Slipping away unnoticed from the party, Byakuya smiled seductively at Michiko and wordlessly went to his room and retrieved their own zanpakutous. Michiko was silently puzzled at his action but decided not to ask her husband. They left their room and still holding her hand, he lead her to one of the gardens and walked to the tallest cherry blossom. It was then he unsheathed his zanpakutou and thrust it in front, wherein a white light appeared at the tip of his zanpakutou, the white sphere getting bigger and a Gate leading to the human world appeared. As the passageway opened, both stepped inside and left Seireitei.

The travel was swift and when the passage door appeared, Byakuya stepped out first, followed by Michiko who was delighted when she saw her surroundings.

"It's Yamamoto Soutaichou's wedding gift for us… the use of the passageway" he sheepishly explained. They were in his garden, on the roof deck of his flat in the human world. The garden is being lighted up with thousands of fireflies gently hovering around, the moon and the clear night sky adding splendor to the atmosphere.

Gently he led her to the gazebo which is draped in midnight blue silk; petals of cherry blossoms are elegantly strewn on the cushions. They are standing in the middle of the gazebo, Byakuya tenderly cupping her face, looking at her tenderly…

"My wife… my love…" he gently said, softly his fingers trailed to her checks then gently traced her lips, which parted at his caresses. Michiko felt so breathless, willingly submitting to his caresses, her eyes captured by his dark grey ones, lovingly looking at her as he continued caressing her lips with his fingers. Her hands languorously touching his chest, feeling his lean muscles underneath his kimono.

Without a word spoken, Byakuya gently removed the hairpins securing her hair which tumbled softly. His hands sensuously trailed to her kimono and while looking at her seductively, he gently took off her obi, followed by her kimono, baring her to him completely. He stood there, breathless at the sight of his lovely bride… he gathered her into his arms, gently lay her back on the cushions and cradled her head in his hand... He looked deeply into her eyes, his eyes a darker shade of grey meeting her cerulean ones…lowering his lips to meet hers, he groaned at the intensity of feeling her tongue tenderly caressing his lips.

Michiko tenderly traced her tongue on his lip, emitting a groan from him. Michiko kissed him passionately, her tongue timidly seeking entrance in which he lovingly accepted and caressed with his own. She ran her hands gently under his kimono, languidly caressing his muscled chest, sending thrilling tremors on him. With one fluid movement he took off the sash of his kimono, loosening his garment, his skin feeling hers. Michiko moaned on the contact, and boldly took off his kimono, wanting to feel his skin glide onto hers.

Lovingly she put her arms around him and marveled as his lean, muscular body touched hers. They molded together, neither one of them wanting to break away or stop the fire that was busting into flames between them. Byakuya ran his hand tenderly down her neck and gently stroked her breast, eliciting a moan from Michiko. He tenderly stroked her nipple to response; his lips moved reluctantly from hers then ran kisses down to the hollow of her neck and went to claim her breast.

The contact made her arch to his delight, as her hands caressingly raking his back at the intensity of his kisses. "Ohh Byakuya…" she moaned. He smiled, delighting in her rapture as he was teasing her nipple with his tongue, he looked at his bride and his heart swelled at the thought that she is now completely his, his love, his wife… "Michiko…" he said huskily "I will never get enough of you…"

"As I you, my love… Byakuya…" whispered Michiko. She maneuvered her body and rolled over the cushions, this time her being on top. Looking at him seductively, she kissed him passionately, he gasped in pure delight when her lips went lower, kissing and nipping his neck… laughing huskily, his arms went around her and he raised them both from the cushions in a sitting position, with her facing him, her legs straddling him.

They kissed, wildly, ardently… Byakuya felt he would burst in ecstasy when he felt her hand caressing him go lower and lower until it reached his manhood and stroked him gently.

"Ahh Michiko…" he groaned, willingly submitting to her caresses. Michiko felt heady, all she cared about is this love that she is giving to her husband and reveling on the thought that he too is in ecstasy as she is.

Byakuya lifted her gently and guided her to his manhood. Michiko felt that she would explode in sheer rapture feeling him entering her, claiming her once again. Their pace was leisurely languorous… they rose and fell together as they both moved closer to the peak of pure ecstasy. Byakuya's hands didn't cease their caressing and Michiko mirrored his caresses in the throes of passion.

Moaning in the intense pleasure they are sharing, both soared to the heavens as their bodies entwined in love's dance.

Basking in the aftermath of their lovemaking, Byakuya gathered his bride in his arms, kissing her passionately. "Aishiteru Michiko… I truly love you… forever"

"I love you for always… Aishiteru Byakuya…" Michiko replied, returning his kisses.

"Look my love, the first of snow…" Byakuya whispered, smiling to his bride, who smiled back and embraced him. Gently he pulled the blanket covering them both, gathering his wife in his arms, he tenderly kissed her and both drifted to slumber.

Under the starlit sky and the first snowfall, the couple slept peacefully. Each knowing of the upcoming battle with Aizen's army in wintertime. But for now, for Byakuya and Michiko, what matters most is their love for each other and the promise they made that whatever happens, they will not lose each other...

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