Jolt here, this is the first, and likely only, time I'm doing something like this. I'm letting others make characters for a new fiction idea I have and there are no limits, if theres a colour you can have it. I'll decide the teams later though I don want people to do bad guys as well.

This story will involve the Rangers being given powers based on certain Mecha from other shows as their power source. This can be anything from any anime or game, just not power rangers or sentai series.





Robot Spirit: (please include name of show/game)

I'll also give the only decided character;

Name: Zack Shrike

Color: Red

Description: Short black hair, yellow eyes and a scar under his left eye. Lithe body built for speed. Wears a red t-shirt and black open padded vest with green pants, black boots and blue fingerless gloves.

Personality: Rarely angered by anything, he is naturally attuned to all aspects of Robot Spirits making him perfect for the all purpose Gespenst Spirit. He is a gamer who is usually shy around others though when pushed against a wall he will fight back. Hates heights.

Robot Spirit: Gespenst (Super Robot Wars)