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Months Later...

"Babe, did you start the barbecue?"

John looked up from his spot on the living room floor as Sienna came downstairs with Abby. Abby squealed seeing her father and toddled towards him.

"Dada." she gurgled as she jumped onto his belly.

John grunted from the impact and then ticked his daughters ribs.

"Hey Abbykins." he said. "Give Daddy kisses."

Abby's little hands grabbed the sides of John's face and gave him a loud smack on the lips. John hugged her close, tickling her as he laid a tons of kisses all over her face. Sienna smiled as Abby squealed and laughed from the play. As John sat up with Abby in his lap, he looked over at his wife.

"What was that about the barbecue?" he asked her.

"I asked if you had started it." Sienna said.

John looked at her confused. "No. Should I have?"

Sienna frowned at him. "Gee, John. I don't know. We only have a ton of people coming over. Did you forget it was your daughter's birthday today?"

"Cake!" Abby said clapping her hands.

John chuckled and put Abby beside him as he stood. As Abby drug out one of her toys, John went over to Sienna.

"I could never forget my daughter's birthday, Sienna." he said. "I turned the barbecue on over an hour ago."

Sienna threw her hands up in exasperation. "Well, then why did you say you hadn't?"

A mischievous grin crossed John's features. "Cus you look cute when you're all hot and bothered, baby."

Sienna wrinkled her nose at her husband, pointing at him. "You better behave Mister Cena or later tonight, I'll show you hot and bothered."

John grinned. "That's what I'm counting on, Mama."

With that John planted a surprise kiss to his wife's cheek then ran outside to man the barbecue. Sienna looked after him, shaking her head as she chuckled. Turning her head from her husband to her daughter, she smiled.

"Abby, are you ready for your party?" she asked, crouching beside her daughter.

Abby looked up at her and gave her a toothy grin. "Cake! Prents!"

Sienna chuckled. "That's right...cake and presents!"

Sienna looked up as the doorbell rang. Straightening she moved to the door and opened it. Immediately she was engulfed in hugs. Sienna laughed as she, Jeff, Matt and Mickie separated and moved to the side so they could come in. As she shut the door, she turned towards her daughter.

"Abby come say hello." she said.

Abby glanced up to see who was there and grinned. As she looked back down to her toy, there was a teasing glint to her eye.

"Busy." she said with a giggle.

Sienna smiled. It was a game she and Jeff played every time they saw each other. Abby would pretend to be busy, Jeff would pretend to not buy it and it would quickly lead to a game of chase and a dogpile on Uncle Jeff.

"Busy?" he said as he inched his way into the living room.

Abby giggled again as she rose from her knees to crouch by her toy. She was getting ready to bolt and everyone knew it.

"My little angel can't be too busy to see me!" Jeff said in mock indignation.

As soon as Jeff made a move towards her, Abby squealed and ran. Jeff pretended to try and snag her, failing to do so, which made Abby giggle all the more. She took off into the back yard with Jeff running behind her.

Sienna shook her head. "Lord, she's got him wrapped."

Matt gave Sienna a quick kiss on the cheek and went to join his brother and Abby in their game.

Mickie laughed. "Looks like he's not the only one."

Sienna and Mickie stepped out onto the back patio, watching the little girl chase the brothers around the yard. John came over, offering the girls a soda.

"Hey Mickie." John said, kissing her cheek.

Mickie smiled. "Hey John."

"Hey! Anyone here?!"

Mickie, John and Sienna turned to the shouting coming from inside the house.

"We're out back!" Sienna called out.

Mark, Sara and Brendan came out side their arms loaded with bags of food. As John and Mickie went to help, Brendan spotted Abby in the yard and started over towards her. Sienna caught him mid way and gave him a big kiss and a hug.

"Ha...caught you!" she said as she tickled him.

Brendan giggled as Sienna put him back down, then took off towards Abby. Sienna grinned and turned back towards her father and mother. Going over, she drew them into a hug.

"Thanks for coming guys." she said.

Sara smiled. "We wouldn't miss it."

Mark grinned, kissing Sienna on the cheek. "Yeah...now...where is the birthday girl?"

Sienna grinned and pointed towards the grass where Matt and Jeff were being attacked by tickling twelve month olds. Seconds later, Mark was on the grass enjoying the game as well.

Later on in the party...

John went over to his wife and slid his arm around her waist. Placing a kiss on her cheek, he smiled at her.

"Things are going good, aren't they?" he asked.

Sienna smiled and nodded. "Yeah, they really are."

Aside from the barbecue turning out to be great, John and Sienna's life had been great as well. Work was hectic, but it was also manageable. John had finally earned the WWE Championship and Sienna was well on her way towards her first ever title match. Their success had only increased with time and to date they were two of the biggest superstars in the WWE.

Outside of the ring, life had also been good, not only for them but for their friends as well. Trish and Shane were finally on their way to the altar while Stephanie and Paul were on their way to the delivery room for the second time. Matt and Mickie were still happily in love while Jeff had discovered a new love. He and Maria had been dating for about a month now and still going strong.

Mark, Sam and Sharon joined forces to open up two more Prospect Paradise refuge houses. And, at the opening of the last house, Mark finally fulfilled a promise he'd made to his daughter many years ago. He finally got close and cuddly with a tiny bunny rabbit. As for Sienna and John, they were happy just being parents. Abby was turning one and already they were beginning to feel like she was growing up too fast. The world was treating everyone like kings and queens and for now, they were all simply going to enjoy it.

"So, is everyone here?" John asked snapping Sienna back into reality.

Sienna looked around taking note of who was there. Stephanie and Paul were sitting next to Shannon, Shane and Trish at one of the tables on the patio. At the other table, Dwayne, Glen, Mark and Sara sat with drinks in front of them. All of John's brothers and spouses were playing a game of volleyball in the side yard as Sam, Carol and John Sr. watched from the side lines. Out on the grass, Matt, Mickie, Maria and Jeff were talking with drinks in their hand. Everyone was there except three people. Suddenly, Sienna looked over at John.

"Where are the kids?" she asked.

John surveyed the back yard for a moment then finally spotted them. Stephanie spotted her daughter at the same time and jumped up from her seat, shocked. Seconds later, Sara and Sienna spotted their children as well.




The three women's shouts had everyone's eyes focusing in on the children. At their names, all three children froze and looked towards their parents. Abby's birthday cake had huge holes in it. With frosting around their mouths and cake in their hands, the three children were the obvious culprits. As most of the adults looked on in surprise, one adult burst out laughing.

"Oh man, this is great." Jeff said as he moved over towards the kids. "Can I have some please?"

Abby, Aurora and Brendan stuck their hands into the cake and took it back out. Jeff looked at the offered handfuls of slobbery, mashed up cake and frosting and grinned. As he opened leaned closer, all three kids shoved their cakey hands towards his mouth. When Jeff pulled back, his face looked much like his niece's. Sienna looked over at Jeff and burst out laughing. Soon, everyone joined in.

As the kids went back to eating the cake, Sienna smiled. As John's arm tightened around her waist and he kissed her cheek, she looked around her. She was a lucky woman. She had family who loved her, friends she could count on and a husband and daughter she adored. Her family would be okay and they'd be around for a long time to come, messy faces and all.

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