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Chapter Four: Sakura's take

Head hurts, so badly. Oh this smells good. I need to pee.

Those were the first thoughts of one pink head medic would she woke up. Sakura groaned lightly bring her hand up to her head letting her healing charka smooth her throbbing head. Once that was taken care of she decided she didn't really need to go to the bathroom just yet so she buried herself under the nice smelling blankets and sighed contently. It wasn't until later after she got comfortable and warm, that her mind decided that would be a great time to point out that her blankets and bed didn't smell like a cross between paint and a clean forest smell. Hers smelled of the soap she used and shampoo. It also pointed out these sheets and blankets, comfortable yes but didn't have the softness of hers.

Her nose picked up what her mind was saying and got a whiff of paint, a lot of paint and food.

She jumped out of that bed as fast as she could; holding a hand to her mouth, running towards a door hoping it was the bathroom. She healed the headache but forgot about the stomach. When only bile came up she knew she had done some up-chucking last night. All she could hope for was that who ever took her here didn't get any on them. That would be bad.

With her head in the toilet still, she heard the foot steps before seeing black out of the corner of her eye. The pair of legs stopped just inside of the bathroom.

"Do you have a headache?"

"Sai?" She mumbled out into the toilet.

"Yes?" He answered.

"Guua. What… why am I here?" She asked.

"I had your keys since we played pool and you came after me for them. You passed out once you were here though. Feel free to use the shower, I'll get some sweats." Sai said walking out to do what he said leaving Sakura to pull her head out of his toilet. Normal she would yell at him for thinking she smelled but she knew she had too after throwing up and it would make her feel better at least.

He came back, placing the sweats on the edge of the sink before pulling out a towel for her to use. He bent down and opened the small cupboard under the sink and pulled out an unopened toothbrush causing her to give him a questioning look.

"You breathe should smell and taste bad." He commented.

"Why do you…"

"I always have afew spare just in case."

"Ah." She said as he stood back up and closed the door behind him as he left. Sakura pulled her self together long enough to stand and pull off her clothes before turning the water on. It felt good to get the dirt off her body and brush her teeth. She felt bad that she crashed at his apartment and doesn't remember anything she did. But she also felt like smiling for it all.

Sure normally if she woke up in some guys bed she would freak out and run for the hills after beating the man until he forgot she was ever near him. But this was Sai. This was the guy who would, in his strange way, help her out and was her teammate.

Plus the guy she, for reason of insanity, had a crush on.

And if it wasn't for Sasuke noticing her change in hearts and taking it upon him self to push her towards Sai than Sakura would have gotten over it. But no, Sasuke just had to bug her about it and keep bugging her. No doubt he told her something last night and in her drunken state she listened. Failed but listened.

God she was hunting the annoying Uchiha down later in the afternoon. She didn't want to find him naked in a bed with a girl. That would be too weird. But this afternoon he was getting an ear full! So that was Sakura's plans for the day.

Sakura toweled her body dry before throwing her hair up with the towel around it and working into the sweats Sai supplied her. With her clothes bundled to her chest, the medic went out of the bathroom and went into the living room where Sai sat with one of his notebooks, laying down on the sofa, and drawing. Sakura allowed herself a minute to take the sight of him in his place, shirtless.

Inter Sakura was grinning madly.

Before she went to the chair and sat down. Sai's eyes were the first to move to look at her before the head turned as well.

"There's tea and toast in the kitchen if you want some." Sai said, turning back to his picture. Sakura stood, leaving her clothes at the chair and headed into the kitchen getting some tea for now. Surprisingly it was her favorite.

"Sai, you like honey dew?" Sakura called out pouring some into her cup.


"Wow. I didn't know that." Sakura said walking in smiling at him. "It's my favorite." She commented when he gave her a look of question. He gave a nod, filing it away before closing the notebook and sitting up. He finished his cup of tea and moved pass Sakura into the kitchen to put the cup in the sink. Sakura moved to the chair again by the time he came out and went to his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Even though this wasn't the first time she's been in his apartment, she still found her self looking over the paintings on his walls. The table that had too much paper, inks, and brushes flowing off of it, his roof high but thin book shelf with books jammed in, and of course the simple brown sitting places. It gave the look of 'I am lived in and my owner is comfortable'. Sakura's was more modern and clean cut but she liked how much space he had but had it looking like there wasn't a lot to it with the many things piled together.

Sai came out afew minutes later wearing his ANBU gear without the mask and had his backpack with him. Sakura frowned watching him head to the table and picking up some stuff.

"I thought you quit ANBU." She said.

"I'm out of ROOTS but no one truly quits being ANBU; the reason for the tattoo, if you will." Sai stated snapping the pockets shut and zipping up the main holding of the bag. He moved to the sofa and started wrapping the kunai holster on his tight. He caught Sakura's worried glazed and said. "Don't worry, Hag. It's a simple scouting mission and there be three others."

"I just hate it that you guys are in ANBU." Sakura said not brothering to stop him from calling her Hag. He's been doing it forever and wasn't going to stop no matter how many times she punches him in the head. It was true that he had put in his forms to be in ANBU again but it wasn't like he ever left it. Naruto and Sasuke had joined up after that fight of theirs when she didn't want him to go in it so she felt somewhat better about him going in but felt worse that all three of them was going in.

"Yes we know." Sai commented glancing around his living room, wondering where he put his mask this time.

"I think you four." She included Kakashi. "Just do these things to make me worry and go gray."

"That is our plan." Sai said spotting the mask behind her. He moved and leaned over her picking it up. Sakura gave him a light punch for his comment, making him smile down at her as he moved away not knowing that movement and smile caused her insides to flutter.


"It's almost noon so I have to go but your welcome to finish your tea just lock the door once your done here." Sai said moving back to his pack and putting it on over the hilt of his sword. He picked up his black cowl and hooked at his shoulders so it covered everything from his neck down with the hood lying against his back.

"Fine, you want me to use my seal or yours?" Sakura asked knowing he would want some sort of jutsu lock for his home. Sai paused for a moment before pointing to her as he walked back into his room, remembering he should bring his animal scroll to make the scouting easier. Sakura rolled her eyes, finishing her tea as she moved to the kitchen.

"When are you coming back?"

"Three days. I told you it's a simple one." Sai said tugging the scroll in his pocket. "Is your memory failing you now?"

"Shut up Sai." She mumbled, drying her hands after washing their cups and his plate.

"Bye Hag."

And he was gone leaving Sakura to let out a deep sigh as she leaned back against his wall. She should just kill Sasuke, destroy the body and anything linking her to it and take a very long mission so she could lose these feelings. He didn't feel anything for her and she was just fooling herself into thinking that he could or would. She would be that teammate and friend that would help him out and he to her and nothing more. No matter what Sasuke says or thinks Sai doesn't feel anything for her expect friendship and she should be happy with that.

So yes killing and hiding the body was sounding better and better. She was sure Naruto would understand too, he knew how annoying Sasuke could be almost better than she could and probably does seeing how they hang out a lot.


So maybe he wouldn't be so happy if she did, Sakura thought as she got her clothes and walked out of Sai's apartment after locking it. She casted the sealing on it before heading out over the rooftops to her place; but surely he would forgive her after awhile and that was only if he found out it was her.

She made it to her apartment and went straight for her washer to throw her dirty clothes in before heading to the bathroom. True she took a shower at Sais and even brushed her teeth but when it came to using your things verves using plain soap ninjas used for missions, well easy choice there. She quickly got the shower ready before running into her room, throwing her dark green cargo pants that stopped just before her knees out of her dresser onto her bed before opening her closet and snatching a blood red shirt-vest out to join her pants, underwear – clean underwear – out and she found herself just about to take off the sweatshirt when there was a knock on her front door before it opened.


"I hate you and I'm going to kill you! You have been warned!" Sakura yelled out throwing the sweatshirt off before kicking the pants off with them and made a beeline to the bathroom before the thorn in her side saw her naked. Granted he's seen everything before during missions or by mistake – he better hope it was only by mistake – and even when the once in a blue moon she got really hurt and one of them had to do a quick fit on her so she wouldn't die; but that didn't mean she wanted to show case herself to him!

"Ah, why now?" Came the drawling voice of the duck-ass from the bathroom door. She glanced to make sure he wasn't coming closer to her before sticking her hand out from behind the shower curtain to flip him the birdie. "Childish, Sakura, serious."

"Whatever Sasuke!" She growled grabbing her shampoo bottle and pouring some into her hand, the strawberry smell surrounded her. "Whatever you said to me last night; so got me in trouble!"

"Please par tell this story, I would like to know how I manage to do this… again." Sasuke sighed out leaning against the open door frame crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well I don't know what you said but I woke up in Sai's bed and –"

"I don't want to know!"

"Shut up you pervert – so I find out that I threw up nearly on him plus in his toilet and I do remember someone reminding me Sai had my keys last night before I embarrassed myself in front of him!" Sakura yelled, sure she was clam and alright with Sai there but by god did she just want to hide her head in the ground during the brief time they were awake – not drunk – together. She finished with her hair, gave her body the wash down before turning the water off and grabbing the towel hanging on the rack just outside of the tub. Sakura wrapped it around her body before ripping open the curtain and storming pass the Uchiha who stood on his toes so she wouldn't push him out of her way before he followed her.

"How is it my fault you embarrassed yourself… Again?" Sasuke said stopping before the door slammed in his face.

"Cause you won't leave it alone!" Sakura said closing the window, cursing Sasuke for probably giving her neighbors a free peep show before drying her hair. "If- If you let it be I could have been over this stupid crush and I wouldn't be acting like a fool in front of some guy!" Sakura finished shaking her head fast to get the rest off before patting her body down.

"I doubt that." Sasuke mumbled before jumping when something hit the door he was leaning against followed closely by a 'I heard that!'.

"Besides if you doubt it so much explain why I don't want your gay butt anymore!" Sakura taunted him grabbing her underwear and bra for the day to slip them on. Sasuke sighed while rolling his eyes, quite used to this act of the medic nin on team seven, but still annoying.

"How about we don't go into this old agreement, huh? The subject is you liking Sai and for once not saying thing about it; which really Naruto, Ino, and I are proud." Sasuke taunted right back. "You haven't glomped or attacked him with billions of questions." He chuckled when something else hit the door followed by a few choice swears.

Sakura came out with Sai's sweat shirt and pants and her wet towel, walking right pass the smirking Uchiha who followed her out of the hallway to sit at her small dining room while she went to the washer room and throw the stuff in before heading into the kitchen feeling hungry and not dizzy.

"Whatever. I never 'glomped' you, that was Ino." Sakura said pulling some bread out and popping into the toaster before working on making some tea.

"I remember you-"

"Fine! When I thought you was dead than when you almost went crazy and killed that sound ninja but those are some good reasons." Sakura sighed out already losing her angry at him because she knew he was trying in his own annoying way to see to her happiness – kicking and screaming but still he was helping.

Sasuke chuckled taking the cup from her once the tea was done before she went back in to finish with her food making. "Alright I suppose those are some good reasons." He concluded making her roll her eyes but smile. She sat down across from him pushing a plate of buttered toast to him before working on hers. "Mm I see your cooking as improved."

"Shut up and be happy it isn't burnt." Sakura said after swallowing a bite. "And besides if you remember correctly I did tell him and the idiot just smiled and said he liked me too." Sasuke made a humming noise while chewing on his food, remembering that. Sakura growled when she saw him smiling slightly. "Shut up that was so bad." She moaned causing her friend to chuckle again.

"It wasn't that bad." Sasuke agreed causing the medic to groan in front of him.

"Yes, yes it was."

"Yeah ok it was pretty bad. I can't believe the idiot thought you were talking about friendship." Sasuke said adding a chuckle at the end. True he was a friend but a bastard of a friend who found this to some fun and nowadays a ninja life was pretty boring with no wars, no super bad guys wanting to take all the demons and use them against every single ninja village. One must find entertainment some how.

Sakura was panting slightly while everyone sat in the shades of the trees from the team race and of course Sasuke won with Sakura and Sai coming in as tied. They were just getting back from Suna on a simple mission of escorts for some high ranking men and once again found something to do with the boring time they were having on the way back home.

Sakura was wondering what would happen if she 'inaccuracy' summoned one of the giant slugs on top of Sasuke for his last comment of 'Still as slow as ever, eh Sakura?' when a bottle appeared in front of her face. She blinked up at the face to see Sai standing over her.

"Water?" he asked giving the bottle a little shakes, pulling Sakura out of her daze to smile up at him and take it.

"Thank you, Sai." She said before he nodded and sat down next to her, rumbling through his bag while she took some of the water. Suddenly Sakura knew this was it, this was her time to tell him about her feelings she had been having for him for the past eight months. So of course she was a bit nervous because the last time she told a boy she liked him, he was a jackass. She glared over at the silence Uchiha who gave her a questioning look before nodding to Sai, basically telling her to go for it before they packed up from their race. Nodding, she took another slip out of the bottle before capping it and handing it to Sai.

"You know, Sai. I probably should have told you this awhile back but I didn't know how to really say it." A snort came from across of them and she flipped the birdie to the annoying male there before continuing. 

once we get back." She finished with a smile which was returned from Sai with one of his own as he stood up pulling the bag back on his back.

"That sounds good and thank you for telling me that. I like you too after all you are a good friend." Sakura felt like face planting into the ground as he turned to Sasuke.

"Cant say the same you but I suppose you can be alright to speak to as well." Sai continued not noticing the how Sasuke was mixed between yelling at Sai and laughing at Sakura who was standing up slowly looking ready to kill. "Maybe you could come and we can invite dickless and beautiful along with us seeing how that woman doesn't leave Naruto alone nowadays. Have you notice, Sakura? Ah Sakura?"

"God damnit Sai!" Sakura yelled throwing a punch at said male who quickly fall to the ground to avoid being sent flying – again and quickly back flipping before jumping onto a tree branch.

"What happen this time? I thought you liked me." Sai asked confused by the sudden attack on him. He really didn't do anything other than agree with her this time and yet he's being attacked.

"I'm killing you!" Sakura shouted jumping after the ex ROOT member with Sasuke going after them trying not to draw her attention to him.

"Alright I agree, it was somewhat bad but in all honestly here-"

"Damn honestly." Sakura mumbled.

"You didn't really do anything different from any other time you got one of us you liked us or wanted to hang out. You basically said you like him and you wanted to hang out." Sasuke finished talking and his cooked bread.

"I said date!"

"Hm yeah and what do you call when all of us go hang out together?"

"A- oh shut up." Sakura growled knowing she was losing this one. She stood and took his plate and hers back into the kitchen and left them in the sink for later. "Why are you here anyways?"

"I wanted to see how last night went-"

"I knew you did something."

"Plus I woke up before the girl did and left-"

"Loser." Sakura said taking the cups away before retreating back to the kitchen.

"Lastly because our Hokage wishes to speak with the both of us." Sasuke said smirking when she reappeared looking at him. "I believed about twenty minutes ago." He added knowing how she hated to be late for anything and she proved him right when she stared widen eyed at him for a few seconds than…

"I hate you Uchiha!" Sakura yelled while running to the door and throwing her boots on before shooing him out of her apartment, closing and locking the door before hopping onto the roof.

"You forgot your headdband and weapons." Sasuke called leaning next to the door while she swore and jumped back down, digging in her pockets. "Also you keys." He added before jiggling his to which she took and found her key to unlock her door.

"You're still an ass." She growled throwing the keys back to him before racing inside for her things.

Sasuke waited until she came back out, slamming the door shut and both jump to the roofs.

"I know." Sasuke finally said once they started jumping from roof to roof heading for their friends office; Sakura spared him a glance. "Everyone tells all the time."

"Shut up." And for the first time that day she said it with an airy giggle and a smile.

And he knew she was ready to face the world again.