She was only a year old, when everything happened, changing her life forever. She was with her mother at Lily and James Potter hideout home, when the evil dark lord came calling for them. Her mother, Julie Wilkins and her father, Sirius Orion Black were meant to be married three days before Lord Voldemort came. But Sirius didn't show up for his own wedding, making Julie and her one year old daughter, Riley Maddox Black, move in with the Potters. To this very day, Riley had no idea why he had come for them and why, along with Harry Potter, she survived. When they were found, Harry was taken to his Aunt and Uncles, while Riley went to an orphanage.

She was five years old, when a man finally came and adopted her. She thought this man was familiar; she had seen him in her dreams and wondered who he was.

They filed out the paper work, her name was officially changed to Riley Maddox Lupin and she was taken to her new home.

"Welcome to your new home Riley" Remus John Lupin said as he entered his little house. She didn't say a word; she just looked around the place, her arms wrapped around her body. "I know that this is a bit strange, but I was a very good friend of your parents" he went on, hoping maybe she might feel better "I bet you have a lot of questions".

"What happened with my parents?" Riley asked, in a quiet voice, not looking at him.

"So they haven't told you anything?" Remus asked.

"They said my mum died and my dad's in prison" Riley replied "Is that true?" she added.

"Unfortunately it is" Remus told her.

"On TV you see people visiting people in prison, can I visit him?" Riley asked, finally looking at Remus.

"There are a lot of things that you need to know and I am not sure where the best place is to start" Remus replied, wondering just what he was to tell her and what not to tell her.

"Why do weird things happen, when I get upset or angry" she asked, her voice growing steadier.

"You are a witch Riley, you can do magic. Both your parents were as well, well your dad is a wizard, as am I" Remus told her.

"A witch? A wizard?" Riley asked dumb founded.

"Yes, and with a bit of training and education you'll be very powerful one" Remus told her. "A man named Albus Dumbledore will be coming over, he'll be able to explain a lot of things" Remus went on. Riley didn't bother to respond, she just nodded her head. "Well I'll show you to your room" he went. They headed up the stairs and walked into a room.

"What's this?" Riley asked, looking at the stuffed, black dog on her bed.

"The orphanage didn't allow you toys or anything and I thought that you might like it" Remus replied.

"I do, he's cute. What should I call him?" Riley asked, hugging him to her chest.

"Padfoot is a nice name" Remus suggested.

"Padfoot. I like that" Riley replied, smiling up at Remus.

"Things will be ok Riley, you just need to settle in and get all your questions answered, and I will try my best to answer them" Remus told her. "I'll leave you be for a while and come and get you when Dumbledore arrives" he went on as he shut the door. Riley looked around her room, there was double bed in the middle, book shelves full of different children's stories, among others. There weren't any pictures on the wall, but they walls were a nice shade of red, nothing too bright and nothing too dull. She sat down on the bed, next to her stuffed dog.

"Wow" she whispered as she felt the softness of the bed and the pillows.

"Riley, come on down please" Remus' voice called from down the stairs. She pulled herself away from the window and opened the door. She was a bit hesitant about everything, she had a lot of questions and wasn't sure if she wanted the answers. "Riley, this is Albus Dumbledore" Remus said, waving his hand in the direction of the tall man, with a white beard and blue eyes that twinkled behind half moon glasses.

"Hello there dear Riley" Albus Dumbledore said.

"Hi" Riley replied, still a bit weary.

"I believe there are a few questions that you'd like answered, so please ask away" Dumbledore went on, his voice calm. Riley thought of every question she ever had in her head, trying to pick which one would be best.

"Why can't I go to the prison and see my dad?" Riley asked

"Your father is in the Wizarding jail, called Azkaban. It is guarded by dark creatures called Dementors. They take all the happiness and warmth out of the area and people. It is not a good place, not even to visit. And your father wouldn't even recognize you" Dumbledore answered, his voice never wavering, although Remus shuddered.

"That sounds awful, what did he do to get there?" Riley asked, but as soon as she saw the look on Remus' face, she regretted the answer.

"Do you know what happened when they found you?" Dumbledore asked.

"All I know is that I was found in a house, with another child and three other people" Riley replied.

"The child's name is Harry Potter and the people who were there were his parents and your mother" Dumbledore said "Somehow you and Harry survived the curse he used to murder them" he went on.

"So he was a wizard as well?" Riley asked, not showing any sign of backing down with the questions.

"Yes he is. A very powerful, evil dark wizard" Remus replied.

"Where is he now?" Riley asked.

"No one really knows, they say he was destroyed when you and Harry stopped him, others say he's still out there, biding his time to come back and regain his power" Dumbledore replied.

"Ok" Riley replied, as she sighed.

"That's it?" Remus asked, looking at her.

"Well what else was I suppose to say?" Riley asked, not sounding like a five year old girl anymore "I found out I'm a witch, my mother was murdered, along with another boy's parents. What else am I suppose to do?" she asked.

"You have taken this quite well Miss Riley" Dumbledore said.

"So why is my father in prison?" Riley asked.

"He was the secret keeper for the Potters, when they went into hiding. And all the evidence points to him betraying them and giving them over to the evil side" Dumbledore came out and told her, his voice never changing his calmness.

"Ok then, so about magic, how will I learn it all?" Riley asked she didn't want to discuss the bad stuff anymore; she didn't want to hear what her father did anymore.

"When you turn eleven, you will come to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am the Headmaster there" Dumbledore told her "But between then and now, Remus will be teaching you" he added. "Being an under age witch, under age being younger than 17, you aren't allowed to do magic. But from my connections at the Ministry, we have been able to put a few wards on the house, meaning if you do any magic whilst here, it wont be detected as underage magic" Dumbledore replied.

"Why will I be doing magic before I go to school?" Riley asked.

"You are an exceptionally powerful witch and you need all the education and training as possible, to keep control over your powers" Remus told her.

"Ok, so when do we start?" Riley asked, getting excited about magic.

"Well how about you go outside and play, while I have a word with Professor Dumbledore" Remus told her.

"It was a pleasure to meet you" Riley said, as she smiled at both Dumbledore and Remus as she left the lounge room.

"Well that went better than I expected" Remus told Dumbledore.

"She is very capable of understanding everything, she isn't like any ordinary five year old" Dumbledore replied.

"What do we tell her about why she won't be staying with me once a month?" Remus asked, worrying about what she will think abut him.

"I thin she will need to be informed. She has taken everything else quite well, why not this?" Dumbledore asked.

"But she's only five years old Sir" Remus replied.

"She will need to know; it'll be safer for her knowing" Dumbledore told him.

"Ok then, but I will tell her later on. She has heard enough for today" Remus replied. "No worries, I will leave you to it. If you need anything, Molly will come right on over and I'm here if you need anything as well" Dumbledore said as he bowed his head slightly and then left the Remus' place. Remus walked over to the window and watched Riley looking at the little garden Remus had made and playing with her little Padfoot.