Title: Tease
By: mandy-jg
Rating: PG
Pairing: Narcissa/Bill
Summary: It slid over his skin, down slowly, little beads of moisture.
A/N: Prompt: Water for 100quills. Problem with writing stuff that you haven't posted yet, you know what's coming, so you write little snippets that can fit into it. Fits into "future" Adaptation. Not really relevant though.


It slid over his skin, down slowly, little beads of moisture. Tantalizing her, teasing her, doing things to her that hadn't been done in a very long time.

She knew all the good things about him, and she liked them all. This new things though, was a different beast entirely. While it was good, it wasn't at the same time. Narcissa couldn't control her reaction to this.

She couldn't deny to herself how she felt about him, but she could stop herself from doing anything about it, if he behaved himself. Which he wasn't doing right now. If she was being honest, he probably had no idea what he was doing. It was her fault for being affecting, her penance for watching him so closely. It was torture, to constantly show herself what she couldn't have. To picture all the ways she could have it, if she could, and there were many.

It was any wonder she could function normally, with her thoughts going haywire, add in the hottest summer she could remember, and Bill, who seemed to own no shirts anymore. It all added up to one very frustrated witch.

She wanted to tell him to stop what he was doing, but that was ridiculous, and cause undue attention to come her way. Bill wasn't doing anything really, the problem was her. She wanted him, in every way that she could have him, and she was the one who told him not now. So she had to wait. Wait, and curse the gods for everything.

It only it wasn't so bloody hot, if only they weren't stuck in this house, if only he wore a shirt to cover himself. It wasn't like that though, and he needed to cool off. Sticking his head under the sink, and running the water over his hair may cool him down but it did something else to her. All she could do was watch it, slowly running down his back under his belt. Narcissa couldn't take her eyes of it, not that she wanted to, till he noticed.

He looked at her closely, and she vaguely heard a question.

Shaking her head she stood up, "I need a shower."