Chapter five: Romance in the air….!

Next day, Gardenia woke up with excitement tingling in her stomach. Today was the dance day! Candice let out a small groan as she felt some faint pangs of pain go through her head.

"Good morning. Do not be so noisy, my head hurts a bit" said the girl. "Good morning" yawned the other female while scratched her head. The Eternia gym leader went into the bathroom and stripped off her pyjamas. She turned on the shower, stepped inside and poured some flower shampoo in her hand. 'I wonder how it will be on the dance tonight' thought the girl as she massaged the goo into her hair. She then cleaned her skin with some mild peeling cream before she went out of the shower and dried herself. After that, the grass pokemon trainer changed into a sun yellow sweater and brown sweatpants.

When the girls looked outside, it was very nice. The sun shone clearly from the sky despite that it was in the end of October. Since the Snowpoint gym leader had felt a little sick, she decided to stay inside. Gardenia knocked on the door to the boys room. It opened and revealed Roark in a light orange sweater plus somewhat baggy dark blue jeans. The glasses were not on his face. "Gardenia, hello. Come in" smiled the male. The girl went inside. Volkner laid in the bed and looked a tad bit sick. "He has a headache, so be a little quiet" whispered the rock pokemon user as he put on his trademark glasses.

The Eternia gym leader, being the caring girl she was, sat down next to him. "Hi. Hope you get better" she smiled before she gave him a very small hug. "Thanks" groaned the male with a grateful look at his face. Suddenly, Fantinas word repeated in her head. "Make him feel comfortable in your company" ecchoed the womans voice. ' I have to make it up for him, but how...? I know!' thought the female. She went towards the Oreburgh gym leader with a grin on her face. "Hey, you want to go a small walk with me?" whispered the 20-year old. "Err...OK" replied the boy.

Both of them went out and Gardenia tried to figure out how she could make her friend to open up more. "So Roark...Do you look foreward to the dance tonight? I'm kinda nervous" stuttered the girl. The rock pokemon user felt relieved. "I feel nervous as well. I mean...I've never danced with a girl before" said the male, who could not believe that he just said that. "I've never danced with a boy before" said the gingerhead as she walked closer to him. "You haven't!" exclaimed the boy with a surprised look at his face. They stopped at a field that had some trees in their autumn wardrobe, which consisted of leaves in all shades of yellow or orange.

" beautiful..." said the female. The brunett couldn't take his eyes of her; her pale, peach-pink skin had a nice, faint glow to it. Her ginger hair shone in the sun and her amber eyes were filled with happiness. Suddenly, the urge to kiss her started to bubble up in him. 'I gotta keep it down!' thought the male. The Eternia gym leader looked at him.

"Hey Roark. I have always wondered how it is to work in a mine" said the girl. The Oreburgh boy snapped out of his trance. "It is kinda lonely and dark sometimes, but it's all right most of the time. And it is quite exciting to search after fossiles" said the male. Suddenly, the 20-year old started to tickle him. "Hey, it tickles!" chuckled Roark while he felt her small fingers tickle his stomach. He tackled her and both of them landed in a pile of leaves. "Ha ha! That was funny!" laughed the brunett before he stood up and offered his hand. "Yeah" said the female as she grabbed his hand. It pulled her up like she weighed nothing.

"You have really strong arms Roark" said Gardenia and looked at him with a look he could not understand. The boy blushed magenta but had a small smile on his face. He used his arms (as well as his legs) a lot in the mine since he had to carry a lot of heavy rocks in all directions. "Thanks" replied the rock pokemon user before they went back in silence.

The dance was coming up. Both Candice and Volkner had got a bit better, but they would go back to their rooms if they got worse. The blond was in a cobalt blue shirt with the two first buttons open and a pair of black trousers and black shoes.

Roark on the other hand was clad in a light green shirt, dark brown trousers and shoes. He also had the two first buttons open. "Let's go and pick up the girls" smiled the oldest male. The two boys went to the girls room and knocked at the door. The Snowpoint gym leader opened.

The blond's jaw almost hit the ground: she was in an ice-blue spagetti strap dress that reached her knees while her ebony hair was in a braid. The girl also had a little make-up on her face.

"Oh hello! Come in!" greeted the female and moved a little. There stood Gardenia. Her usual black headband had been replaced by a violet one and she weared a spagetti strap dress that reached to her knees. But her dress was light violet and not ice blue. "Hi! Let's go now, shall we?" said the girl. The brunett looked like he had been hit by the big hammer in Super Mario Smash Melee. "Yeah, lets go" replied the male while he tried to supress the bubbling urge inside him. Suddenly, both of the boys felt a small arm hold around theirs.

"It's a tradition that boys hold girls like this if they escort a girl to a dance" said the raven-haired girl. Neither of the guys mind, so they went to the dancing room straight away.

They arrived to the dancing room. Wake was in a nice turqoise shirt. His slacks were in black, and so were his shoes. He had also dropped his mask, which revealed his rather rugged face. Byron was clad in a green shirt, just like his son, but his was in moss green. His trousers were brown and so was his shoes.

Fantina was wearing a dark purple dress that reached the floor and her shoes were black. Maylene was dressed in a knee-long, spagetti strapped dress in a shade lighter than Volkners shirt. Her shoes were black.

Then, Mavis and Cynthia appeared, both of them in a spagetti strapped black dress that reached the floor. But the Pokemon masters dress had some ruffles in it. "Let us put on some music, shall we?" announced the blond before she turned down the light a little. The brunette sat on some music on a stereo and both of the girls started to dance.

The music was kinda jazzy and Wake took Fatinas hand. "Want to dance?" asked the Pastoria gym leader. "I love to" replied the woman before they both started to dance. "I know this is embarrasing for you Maylene, but I will not dance with you unless you want to" said the Canalave man. "Nah. I like this one" replied the Veilstone gym leader before they started to dance.

"Do you want to dance?" asked the electric pokemon user. "Mhm" replied Candice and grabbed his hand before they started to move. The other couple followed suit. When the music came to an end, Cynthia putted on a slow dance. Maylene and Byron went out of the dance floor since they were going as a 'parent' and child.

"Hey Roark...if you do not want to dance with me, you don't have to" mumbled the gingerhead. "I would like to dance with you if you're all right with it" said the brunett. She gave him a nod in reply before a pair of arms circled around her. The girl turned a little pink before she rested her head on his chest; her hands were loosely wrapped around his shoulders. She could hear his heartbeat; it calmed her down somehow. The male rested his head a little on hers. Her perfume smelled like coconut sorbet, banana flower and something that he couldn't figure out ((AN: This perfume is Escada Pacific Paradise)).

The other couple danced as well. The blond looked down on the girl. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. 'Weird that she is an ice pokemon user...she's so warm and lovable' thought the male. He then smelt her perfume. It smelled like pineapple, peach and other things he could not figure out (AN: This perfume is Escada Rockin' rio. I really like both of them). Volkner wished that the song never ended. And so did Candice.

Unfortunately, the song ended. After that came a funky samba song, where everyone tried to make their own version. Wake and Fantina were practically rocked: their version was so funny that everyone, including Cynthia and Mavis, laughed so much that they had problem to stand upright.

"I do not think we have to declare a winner here" said the Elite Four leader before she dried her eyes. Everyone agreed. "Thanks for the dance" said the Hearthome gym leader before kissed her partner on his mouth. The kiss was rather sweet, which made the Pastoria gym leader blushed pink. Everyone laughed a little; especially Byron. "I told you so, I told you so" teased the steel pokemon trainer. "Shut up" retorted his friend. The dance ended two minutes later.

Next day, they were all heading home. Roark was up rather early because he could hear someone tap on the window. "Hm?" yawned the male and put on his glasses. A note was attached to the window. 'Meet me at the hill in the forest. Gardenia'.

The brunett dressed himself in a moss green jacket, black T-shirt and blue jeans before he went up to the hill. There stood Gardenia, wearing a peach-coloured cardigan, cream-white tanktop and a pair of dark blue jeans.

"Roark! I just wanted you to show you this" said the girl and grabbed his hand before she went a little longer into the forest. The sun was rising, and it was dew on the leaves that laid on the ground. Some Beautiflys and Butterfrees flied around. "Oh my...this is pretty" muttered the boy. "Since you are a mineworker, I just thought you wanted to see this" said the Eternia gym leader. "Yeah, I do not see things like this very often" smiled the Oreburgh gym leader.

Suddenly, he noticed that the female was closer. She had a smile on her face and the sun made her ginger hair shine like copper. Her pale skin was clear like ivory. The urge suddenly bubbled up in him again. 'Oh no! This is a REALLY bad timing!' thought the boy as he tried to supress the urge. " you feel all right?" asked Gardenia, who looked a little worried. 'Time to tell the truth' thought Roark. "I dunno...each time I see you, I just get this urge to kiss you. I'm trying to supress it, but it has becomed stronger. If you think I'm weird, I'm fine with it" replied the male.

The 21-year old blinked. "I do not think you are weird. I'm one of your best friends after all" said the girl and looked up at him. The amber-eyed male smiled. "Thanks" he smiled. "That urge...can you feel it now?" wondered the grass pokemon user and leaned in. The rock pokemon user nodded while he felt his face turn warmer.

"Do not supress it. Just follow it" whispered Gardenia before she wrapped her hands around his neck and gave him a very sweet kiss. Roarks brain took two seconds to register what was going on. Then, his instincts started to kick in as he wrapped his arms around her waist. His lips pressed against her in a light fashion. After a half eternity, they broke away.

" I love you" said the female and hugged him. She felt happiness fill her whole body. "Same here" replied the male while he stroked her head. His heart swelled with a mix of emotions he had never felt before. But they were good ones.

They went back to the Pokemon headquarter building. The girl went into her room and saw her friend comb her hair. "Hello Gardenia! Why do you look so happy?" asked the ice pokemon user. "Roark kissed me" announced her friend. "You gotta be kidding! How was it!" exclaimed the other girl. "It was really sweet" smiled Gardenia. "Did it taste anything?" asked Candice. The female raised her brows. " tasted like...spearmint" replied the Eternia gym leader.

The rock pokemon user went into his room and saw that his friend had just got up. "Why do you look so happy?" inquired the blond. "Uhm...Gardenia kissed me" answered the male while he tried to ignore his warm cheeks. The eyes of the other boy snapped open. "Is that true!" he asked before he got up and looked straight into his friends eyes.

Roark nodded. "How was it?" asked Volkner. "Uhm...soft" replied the male with a smile. "Did it...taste anything?" wondered the boy. "It tasted like...peach and vanilla" said the rock pokemon user (AN: Thank you Stimorol).

A little later on the day, they were going home. Since Candice had the longest way, Cynthia would to send an Altaria to fly her home a few hours after they had reached Sunnyshore. The others went back to their towns straight away.

"Bye! See you soon!" said Candice and hugged her brunett friend. "See you later" said Roark with a smile. His friend smiled and pulled him into an one-armed hug. After some goodbyes, they went home.

The Snowpoint gym leader had never been in Sunnyshore before, so Volkner showed her around. They ended the day with a visit to the hill where the lighthouse stood. The sun had gone down and it was a beautiful night; the sky was cloudless, stars glittered and the full moon shined. 'I think I should tell her now' thought the blond and looked down on her. "Uhm, Candice..." stuttered the male. "Hm?" replied the raven-haired girl who looked a little curious.

"Err...I...I love you" announced the blue-eyed boy and felt his face grow hot. 'SHOOT! That was just stupid!' thought the male. To his suprise, the ice pokemon users face turned light pink. "I love you too" replied girl and gave him a sweet smile.

Volkner bent down and kissed the girl on her lips before he wrapped his arms around her. The kiss was rather soft, but it sent tingles down Candice's spine. The female kissed back while her hands wrapped around his neck. 'It tastes like...peppermint' thought the raven-haired girl. They broke away with a smile on their faces. 'It tastes like...raspberry' thought the Sunnyshore gym leader.

Suddenly, an Altaria landed beside them. "Bye Volkner!" yelled Candice. Volkner waved goodbye while he hoped that this kiss would not be his last.

AN: I KNOW the ending is cheesy. I just couldn't think on something better .