"To What Subservience Leads" is the sequel of "In What Obedience Lies." I want to thank all the readers who reviewed and/or put "In what…" on their list of favorite stories. I hope that this new story will live up to your expectations.

Story line: Megatron understood that there was a way to keep Starscream loyal to him. But what if both 'bots become confused about the differences which exists between obedience, subservience and… love?

Category: Romance, Angst, with a hint of Horror.

Warning: this story includes slash scenes between Transformers. It is also advised to read "In What Obedience Lies" first to understand the general background.

The characters in this story don't belong to me (That's a pity) but to Hasbro and Co.

To What Subservience Leads - Chapter 1: Passion

The vast quarters he entered were plunged into an aquamarine darkness, the only light coming through the window which overlooking an abyssal forest of seaweeds. Starscream immediately spotted his Commander, and shivered when the shadow of a shark, swimming close to the glass, danced on Megatron's chest, then face; briefly hiding his smirk and the extreme glow of his optics.

"I came to deliver my report," he softly announced, his hand nervously squeezing the tiny data pad.

"Come closer…"

The answer Megatron gave came in a low growl, deep and rich, making some of his circuits crackle. As usual, the Seeker promptly removed his null rays and set them on the entrance's console, on the side of the black fusion canon. This was part of the many things they had agreed during the second night of their "affair": no weapon between them in private. Primus! That was already more than a month ago! Starscream let some files of that night play in his video data bank and then walked to the berth, his face wearing his best cocky smile. He knew Megatron appreciated when he was on seductive mode; he straightened his body and puffed his chest to show off the chiseled curves that the ebony hands liked to trace. The same shark projected his dangerous shadow once again on the powerfully built silver frame, and the Seeker shuddered at the similarities between the two predators, spark throbbing against his fuel pump. After a brief pause, he stepped on the side of the berth, aware of what kind of prey he was. Longing to become it as well…

As he expected, Megatron totally ignored the data pad, instead peering with his ruby optics into Starscream's. His body leaned forward, strong arms snaking around the waist of the flyer in a crushing embrace. Starscream complied obediently, a small cry erupting from his vocalizer when his fragile canopy rocked abruptly against the robust alloyed chest. The Decepticon leader chuckled, finding it endearing and exciting, while his hands roamed his back, his flanks, and then incessantly rubbed his lower back. A palm ventured on his right thigh, savoring the curve, then grasped it firmly, guiding it to brush dark hips. The so precious data pad slipped out of the trembling hand of the Seeker, while the mission he had been entrusted with by his fellow Decepticons faded in his memory bank. Optics shut, lips locked to Megatron's, arms snaked around his waist and neck, Starscream let the silver Transformer shift their position, and moaned when his wings made contact with the cool metal. The diffused sensation of coldness that spread from the hyper-sensitive area to the rest of his body contrasted deliciously with the heat that was already devouring his chest and mid-section. He switched on his optics and smiled at the gaze of Megatron, betraying so well the very lustful thoughts agitating his processor. He arched when Megatron set a palm on his canopy, playful fingers tracing an armature.

"I though that the night would never come…" he whispered, somehow managing to smile genuinely.

Megatron could be a perfect actor, hiding his thoughts and feelings. But here he was openly showing how happy he was to have Starscream in his arms. The flyer drank at the sight, a feeling of pride washing over him; he was the only one to see Megatron in that state of mind, and most of all, the only one those attentions were directed to. He raised a hand and brushed the thin lip component, as if to memorize this so-rare pattern.

"The longer the waiting, the stronger the pleasure…" the Seeker murmured, struggling to hide his own excitement.

"Since when do you extol the virtue of patience?" Megatron chuckled, "Anyway, I am not the kind who likes to wait…"

Starscream shivered when the Decepticon leader set his whole palm against the yellow glass.

"And after, you'll pretend I am immature and impulsive…" he laughed, "Who is the most childish of us? Hmm!?"

Megatron smiled openly, but didn't reply. Starscream's laugh turned soon into a cry of ecstasy, electric pulse zapping the circuits in his cockpit, making his spark jolt in its casing.


The arm, which usually bore the fusion canon, was alive with sparkling electricity. Megatron couldn't bite back a soft moan at the strange sensation caused by this power, usually channeled to feed his deadly weapon, now routed to give pleasure to HIS Seeker. He grinned and almost bit his lips with excitement at the sight of Starscream's body arching gracefully under him. Those parted lips and flickering optics, this head tossing back and forth, this chiseled chest and amber canopy heaving up and down at the rhythm of the power surges… hmm! And that slender waist and lovely hips scratching his lower body… He could imagine the long and slick legs scratching the metal of the berth in a confused attempt to escape the build up. Megatron's core temperature rose dramatically, together with a new flare of energy and new arches of the slender body, pressing against him in a frenetic love dance. Muffled moans were escaping the vocalizer of the flyer, like prayers to the God that Megatron just felt he had become. Yes, for the time being, he was the God of the Universe, the unique owner of the representation of love and beauty, the only one who knew how to channel it and possess it.

"Aaah…! Me...Megatron! Hnn!"

A blue hand scratched the metal of the berth just near his hips. His free hand abandoned the undulating waist to cover the clenched fist, forcing him to open it. His fingers intertwined with the blue ones, plugging the silver sentient to the throbbing energy flow he was generating. His own energy readout washed over him, and he began to feel the pleasure on the same frequency that made Starscream go into a violent overload. Megatron's head fell back, while a new wave of energy submerged the Seeker like a tsunami on seashore. Starscream couldn't even scream as the overload powered down most of his systems. Megatron collapsed on top of him, overcome by the same strong power overcharge.

They lay there, silent, frames trembling. Megatron listened distractedly to the erratic humming of the jet's engine, slowly decreasing and then coming back to its normal buzzing. When he regained some control of his motor functions, he let his nose trail softly against the Seeker's jaw line, then his lips and cheeks. He kissed Starscream gently, savoring the abandon of the half conscious Seeker. He smiled when the blackened optics flared a bright but confused red. Starscream's expression was so sweet after an overload. So vulnerable. So submissive...


Still panting, Starscream kissed the first piece of cool metal his lips could catch. 'Hmm… Megatron's neck…'

"You want me… out… that quickly?" he breathed.

Megatron brushed the tip of his nose against his cheek, smile radiating.

"No… I just want you… "

Three levels higher in the base, in the Command room, the emotional atmosphere was less amorous for the three mechs who were working on a battle plan.

"We're wasting our time!" shrieked Skywarp, throwing away the data pad he had been working on for hours. "This battle simulation also shows us beaten by the Autobots, with 60-loss within on our ranks!"

"Yeah…! He's right Soundwave! There is no good way to formulate or plan this battle… We've been conducting simulations for hours now, placing our forces at different points toward the Autobot convoy… They all give the same result; our defeat, and for a fraction of us, death!" sighed Thundercracker, abandoning his pad on the surface of the table.

Soundwave seemed to ignore the despair of his two coworkers, still buried deep in the on-going battle simulation.

"Remember… We still have 124 battle simulations to perform…" he finally said on his robotic tone, "If no positive solution appears, Starscream will remain our last hope…"

"You think he can convince Megatron to postpone tomorrow's raid?" asked Thundercracker nervously.

Soundwave nodded slightly.

"Of course, he can…"

"Of course not, he won't! He's just Megatron's little bitch now! He won't dare tell him anything – he's too afraid he would loose the key to his quarters and his berth!" exploded Skywarp.

"Hey, Warp… Shut up!" exclaimed Thundercracker, throwing him a glance meaning: 'We agreed we'd say nothing about the two! Remember? Secret for our survival!'

"Oh! Please TC! Don't be so naïve! Everybody on this base knows that our Supreme Commander bangs his Air Commander every night on Earth, and that Starscream likes it so much that he's decided to sink into total subservience!" caustically informed Skywarp, throwing his arms up in the air.

"Hey! Warp!" protested the blue jet.

"Come on, TC! Even Soundwave knows their amorous exploits!"

Thundercracker eyed the Communications officer and grimaced when he saw him purposely avoiding his questioning gaze.


"Of course he knows, stupid! He can read minds! Look… I don't care about what they do in private, Warp! This is their private life! I don't want to know if they do it every night, if Megatron unchains Starscream… Or whatever!" growled Thundercracker.

"Hmm, well… Sometimes… " Whistled the purple jet, grinning suggestively.

"What?! How do you know that?!"

Skywarp scratched a panel with the tip of his foot.

"Warp! I asked you a question!" rasped Thundercracker, glaring at his wing mate.

"Well, sometimes when I'm over-energized, I can't control my warping abilities very well… And it just so happens that I've crashed a few times right inside Megatron's quarters when they were violating each other. Not my fault! The coordinates are almost the same… Well, at that time, I mean!" he justified, an obsequious grin on his face, "Man! They give a new definition to energy sharing and spark merging!"

Thundercracker stood in front of the purple Seeker, hands on hips, looking exactly like a schoolteacher ready to punish a recalcitrant pupil.

"You know what you are, Decepticon Elite Seeker Skywarp?" he snorted, "A disgusting… perverted… voyeur!"

The flyer lowered his head ashamedly at each new adjective, until he heard the noise of Soundwave's chest panel opening, and the footstep of small feet pounding on the table. This brought a welcome distraction. Out without the approval of their master, Rumble and Frenzy trotted along on the tabletop.

"Hey! Tell us more! I wanna know what they do in the dark!" claimed Frenzy.

"Yeah! Give us some nasty details, so that I can publicly humiliate Starscream next time!" groaned Rumble, arms crossed on his chest, "Nobody confuses Rumble with a soccer ball!"

Megatron's quarters...

His hands delicately brushed equipment and circuits within the amber cockpit, and he could not suppress a smile at the tremor of the engine it caused. He then grasped the glass protection and absorbed himself into the task of completely removing it without hurting his lover. No real fantasy behind this; the fragile shell could be shattered at any passionate embrace, and anyway, the treasure he wanted so much to reach was there, beneath… Slender hands slid around his waist and wandered over his rib plating, causing him to whimper slightly and detach the F-15's cockpit a little brusquely. The jet Transformer beneath him arched with a mix of pain and excitement.

Megatron leaned over him and brushed his lips along the jaw line offered to his hunger.

"I have already told you, Starscream… You shouldn't distract me in such a moment… "

The Seeker emitted an amused laugh and kissed Megatron's lips in return.

"Do you think… I really… mind… pain?" he replied, repeatedly assaulting the smirking lip component of the Decepticon leader.

"No, but I do know on which frequency I want you to call my name…"

The Seeker chuckled softly in Megatron's audios, and then moaned when his hands ventured again within the cockpit, in the quest of the latch that would free the flyer's disturbing internal equipments. Unable to find it - again! - Megatron tried to shift his head to have a better view, but the tip of his nose scratched the edge of Starscream's shoulder vents.

"Why must F-15 Transformers have shoulder vents and those annoying heaps of useless equipment in their cockpit?" he sighed, slightly unnerved.

New chuckle.

"Because F-15 Transformers are creatures of the sky (moan) that needs to power their reactors with energy… (moan)… You know, that enables me to scare Autobots to death (deep moan)... without falling… hmm…"

New chuckle finishing in a moan. Megatron credited it to his new attempt to find the right component, but not finding it. 'Damn latch!' he cursed. 'Well at least, the whimper was…' New pinch to check the reaction. New whimper. 'Interesting… I should pay more attention to this spot in the future.'

"Hmm…. And they have seats, flying equipments… (deep moan)… Because squishy pilots have to sit there… Aargh!"

Megatron's fingers squeezed a little too tightly on those wires, making his head jerk up, optics flashing in a sudden anger.

"Anybody who accesses your cockpit will die… Let's be clear about that!" he spat, "I'll squash them with my bear hands!"

A passionate kiss, and the feeling of slender fingers running delicately along his back canon brought him back to a better mood.

"Possessive and jealous, are we, Megatron?" chuckled the Seeker, kissing his Commander's chin.

"I don't share my bond mate with anything or anyone!" growled the silver warlord, brushing the edge of a wing, sending Starscream's body crashing against him with an ardent "Aaaah!" The way he shifted his body enabled Megatron to spot the latch, which he hurriedly activated. To his relief, the equipment came out of Starscream's cockpit cavity, and he pulled them out delicately, his optics trying to find the spark box. He sighed with satisfaction when he saw the life sphere of his lover, the colors already beginning to change into more vivid shades.

"So beautiful…"

Megatron ground the Seeker under his weight, lips tightly connected to the dark grey mouth, his hungry glossa eagerly exploring the inside, although repeated incursions had given him fair knowledge of his Seeker's machinery. Starscream shuddered and gave into the tight embrace and the heated communion, leaving ample opportunity for Megatron to pull a wire from his own chest, and connect it to a hidden port within the offered circuit board. The flyer moaned in Megatron's mouth and writhed within his grasp, making his energon reach a dangerous pressure. Significantly aroused, Megatron decided to push the Seeker's desire to its peak and reached for a wing with his hand. Gently stroking the smooth surface, he did his best not to fumble trying to make the second connection. Once again Starscream shivered and snaked his arms around Megatron's shoulders, pulling him close while his thighs brushed his hips suggestively.

"Hmm!" moaned the silver warlord, "I have the feeling that contemplating tomorrow's raid against the Autobots put you in a very…interesting… state of mind." Swiftly, he connected another cable to a port in Starscream cockpit cavity. "… and body," he concluded, nipping the obsidian neck.

He felt the flyer's frame tense up against him. The feeling was disturbing, too contrasted with the reactions their intimate contacts have generated during the last minutes. Slowly, he raised his head off the sensitive surface, and angled his face so that his optics peered directly at Starscream's ruby visual components. The only thing he saw was concern.

"What's wrong?" Megatron asked, disturbed and slightly annoyed by the clouds that polluted this blissful moment.

"I… I think we should change our strategy for tomorrow's attack… If not postpone it…"


Starscream felt like shrinking under the gaze of Megatron, just as he used to do when the Tyrant confronted him after a coup or a nasty remark. Since he had "settled his differences" with his Commander, he had not shown any sign of rebellion or contradiction. Well aware of how Megatron would reward him for his "obedience," he had done his best to be constantly at his side, ready to fulfill all his desires, needs… anything! All the other Decepticons – except Skywarp and Thundercracker – had asked him what in Primus was going on; how the treacherous little bastard had transformed into the perfect servant and first rate supporter of Megatron. Rumble had even invented his own theory, stating that Starscream had contracted a deadly virus which was leading to the degeneracy of his processor, and that he would be deactivated soon (it was this occasion in which the Seeker kicked the cassette away like a soccer ball.) He knew that this new relationship with his Commander meant an implied loss of a part of his personality in order to accommodate some of Megatron's "standards." He sometimes regretted his decision, but the simple remembrance of how alone he used to feel before was enough to comfort him; he had made the right choice. Over the past month, he had almost never returned to his quarters; he had spent all his recharge time comfortably curled in the Decepticon leader's arms, loved and satisfied, away and safe from all uncertainties or turmoil which had always plagued his life… Everything had turned out so well!

Until this early morning. The plan put forth by Megatron seemed extremely hazardous; the Supreme Commander completely disregarded the geography of the battlefield, and of course, the remarks of his warriors. Starscream had to admit that this time only pertinent comments had opposed Megatron. Even Thrust had been able to argue intelligently about the risks incurred by the aerial team. Starscream had tried to say something when he had felt a brush on his wing tip and an energy field matching his own on a secret sweet frequency. Burning red optics had set on his, while Megatron had sternly stated that he would suffer no contradiction. And there had been none. Starscream had planed to say nothing, remaining true to his new behavior, until Soundwave stopped him when leaving the room. The communications officer was well aware of the flaws in the plan, and wanted Starscream to expose it to their leader… to prevent a massacre among the Decepticons' ranks. How could have he refuse?

But now… Oh! Primus! The piercing gaze of Megatron was paralyzing him, and he regretted his words as soon as the silver lips curled into a freaking smile.

"I believed we had agreed on the terms of our bond, Starscream! You stop bugging me with your rebuffs or opposition, you're obedient to me, and in exchange, I bring you all the attention such devoted behavior deserves," stated the Decepticon leader, his voice echoing a little angry.

"I know… That's just…" stuttered the Seeker.

"Haven't I rewarded you more than fairly for your exceptional obedience, Starscream?" purred Megatron, a little bitter, "Or maybe you don't wish my attentions anymore…?"


Megatron saw the panic spread throughout Starscream's entire being, just like it used to during their past squabbles… At that time he used to enjoy the fear that he inspired in his Second in Command, but now in this new context, it was disturbing, if not hurting. And he was not in the mood to be denied – just on the eve of a battle! – by the being he "expected" so much of, starting with the warm comfort of his spark.

"Starscream, I'm waiting for your answer!" he asked again, feeling his mood turn darker and darker.

The Seeker beneath him shook his head in pure fear, and then rose slowly, tightening his grasp on Megatron's shoulder and neck, claiming his mouth in a panicked urgency.

"No! No! I never said that! Never! Never leave me!" panted the Seeker. "Don't leave me alone!"

Megatron smiled inwardly, but waited some time before returning the kiss with the same amount of eagerness. His connection to Starscream's main processor let him glimpse the general anxiety overwhelming the Seeker's thoughts and spark. 'He still lacks trust in me…' he thought, 'I must find a way to change this!'

Leaving the lips of the flyer, his lip component traveled down his throat and established firmly there, while his hands set on the wings, searching the most sensitive nodes, soon teasing them with skillful electricity impulses. Stroke after stroke, as Starscream wriggled more and more powerfully against Megatron's frame, as the dark thoughts cleared a little in his processor, the so sweet and awaited melody echoed in Megatron's audios. His name, called, no, chanted on different tones of passion and submission, told him that their "journey" was just about to start. When he was sure the Seeker could not sustain more of his ministrations, he shifted slightly in order to have a look at Starscream's chest. The expected sight of the spark, twirling on itself in a perfect gradation of red and purple brought him a curious feeling of relief, if not peace. He rejected the concept immediately, judging it totally out of his character. Shifting again, he took care that his spark pressed firmly against Starscream's life sphere, shivering at the ecstatic contact. Beneath him, Starscream was trembling even harder in ecstasy, optics flickering with overload.

"Do you really think I... would put myself... at risk of... losing you?" whispered Megatron, kissing him lightly.


Lines and lines of data in Cybertronian streamed before their optics, so quickly and densely that they couldn't follow them. Then symbols merged into colors, sounds and sensations... And they let themselves drown into their flow.

To be continued…