckled and held out his hand where a red and orange butterfly floated lazily out of his grasp and into the sky before disappearing. A light running from ten feet off the ground ran down vertically and outlined a set of shogi doors. The doors flashed briefly before pulling apart slowly to reveal a room full of light. Naruto eyed the portal with the same amount of distrust as Aizen, but when the man began to walk forward, he had little choice but to follow.

The light engulfed him, and that was the last Uzumaki Naruto had ever seen of Konoha.