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Sienna Rawlins stood quietly off to the side of the room. All of the kids were anxiously awaiting the arrival of some WWE superstars. All of the kids, except one. Sienna didn't care who was coming. She was focused more on the fact that when the celebrities arrived, one of the organizations leaders would be reading something Sienna had written during a group therapy session. They were hoping that during the testimonials, she would get up and speak, but in the two years she had been at Prospect Paradise, she had barely spoken to any of them at all.

Prospect Paradise was was an organization that took children and young adults out of abusive environments and into safe and comfortable ones. When you're first brought to the program, you go to Sienna's branch...The Prospect Paradise Intervention House. Most stayed for only a year before moving on, but Sienna had been an extremely difficult case.

Sienna had been severely abused for as long as she could remember. And then, at age thirteen, the police had raided her house and she'd been found tied up and gagged in the closet. When asked about her parents, she told the cops she hadn't seen her parents since they tied her up three days ago. She hadn't been able to get to the restroom, eat or drink the entire time. Her parents were arrested one week later and Sienna had been brought here, to Prospect Paradise.

She trusted no one and with good reason. It was because of this distrust that the counselors at Prospect Paradise were having difficulties helping her. After two years of group and individual therapy, the staff knew as much about Sienna and her past as they did the first day she arrived. It was difficult to remain optimistic with the young woman, but Sienna's therapist knew that someday the wall would crack, and when it did, Sienna's wounds would start to heal.

Sienna glanced up as the WWE celebrities filed in. There were ten superstars in all and Sienna recognized all of them: Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, Torrie Wilson, Lita, Maria and Undertaker, who was back in the American Badd Ass theme. It took almost an hour for the other kids to settle down enough for the presentation to start. The smaller kids sat down on the floor on bean bags and extra large pillows while the older kids and the WWE superstars sat in chairs behind them. Allison Catana, one of the organizations spokeswoman, stepped up the podeum and spoke.

"First, let me say thank you to the WWE Superstars for taking time out of thier hectic schedules and visiting the kids here at the Prospect Paradise Intervention House. The intervention house is one of many facilities where children come after being taken out of an undesirable and often times abusive environment. Here is where they receive whatever help they may need and where the healing process begins. We are very excited, because many of the children have expressed interest in telling thier story. Today, we hope to give them that chance. Before we do, Sharon Grisim, the director for this house has a small presentation prepared. Sharon..."

Sharon came up to the podeum, a small smile on her face. Her eyes met Sienna and she waited as she did every time Sienna allowed her work to be read. In the beginning, everytime Sienna's work was read, it caused Sienna to relive the terror she experienced in her home. It hadn't happened in a really long time, but Sharon kept someone by Sienna at all times, just in case. Sienna gave her a nodd, signaling the go-ahead and Sharon began to recite the poem she had memorized.

A burning passion

An internal rage

A wounded animal

Chained in a cage

Purplish bruises

Outlined her smooth skin

She cowered afraid

As the pain burned within

Sienna's eyes closed against the memories straining to invade her mind as her poem was read. Sienna's favorite nurse, Samuel (Sam for short) took a step closer, leaning down to whisper in her ear. His strong arms enveloped the girl in a hug as she fought the tears threatening to erupt. The Undertaker, Marc Callaway, was listening, but he couldn't help but notice Sienna's struggle to remain calm. Sam gently lead Sienna away from the group and into an office down the hallway so she could compose herself in private.

A fist to her ribs

Cold words in her ear

Eyes dark and distant

Held unyielding fear

Shoved and hit hard

Bruised bones oh so frail

Her dark abyss

Of emotional hell

Weakened knees gave way

As she fell to weep

And closed her eyes

Praying for eternal sleep

When the poem was done, Sharon immediately looked towards where Sienna had been, and not seeing her she turned back to the group. Torrie and Maria had tears in thier eyes, and most of the men's jaws were set in hard lines. They truly didn't like hearing about stuff like that.

"This poem was written by one of the children staying at this house. She wrote it at the age of thirteen, when she first arrived to Prospect Paradise. I struggled reading this today, because it evokes such strong reactions in not only myself, but in her as well. To this day she struggles with flashbacks and in her dreams she relives every single terrorizing moment she experienced in her home. What you heard was graphic and heart breaking, especially coming from someone so young, but I hope you all understand...what you heard is just a glimmer of what these kids experience on a day to day basis. With that being said...there are some kids here who want to tell thier story...Brian why don't you start?"

Sharon stepped down from the podeum as a little boy about ten years old came up. Marc let his eyes follow Sharon, as she made her way to the hallway and disappeared into the same room Sienna and Sam had been gone into. Undertaker figured that the kid must be the author of the poem because of her reaction to it being read. Marc turned his attention back to the speakers, but throughout the speakers, he kept glancing at the hallway to see if the kid would make it back.

The Rock rose to his feet, along with the other superstars as the presentations were over. The group would be breaking for lunch and then the rest of the day would be spent playing games with the kids. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson stopped next to Marc, a couple of the kids attached to his legs.

"We're gonna get a game of football started...you want to join?" he said.

Undertaker shook his head. "I saw a young girl in here earlier. She looks like she could use a friend. I'm gonna try and find her, but thanks for the offer."

Dwayne smiled and headed outside the the field area with the rest of the WWE Superstars and kids in tow. Marc stepped out onto the back patio and looked around for Sienna. He finally spotted her at the edge of the lawn, sitting as far away from everyone as possible

Sharon Grisim came to stand beside Marc. "Marc...thank you so much for setting this up! The kids always look forward to this and so do I. It's one of the few times out of the year, I actually get to see my big brother."

Marc smiled, laughing. "Anytime, Sis." The brother and sister pair hugged, then Marc nodded towards Sienna. "Hey Sharon...that girl over there...can you tell me a little bit about her?"

Sharon followed his gaze and then smiled. "Her name is Sienna and she's fifteen, almost sixteen. And unfortunately, that's about all I can tell you. We know as little about her now as we did when she first arrived two years ago. Out of all the kids here, Sienna was abused for the longest and although we have an idea of what happened, we don't really know everything she experienced. We've tried everything to get her to talk to us about what she went through but so far we've had very little luck. All we know is what she writes in her poems, and even then it's only a glimpse into the pain and humiliation she suffered at the hands of her parents."

Marc shook his head. "So she is the author of the poem you wrote today. Shouldn't happen to anyone...especially one so young."

Sharon nodded. "She's an amazing girl, Marc. Meeting her you wouldn't think it, but she really is a very caring person. The other kids love her. They look up to her. If one of the little ones falls down, she's the one who comes over and makes it all better. When one of them is sick, she reads stories to them and takes care of them. In the morning, I'll check in on her and she'll be sleeping in her bed with five or six of the smaller kids all asleep around her. She makes them feel safe, which is a miracle all by itself, especially since she doesn't feel safe at anytime or anywhere."

Marc nodded thoughtfully. "Is it okay to talk to her?"

Sharon hesitated but then nodded. "Yeah...just be forewarned. She doesn't talk to a lot of people and when she does talk, she's very gruff and distant. She's still not used to being around people so don't get offended at anything she says to you, alright?"

Marc began to make his way over to Sienna. Sienna dug into her pocket and pulled out a cigarette and quickly lit it. Sam saw and came over, taking the cigarette from her fingers before she had a chance to take a single drag. With a shake of his head, he reminded her that she shouldn't smoke, and then put the cigarette out. Sam confiscated her lighter and pack of cigarettes then took off into the house. Marc couldn't help but smile when Sienna pulled out another pack hidden in her boots when Sam was once again inside the house.

Sienna took a deep drag on the cigarette calming her nerves. When something blocked her sun, she glanced up and found Marc there.

"The guy's right, you know. You shouldn't smoke." Marc said. Sienna lifted her eyes to his, and took another drag off her smoke, then blew the smoke towards him. It was clear statement...she was going to smoke no matter what and if Marc didn't like it, he could get lost.

"I'm Marc, but you might know me as The Undertaker. I work for the WWE. And you are?" Marc said as he sat down.

Sienna sighed and took another drag then looked away. "Not impressed."

Marc smiled. Sharon had been right, Sienna was very gruff and distant, but she was also fiesty and Marc liked that about the girl.

"Good, cus I wasn't trying. Sharon read a poem earlier today...was it yours?" Marc asked, switching the subject. Sienna tensed but didn't answer.

"I figured it had to be yours since you had to leave in the middle of it. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Do you want to talk about it?" Marc continued. As soon as the question was out, Marc knew he'd made a mistake. Sienna withdrew from him completely.

"If I haven't had this conversation with anyone here at the house in the last two years, I'm sure as hell won't be having it with you." she said as she put her cigarette out and stood.

Marc stood as well. "Look, I apologise. I was just trying to be your friend."

Sienna looked at him a moment, then turned, looking out at the other kids playing football with the other WWE Superstars. Marc cameto stand beside her and followed her gaze. Her voice was so soft, he had to strain to hear her.

"Eric has scars on his arms and legs from the buckle of the belt his dad beat him with. Mary's mom died in a car accident last year. When she went to live with her grandma, her grandma decided that if her daughter handn't lived, then neither would Mary. They're starting to fade, but if you look real closely you can still see the marks on her neck from the cord she was strangled with. Brian was locked in the closet all day and if he misbehaved he was placed in the basement for over 24 hours, no food, no light...no water. He still sleeps with a night light. And little baby Susie...at three years old she was smothered in gasoline and lit on fire...all because her mom thought she was too pretty."

As Sienna turned to Marc, he could see unshed tears gathering in the corner of her eyes. "You want to be someone's friend? Eric, Mary, Brian, Susie...all those kids over there need a friend."

Marc glanced at the kids, then studied Sienna. "I can be friends to them and to you, Sienna."

Sienna shook her head. "They need friends, Grave Digger. I don't."

Marc nodded, rubbing his chin pondering that. "I know you don't want me here, so I'll leave, but I will be back next week. Everyone needs friends, Sienna...even you. And I'm gonna do my damndest to prove it to you."