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I watch them walk ahead of me, talking about how their hokage can't stop eating ramen, making said man yell loudly while waving his arms around. The pinked hair medic nin only laughs grabbing on one of his arms before wrapping her arms around it while saying something about him being goofy. It only makes him girn and rub the back of his head with his free hand.

From being the 'weakest' of the team she knows how to keeps them together, even if it ends up with them having broken bones. She has become the strongest Kunoichi that the hidden leaf village has ever produced. After she hone her medical skills to a fine point, she worked on her genjutsu in between shifts at the hospital, missions to get information on the black haired man next to the hokage, and helping with her teacher who was the hokage before the blonde, who when found out that her twenty year old student surpassed her all she did was laugh and say. "Well no duh, did you just find this out?" knowing all time sooner or later Sakura would. Killing two Akatsuki (though she would just tell you she wasn't a lone) and help to kill three others helped land her in the Bingo book known for that plus her inhuman strength and medical skills, with a deadly warning to use extreme caution and considered 'highly dangerous'. What an understatement. I thought remembering all to well her right hook.

I stop my thinking to hear the blonde ramen loving Rokudaime throws a punch at the last Uchiha, who just steps out of reach as he tells him he's just a little princess, to which the Uchiha just smirks before grabbing Sakura's arm and pulling her to him. She looks like she's about to spin and punch him but he leans down and whispers into her ear before draping his arms over her shoulders. She just shakes her head and stands there as Sasuke smirks at their hokage after calling him a dope. The Hokage stands there yelling and throwing his arms around. He doesn't want to hurt Sakura so he doesn't try to punch Sasuke.

I stop and watch the scene that has three of the top three ninjas in my village act like kids. I glance around and sure enough the three are being watched by everyone around. I shake my head. Sasuke Uchiha, the man I replace when team seven became team kakashi. He came back after five years. I remember when team kakashi happen upon him standing over his brother's body, team hebi and Kisame Hoshigaki bodies lying not to far from them. When Sasuke turned and saw us he just smirks and nods before putting his sword back as he walked over. He came a ANBU after he had to stay within the walls of Kononha for a year before joining his old teammates who gave him a beating that made me glad I wasn't him; but he shrugged it off saying he got what was coming to him. The villagers acted cold to him but he took it knowing he had his team, his family to back him no matter what. So on he went already being in the bingo book for becoming a missing ninja but it was added that he could out the clan killer. He also had the same warning Sakura had. Both written in red and underlined.

Tilting my head to the side in thought, watching the highly dangerous ninja, with one arm wrapped around the equal dangerous kunoichi who had her arms crossed over her chest with a small smile on her lips and was leaning back into Sasukes chest as he points at Naruto with the uchiha smirk in place.

"All I need to do is tap here." Sasuke said bring his hand back from pointing only to touch Sakura's neck. "And she's gone. Than what would you do, huh dope?"

"LIKE YOU WOULD ASSHOLE!!" Naruto screams with his fist balled up at his side.

I glance back at Sakura as she sighs and elbows Sasuke in the gut before stepping out of his arms and patting Naruto on the arm. "Sasuke your forgetting that I could do that out of many things. And stop picking on Naruto. He could just say… Oh I don't know" She turns back to Sasuke with an evil female girn while tapping her fore finger to her chin. "Say not give you any missions for a month." She finishes as she crosses her arms again and leans to the side as Naruto grins and copies her leaning to the other side.

"Yeah princess, forget that, did we now?" He says as Sasuke loses his joking front and stands straight while crossing his own arms, glaring at the grinning fools in front of him.

I just sigh, this happens a lot now. Sakura would remind Naruto that he was Hokage and he could do something to Sasuke that Sasuke could never do to him. Naruto Uzumaki or now known as Rokudaime, the 6th Hokage of Konhagakure, "Demon of the Leaf". Outside of the village he was known to be the biggest pain in the butt. Some in other villages have said the only reason he became hokage is because the leaf village thought it would be funny to have him as it cause that means their leaders had to deal with him and that who wants to attack the village head on when it would mean you would have to face him. I have to say if I was a leader of another village I would think twice about doing so. He has a habit of bouncing back from everything you throw at him. Inside the village he was mostly known for his love of ramen and love of his village and its people. The school and its children his weakness as he will take time out of his busy life and show the students different Justus and little tricks that he did in school, most to the teachers dismay the children took to those lessons and practice them; a lot.

"Kakashi-san?" I asked the jounin leaning against a tree as the three other members have a mock battle with each other outside of the village, not wanting to destroy anything again.

"Hm?" was the reply I got with the sound of a page turning I was silence watching as Sakura jumped to dodge some Blonde clones only to come back down splitting the earth, destroying them, with her heel. I look back down at the newest bingo book that had a picture of said girl before passing it to the ninja next to me.

"All three of them are in the bingo book, most likely in all bingo books now." I said still watching them go. I withdrew after 30 minutes of fighting for my life and opted to sit on the side lines as Kakashi did in the beginning.

"That would happen." Kakashi said putting his book down to take the book I handed to him. He looked at her page before looking at Narutos and Sasukes. "You and I are in here too." He said scanning behind those threes pages before chuckling. I glanced at him before looking back hearing the chirping of birds to see Sasukes hand glowing blue as he runs at Sakura who just smirks before punching the ground and Naruto jump from the trees catching Sasuke off balance, slamming into the broken ground with him cursing. "Seems like their "unbeatable"." Kakashi said still chuckling handing the book back to me. He shakes his head as he looks at what his ex students were doing before picking up his book again. "Seems so far away when I used to best them and have them trying to spy on me." He says. "Now it's hard to just take one on let alone two."

I countine to watch as Sakura laughs as she jumps down into the hole she made that housed the two man who fall into it. A moment later there were two different voices yelling out at the same time with Sakura's laughing voice saying "Oh come on you two! Be man not little girls!" She jumps out and runs into the forest with a blonde yelling at her to stop as he climbs out of the hole rubbing his head. Sasuke climbs out next to the blonde counter part rubbing his head too.

"I cant believe she hit our heads together!" Naruto says still holding his head.

"Hm. We're letting her walk all over us. Maybe its time she learns not too." Sasuke said standing up. Naruto jumps up throwing his fist in the air.

"Yeah! Sakura's going down! Believe it!" He yells before both males disappear into the woods.

"If that's the case, Kakashi-san, than why do they keep us around?" I asked after a couple minutes after the three disappeared. "By themselves they could take down anyone they wanted. I don't understand why they would string us along." And I don't know why.

Kakashi sighs putting his book down again and looks at me. "You haven't learned how they work yet, Sai?" I just stare at him. "Well I doubt Sasuke would care if you or Yamato… hell maybe even me, leave. As long as he has those two he's happy." He shrugs before adding. "As happy as he can get at least. But I know if you think back to when you first joined this team, after your first mission, they came for you. You may get on their nerves but if you ever try to leave this team, their going to hunt you down and drag you back." Kakashi said giving a small nod.

"But why? Am a replacement and the one I was replacing is back." I asked not showing that his words brought a fluttery feeling inside me. I know this feeling; happy. But it's not what I wanted to hear.

"Sai…" Kakashi sighed. I know he's not the best to ask but Yamato hasn't been with those three that long and if I asked one of them am sure I'll get some weird answer. I watch as the Jounin smiles under his mask at me. "Am afraid that once you're put on this team, you're stuck with them."

I glance back to the trees as they fall down and Sakura appears in the clearing again with cuts and burses all over her body, breathing shallow. Sasuke and Naruto appears a few seconds later smirking at her but looking like her with cuts all over. Sakura slowly raises her hand and points at Sasuke before yelling. "He hates ramen and thinks it needs to be destroyed!"

Sasuke just rolls his eyes and Naruto winks at Sakura before throwing a lightening fast punch at Sasuke's head. "You ashole!"Starting a fist fight between the two males as Sakura falls to knees and rests.

Kakashi clears his throat before standing and dropping his hand on my shoulder. "Welcome to the family." He says chuckling walking out into the clearing removing his headband.

I blink slowly not really believing my eyes as the three top shinobi here start a rock-paper-scissors. Family… the word sticks in my head watching them. Kakashi had said that the day before naruto became Hokage. It was a busy week and they wanted to train. Yamato couldn't come, had some mission. But they think themselves family? Looking at them I can see that rival thing between the Hokage and the ANBU Caption. Is that what brothers do? It's strange but maybe they do treat each other as the brothers as they never had. Where does that leave Sakura than? I thought back all the times where she came in and stop them from fighting, yelling at them all for being stupid, and the times she healed us all, mostly the wounds she made nowadays. The mother? No, I shake my head as Sakura raises her arms and withdraw smiling, she got lucky it seems. Maybe that sister who tries to be the mother? That seems better. Yamato has to be that scary uncle who steps in and breaks up little fights. I remember he threaten to throw us in his wooden box a few times. I smile when Sakura shakes her finger at Sasuke when he tried to use his eyes to which he answers with a grin.

I lean to the side to put my weight on the wall next to me. I look up at the sky to look at the stars above us. It would be easy to just disappear and go home. They would never notice as they do their things. So why do I stay around? Yamato only comes to the training grounds once in awhile now and Kakashi is always doing something else that they don't notice him leaving at odd times and coming back. Is it because he comes back to them that they let him disappear? Would they really come and get him as Kakashi said and drag him with them? I look back to see Naruto with his hands linked together behind his head grinning at Sasuke who was glaring off to the side. Sakura steps between them and puts naruto's arm down and links her own arm through his before doing the same to Sasuke.

"Looks like your paying for ramen tonight Sasuke." Sakura said smiling up at the male on her right. They start walking again and I follow just like before, a few steps behind. They did that childish thing over ramen? Sighing I think Kakashi would be like the older brother, lazy but there for his siblings. Maybe even the father who reads porn as his kids destroy things. But I can't think what I would be to them. Am I like a brother to them or am I just that guy who seems to be around? I frown remembering when Sakura had come to me.

I was painting again as the three did their training. I was alone because Kakashi had to go somewhere and I had finished my training earlier. I glanced over and stopped moving my brush as Sakura came towards me. She stopped and smiles at me before moving my notepad over clearing one of my legs before she lays down and use it as a pillow. I could only stare at her as she closes her eyes and rests.

"What are you doing, Hag?" I asked. She opens one eye before smiling. "Being with you." "Why?" "Why not?" sighing knowing she's in one of those moods I went back to painting. Before long she moves her head pushing the back of her head in my stomach as she tries to look at the painting. "What cha drawing today?" "Something more pleasant to look at." I said. Hearing her sigh she moved back to how she was, leaving me missing the feel of her hair on my skin. She links her fingers together over her stomach. "Why don't you join us?" She asks some time later looking up at me with her green eyes.

"Why should I?"

"You're on our team you should join us." She said smiling. I stop painting and look down at her face. "Shouldn't you three be a team by yourselves? Isn't that what you wanted?" I asked. Her smile disappears and is replaced with a frown. "You want to leave?" "…no?" She raises an eye brow before sitting up and turning towards me. "No? Than why ask that question?" she said. I stare at her not really knowing why she's getting angry about it so turn back to the painting only to have my face caught in her small hands and moved back to look at her. "Come on Sai. Tell me. Why did you ask that? You should know by now your part of this team no matter what." She gives a gently smile rubbing her thumb across my cheek bone. "You're going to be stuck with us forever too! So better get used to this new family, Sai, 'cause we'll hunt you down and beat you if you try to run! Got that?" I reach up and wrap my hand around her wrist before giving her a small real smile. We sat like that for awhile before hearing someone clear their throat. Looking up we see Naruto chuckling, grinning like a cat who caught a mouse and Sasuke smirking.

"Come on ramen freak here's hungry." Sasuke said as Sakura and I stood up.

"Shut up Teme!"

The same words spoken from both of them. Maybe they would. Sighing I stop, watching their backs. Before Sasuke came back I was always seeing the swirl and white circle but could always catch up with them. Now… I watch the swirl, the white circle, and the red and white fan and can't catch up. I have to wonder if they just walk faster to make sure I can't walk with them; showing me am not one of them, never was never will be. Maybe I should stop trying; Kakashi walks behind them, that's his spot. I look down at the road. Over the years I've learned not to walk in other peoples spots and not to even try; it's meant to be theirs. I've also learned what feelings mean and why people have them. I look back up to see Sakura laughing at something one of the men at her sides said. I look at Sasukes back as he freed his arm from her to slap the back of Narutos head making him trip but not losing his balance.

I stood next to him, the man I replace when I was put on this team. We stood watching the forest where Sakura had ran into to chase down the people who attack us. We move different ways making the group split up. Naruto and kakashi were behind us starting the camp sight up. Sasuke nodded before she came out. When she saw us she smiles. "Thanks Sasuke." She said giving him a pat on the arm before reaching up and grabbing my own arm and giving a small squeeze. "Thanks Sai." She smiles up at me and slowly withdraws her hand from me as she walks away. I stood watching her poke Kakashi as Sasuke leans back against the tree behind him and crosses his arms over his chest, looking at me. "You're hopeless." He said making me look at him, he still had the Sharingan on but I still looked into his eyes. "Even if I didn't have these eyes I could see it, hell even Naruto sees it and if he does everyone does." I raise an eye brow giving my fake smile. He sighs before standing straight. "If you two are going to be like this all the time don't be weird about it and" he sends a glare at me. "Don't hurt her." Staring at each other for a few minutes before he walks away leaving me wondering what he was talking about.


I look up and blink seeing Sakura a few steps away from the other men looking at me. She smiles and holds out her hand to me. I glance to Naruto with a huge grin on his face, half way turned towards with his arms across his chest. Sasuke with his elbow on Narutos shoulder smirking with his other hand on his hip looking at me, daring me. I look back at Sakura who still has her hand out to me, smiling.

"Sai!" I stop and turn only to catch a pink head as she wraps her arms around my neck, making me fall down with her on top. "You're a brat! You know that?!" She said laughing at me sitting up only to lean down and press her lips to my cheek than to the other one. "Thank you for the drawing! It's beautiful! But you could have waited till I opened the door!" She keeps laughing as gives me another hug.

My eyes widen as my front door breaks off its hidges"SAI!" I stand up as a very mad Sakura came into my house followed by Naruto who was glaring and a smirking Sasuke who just shook his head at me as Sakura jumped at me. "Crap…" I said before running away.

"Now Sai."Came a sweet voice above me said. "Have you learned your lesson?" I nodded slowly as not to hurt my neck again. "Good. Now we know you don't try to put your name into ANBU and try to disappear on us, right?" The voice came again as the pinked head came back into view. Again I nodded laying in a hospital bed with her treating my wounds. I can hear Narutos snickering and just know Sasuke standing near by with that damn grin of his. It's his fault for informing her of this, am sure.

"Sai? Don't make me come over there and drag your butt!" I look up to see Naruto Snickering after Sasuke leaned down and whispered something in his ear before pulling back and grins. Sakura still holding her hand out to me.

Slowly I move forward and take her hand only to get pulled to where the others were standing. Joining them they start to walk with them on the other side of Sakura as she keeps me at her right side, smiling.

I smile down at her before looking ahead as the crowd parts to make room for them walk by.

So maybe Kakashi was right. I thought looking over at the three I work with. It's a very messed up family if you will… but it's the family that gives some sort of love to me and understands me. Maybe that's what I needed. Looking up I can only smile at nothing. I still don't know what I am to this family but am something and that's much better than nothing.

Who needs a normal family when you have the feared but loved Hokage, The strongest female in the village and the best ANBU captain, willing to keep you around and protect you?

"Ramen again? Didn't we have that last night, dickless?" I asked.

"SAI!!" Naruto yells as I take off with him following.

Life really can't get better than this. can it?