A change might be good, no?

One of my first Pokemon stories. I've seen many people who're fans of different Sinnoh couples, but nobody has written about them...yet! RoarkxGardenia, VolknerxCandice and WakexFantina (Roarks father is married in this story).

Chapter 1: Arrival to the gym leader seminar!

"Roark! Get up from the bed!" yelled a female voice while a pair of arms shaked the young mans body. He was staying at his parents house this week since the apartment building he lived in was invaded by some pesky bug pokemon. "Hnnn...not yet" mumbled the young male that laid in his bed, despite that the clock was 01.25 PM. Chestnut brown hair was in a huge mess as per usual while his auburn eyes were droopy. The reason? The young man had to chase a lot of rock pokemon out of the mines because they caused a havoc. "C'mon Roark! We have to get in time for the gym leader seminar!" yelled his father.

The said guy sat up a little and saw some blurry shapes in front of him. His hand put a pair of glasses on his face; everything became clear again. His father Byron stood right beside the bed with a huge grin on his face. "Where is the seminar again?" asked the rock pokemon trainer.

"It's going to be in the same place as the gym leaders headquarters. They are arranging this after all" informed the male while he packed down something that looked like a shirt. "Bring some decent clothes with you too. The seminar will last for a week or so. Don't forget to bring a button up shirt plus your slacks " said the brunett before he headed out.

Roark rubbed his eyes before he read through the things that he had to bring with him. 'Lemme see...toothbrush...toothpaste...sweaters...trunks...pyjamas...bathing trunks! Guess I just have to pack down my nicest shirt and slacks for the last night' thought the boy. He packed down everything in a bag before he dressed himself in a light gray hoodie plus blue jeans.

"Ready to go son?" asked his father, who was in a moss green sweater paired with dark blue jeans. The rock pokemon user nodded before both of them headed towards Eternia on their bikes.

"The nice female gym leader there will join us. What was here name again?" inquired the man. "Uhm...I think it was Gardenia" replied the bespetacled male. After 20 minutes of biking, they had reached the city. Since it was mid-October now, the leaves were in orange, yellow and red, and it looked quite nice in this time of the year. "Heey! Byron! Roark!" yelled a ginger girl that weared a green jacket with a black sweater underneath. Her legs were clad in a pair of jeans that were neither too baggy or too tight.

"Gardenia! Nice to see you again!" greeted the oldest of them with a smile on his face. His son looked a little away, even if he wanted to greet her too. Every time the 21-year old was near the girl, his heart started to beat a lot faster and his cheeks turned pink. "H..hi" stuttered the male after a second or two. "We should get going now. Crusher Wake, Maylene and Fantina will meet us in Sunnyshore. Candice is already there, since she started this morning" informed the 'steel man' before he got up on his bike, followed by his son and the female.

After a little less than an hour, they had to bike trough a forest. A Pachirisu suddenly jumped in the middle of the road, right in front of Gardenia. "AAAAH!" said the 20-year old before she managed to stop the bike. Unfortunately, she felt off in the process. The pokemon got scared and jumped into the forest again.

"Hey, Gardenia. Are you all right?" asked the brunett and biked over to the redhead. "I think this one needs a band-aid" smiled the girl before she extended her hand; there was a gash on it. Byron came over. "Uhm...here is a band-aid" said the adult after he had searched trough his pockets. He gave it to his son, and being the gentleman he was, he put it on her hand after he had cleaned the gash. The boy from Oreburgh avoided eye contact for any cost since he knew that his cheeks would probably burn up if he did.

He helped her up. "Thanks Roark" said the young woman before she jumped on her bike again. "No problem" replied the young man. 'Am I wrong, or did my son just blush?' thought the man that used to reside in Canalave. A grin was visible on his face.

The trio arrived Sunnyshore 20 minutes later. "But is not that Roark and Byron! And this pretty young woman must be Gardenia" said Crusher Wake, who was accompanied by Maylene and Fantina. 'But where are Candice and Volkner?' thought Roark. He got that answer quite quick.

"GARDENIA!" squealed a voice. Before he knew it, the plant-lover was hugged from behind by the ice girl.

"Nice to see you again Roark" said a rather deep voice behind him. The rock-user turned, only to see the electric pokemon user. "Volkner. It has been a long time" said the brunett and gave the blond a hug that only boys used ((AN: They slap eachother on the back with one hand...I got that hug by a friend of mine :P )).

"Guess we are ready to go" stated the 'soulful dancer'. She was currently dressed in a long, violet skirt and a black sweater. "Yeah. The boat has arrived now, I suppose" said Volkner as he looked on his wristwatch.

All of them gathered their things. "Maybe I should carry your luggage too Fantina" offered the Pastoria gym leader. He had already carried the other girls luggage at the boat. "Thank you" said the one from Hearthome and gave him her suitcase. It was a bit heavy for her, but not too heavy for him.

When they arrived to the quay, they saw the boat. It wasn't big; it had 8 seats to sit in, and the captain sat in the floor above. "Oh no..." sighed the Snowpoint gym leader. She got seasick quite easy, not to mention that the toilet was placed in the back. Suddenly, someone bumped into her from behind. The female spinned and saw the Sunnyshore gym leader. "Maybe you should sit in front with me Candice" said the male. "Uuuhm...why do you always sit in the front when we are on boats and such?" asked the raven-haired girl. She had been on bus and boat trips with the other gym leaders before and the male usually sat in the front. The 20-year old bent down a little. "Because I suffer from motion sickness" replied the male before he straightened himself and went to the front together with the female.

Wake and Byron sat in the back, since none of them suffered from motion sickness. Fantima and Roark sat mid-back while Gardenia and Maylene in the mid-front. "We will be in the harbor of the Sinnoh Pokemon league in 45 minutes" said the captain before the boat started to move. "Oi! This boat goes fast!" said the Veilstone gym leader with a surprised look at her face. "You're not used to ride a boat, hm?" said the ginger-haired girl. The younger female shook her head. "Just sitt still and enjoy the view" said the girl before she turned her head to the window.

Some Wingulls and Pelippers soared above the boat while some Magikarps and Tentacools swum around in the sea. "Oh look! It's a Milotic!" exclaimed Maylene. It was a magnificent sight; a Milotic suddenly emerged from the water and stretched itself towards the blue sky above. "Whoaaa..." said all of the passengers. Roark felt his glasses slide down his nose. He pushed them back, a Milotic was really rare pokemon to see in the wild.

After a little less than a half hour with chatting, they had reached their destination. "Ah, finally some land!" exclaimed Byron and stretched himself. Then, the leader of the Sinnohs Elite Four came down the stairs. "Welcome to the seminar. I'm sure you already know my name, so I don't need to introduce myself. Please follow me" said Cynthia. Everyone followed her towards the Pokemon League building after the luggage had been removed from the boat.

They went into the hall. It was quite big; it had wooden floors while the walls were painted in light mocca. "We will have dinner first. Please come with me" informed the Pokemon master and went towards the stairs in the end of the room. A big table was placed in a dinner hall that was painted in a peach shade, and the wood floor was darker here than the one at the first floor. Pizza and Coke was on the menu for those under 25, while the elder ones ate chicken and some salad. "OH! Pepperoni!" yelled the youngest of them and grabbed 2 slices of pepperoni pizza. The girls took some slices with margarita pizza while the rest of the guys grabbed some pizzaslices with ham and pineapple. "This is good" smiled Gardenia. Candice and Maylene nodded in agreement, while Roark and Volkner drunk some Coke. The dark pokemon trainer then entered the room with a list, and cleared her throat.

"You will sleep in the guestrooms that are at the ground floor. There will be 2 persons per room. Room 1: Maylene & Fantina. Room 2: Candice & Gardenia. Room 3: Volkner & Roark. Room 4: Crusher Wake & Byron" readed the female. She handed out the keys right afterwards before everyone went to their rooms.

Candice and Gardenia went into their room. "I wonder how it looks like" wondered the raven-haired girl. She opened the door, and gasped. It was painted in a cornflower blue shade, and had the same wood floor as the entrance hall. Two nicely sized beds were on each side of the room, and it was a window between them. A dresser made out of dark wood was placed right behind the door. To cap it all, they also had their own bathroom with a medium sized bathtub.

"Wow, this is SOOO nice!" squealed the ginger haired girl. The two girls unpacked their stuff and the Snowpoint gym leader went in the shower since she had not showered for two days. The other female however took a small nap after she had brushed her teeth, since the clock already had reached 10.30 PM. After a half hour, two males stuck their heads in. Both of them were clad in T-shirts and pyjamas trousers.

The brunett tip-toed towards the sleeping girl, before he looked a little at her. She was dressed in a pyjama that was green with small pink cherry blossom petals scattered all over. 'She looks so peaceful...and cute' thought the boy. He blushed a little when he realized what he'd thought. Then, he shook her gently. "Wake up" whispered the rock pokemon user. "Hnnn?" said the tired girl. "Where's Candice?" inquired the blond. "In the bathroom" replied Gardenia. Then, Candice went out of the bathroom, clad in her blue pj's that was decorated with white snow crystals. She ran a comb through her hair while she looked at her visitors.

"Oh, what are you two doing here?" asked the raven-haired girl. "We just wanted to say good night" said Volkner while his blue eyes looked at the girl with wet hair. "Can someone please try to plait my hair for me? I can not reach my back properly" groaned the female. "Sorry...I'm too tired" yawned the other female. Roark shook his head as well. Suprisingly, the electric pokemon user went behind the small girl and started to plait her black hair. "What? I have a little sister" informed the male while his fingers moved in and out of the girls hair.

"Thank you!" squealed the hazel-eyed girl and gave her helper a huge smile. The Sunnyshore males pale face turned into a slight pink shade, and smiled back. "Uhm...you're welcome Candice" said the young man. "Good night Gardenia" smiled Roark. "Yeah. Good night" smiled Gardenia and gave him a small hug. The brunett went a little pink as well and left the room with his friend.

Both of the boys went back to their rooms. "Geez, what's with girls and hugging nowadays?" said Volkner. "I dunno. But I liked it" admitted the shy Oreburgh male. The blond raised his eyebrows. "Me too actually...her skin was really soft" said the young man. The brunett shooked his head while he smiled a small smile. "Well, good night Volkner" said the mineworker before he took off his glasses and laid down in his bed. "Good night Roark" yawned the boy and laid down.