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To what subservience leads - Chapter 7: Concessions

Ratchet couldn't help but shutting off his optics for a few seconds to allow the lenses to cool down a little. The reflection of the ascending sun on the sand of this desert was toasting the surface of his visual components.

"A stupid… hopeless… optimistic… and gentle… Autobot!" he sighed, "Yes, it's what I am! Who else could have believed that Megatron would change because of his feelings towards Starscream?"

New sigh. He reactivated his optics, flinching a little when the dazzling flash hit the glass of the sensitive components. When his sight returned to normal he scanned the surroundings and received a report of a deserted and dry area.

"I don't even know where Skywarp and Thundercracker have dropped me!" he mumbled. His gaze fell on the Energon cube he held in his right hand. "Well, at least Megatron didn't leave me without anything to survive… He has changed a little, but not enough."

He spotted a small hill on his left, which should be less than a kilometre from his current position. It was not that high, but maybe enough to hide his CPU from the burning lights of the sun. Firming his grip on the Energon cube, he decided to walk in that direction. Thirty minutes later, after two falls in the unstable sand and countless curses in Cybertronian, Ratchet could preserve a large part of his chassis from the burning lights of the sun, now at its zenith in the sky.

"Megatron said that Optimus Prime would be informed of my position," he said, trying to reassure himself. He sighed once again and lowered his head. "No, he certainly lied. Why would Megatron lose an opportunity to get rid of an Autobot?" Terrible images of his white and red chassis transformed into a perch for the vultures of the desert passed through his CPU. "No, no! I can't end like that!" he exclaimed, searching in his memory bank for a positive memory to hold onto.

He found one, and replayed it despite his reluctance.


Ratchet watched with surprise one of the three frequencies vanishing from the screen. Two points were left, flashing with a growing intensity.

"That's strange, I've never seen anything like that before!" he exclaimed, looking up at Soundwave. The Communications Officer exchanged the same puzzled look with him and was about to say something when his attention was distracted by a moan coming from the repair berth. The Autobot and the Decepticon turned their gaze in the direction of the silver Transformer who was slowly regaining conscious. Optics flickering and body trembling, the Decepticon leader set his face closer to Starscream's audio receptor, and pronounced three words that froze everybody on the spot. Ratchet himself had to grip the command board to keep his balance. Soundwave seemed to be suddenly deprived of energy and looked very much like a deactivated robot. Skywarp giggled nervously until Thundercracker slammed his helmet, and let out an "Ouch!" in protest.

Ignoring the surprise he created, Megatron kissed his Seeker on the lips, and then repeated the three words.

"I... love... you..." he whispered gently, pressing his lips against a cheek, while his index finger brushed the jaw line. "I can't live without you..." he added, his voice only a whisper.

Firmly hanging onto his console, Ratchet imitated the two Seekers and stood open-mouthed. On one side, Soundwave was still unmoving, his visor set on the incredible scene. Stupor hit the four Transformers yet again when Starscream's optics flickered to life; the Seeker tried to move, but low in energy, could only let out a shiver. Although Starscream's voice was too low to be heard by onlookers, when his lips shifted close to Megatron's audios, the lip movements were enough to let them catch the meaning behind the words. No doubts remained in anyone's mind when a smile radiated on Megatron's face, and that he fervently kissed the Seeker.

"Oh! Shoot me! I can't believe it!" whined Skywarp, sinking on his knees. On his other side, Thundercracker was too dumbstruck with surprise to respond with any kind of reproach at his wingmate's remark. Soundwave finally reclaimed his motor functions and threw a blank stare at the medic. Ratchet replied with a blissfully stupid smile lighting his face as if he had been told that the war was over.


"Megatron looked so sweet when he admitted his feelings towards Starscream! I really thought that it would open his spark to more kindness!" said Ratchet at the attention he'd gained of a unique audience: a little gecko. The lizard tilted his head to the left, stuck out its tongue and trotted to a gap between two rocks.

"Hum, well, I guess that even a gecko wouldn't have believed it!" Ratchet sighed bitterly. He allowed himself a mouthful of energon and then went back to observing the horizon line.

Minutes slowly ticked by until his audios caught a distant whirring of motors. He slowly rose to his feet, optics set on the horizon. After a few minutes he made out a thick cloud, moving in his direction.

"Primus! Can it be?!"

Ratchet dashed out the shadows of the hill and ran in the direction of the dust clouds. He stopped only when he faced the bumper of an impressive truck.

"Optimus! It's really you!" he exclaimed when the truck converted into the familiar red and blue Transformer. All the cars of the caravan changed into their robot modes, offering anxious faceplates to the optics of the ambulance vehicle.

"Ratchet! Where have you been all this time? Are you injured?!" exclaimed Optimus Prime, leaning over the smaller bot. He held his friend's shoulder in a tight grip and began to scan the medic frantically in search of wounds.

"I'm fine, Optimus! I'm fine!" protested Ratchet, pushing him back. "How did you know I was here?"

"Megatron sent us a message, giving us your position. Primus, what has he done to you? You were missing for an entire week, and the whole time he denied your abduction... or didn't even bother to reply to me."

Ratchet couldn't hide his joy any longer and replied with a wide smile. "That's a long and very surprising story, Prime. You might not believe it."

Decepticon Underwater Base, Command Room

Soundwave was the only one left in the Command Room, checking from time to time on the reunion between the Autobot medic and his comrades on two screens. When he was assured of the quality of the second transmission, he activated his COM' link.

"Lazerbeak. End of mission. Come back to base," he ordered in his monotone voice. The spy acknowledged his order with a howl and the right screen went black. Soundwave kept watching the functioning screen a few more minutes and then diverted his attention to the black screen. He placed his hand on the command board and plugged a cable which appeared at the tip of his index finger into a port. The screen came back to life, but with the title "Diary" written in Cybertronian language.

Soundwave looked at the surveillance monitor, and then around him. Once he was sure nobody was there, he allowed himself a long sigh of relief. The crisis was ended for now, and all the other Decepticons were away or busy in the base following Megatron's orders to clean it completely after several days of total carelessness. Rumble and Frenzy were in his quarters playing Earth video games, and Ravage was musing around the base. He had some time to spend for himself, and only himself. At last!

The message "Add a new entry?" appeared on the screen and Soundwave mentally replied in the affirmative. After few seconds of reflection, his thoughts were converted into blue glyphs which appeared one by one on the dark background.

"The crisis that had struck the Decepticon army is over... for now. One week ago I thought that Megatron's plan would have been the main threat to the existence of our faction, but I was wrong. I have always considered Megatron's inability to question his own decisions his main weakness, but I now understand the problem is far more complex. And unfortunately, it is still unresolved.

According to what Megatron had revealed to the Autobot medic and myself, his personality is the result of a taboo experiment, aimed at the transformation of an Autobot into a Decepticon. His distinctive traits have been twisted and reprogrammed as the perfect antithesis of the Autobots. He mentioned also that the past personalities, including the original Megatron, were backed-up on his CPU. After verification, the Autobot medic found the files and removed them from Megatron. They are now stored on the mainframe of the base, in a high security area. Ratchet said that they were still active, and might have mutated to a new form of "live program." On his advice we activated all the firewalls we have developed to lock them into their folders.

The Autobot medic has been set free. I disagree on this point with Megatron. I know that the medic is the centerpiece of his new plan to destroy the Autobots, but I think that keeping him at this base would have been more beneficial to the Decepticon army. If news about Megatron's origins bring trouble to the ranks of the Autobots, it will certainly be the same for the Decepticons. I don't question my loyalty to Megatron; I owe him my life. But will it the same for the other Decepticons? We should have kept Ratchet locked in this base, along with this secret. Besides, there are several problems he would have been able to work on.

Starting with... Megatron himself. Our leader was not supposed to feel any "sweet" feelings, and certainly not falling in love with another Transformer. Ratchet made the hypothesis that at least one of Megatron's previous personalities had fallen in love with another sentient creature, and that all his feelings and emotions had been backed-up within his spark.

Many concerns remain toward Megatron and Starscream. For sure, their continued good relations can bring stability to the Decepticon army, but their possible disagreement can also lead to its doom. Megatron reacted violently toward Starscream's rejection, and the more he gets emotionally attached to the Seeker the less he will accept another break-up with his lover. And Starscream is not the most emotionally balanced mech of Cybertron. The stumbling block will be their mutual adoration for power and domination. Will Megatron leave enough power to Starscream, and will the Seeker be satisfied with what is left to him?

Only the future can answer all those questions... In any case, I will keep a careful eye on Megatron and Starscream."

Soundwave paused and silently read what he had written thus far. An incoming signal from Megatron's quarters distracted him, and he picked up without delay.

"At your command, Megatron!" he stated.

"Have the Autobots found the medic?"

"Yes. They have just retrieved him. They are still in the desert, speaking with the CMO."

"Good. Do they suspect anything is wrong with him?"

"Negative, Megatron. They don't suspect that we're spying on them through the medic."

"Perfect. Can you put me through to the transmission? I'd like to see for myself!"

"At your command, Megatron."

Soundwave quickly initiated the transfer so that Megatron could make sure the first part of his plan was going as expected.

"Perfect! Excellent work, Soundwave!"

"Thank you, Lord Megatron!" replied the cassette deck.

"I think you should take a well deserved break, Soundwave. You can leave the Command Room; the Autobots are too busy with the repatriation of their medic to attack us."

"Thank you, Sir!"

Soundwave was sincere; the tension of the past days, and the concerns about the future of the Decepticons were actually starting to take a toll on him. He decided to follow the advice of his commander and get some rest. He registered the text he had written, making sure it was backed-up on his own CPU, and then engaged the automatic guard system. The Command Room sank into a dark blue light. Throwing a last glance around him to make sure everything was safe, Soundwave left the room.


Only a few minutes passed before the doors of the command room reopened on two small Transformers. Rumble and Frenzy stepped in, carefully checking around that nobody saw them. Firmly gripping their mini Energon cubes, they trotted along to the main console and worked their way up. Grinning at each other, they typed the access codes to enter the monitoring system of the base and without hesitation, selected the quarters of Megatron. The image of the Supreme Commander appeared on the screen, with the repair berth and its winged occupant in the background.

The two mini bots smirked conspicuously, then sat up and made themselves comfortable. They grabbed their energon cubes, their optics never leaving the screen.

Megatron's quarters

"Can you imagine, Optimus! Megatron is able to feel love toward somebody. That means he might be able to open his spark to other feelings..."

Megatron choked back a laugh when he saw the faceplate of Optimus Prime, looking with disbelief at his CMO, and by the same way, right at his optics.

"... Such as compassion. We should take the opportunity to propose a truce, or why not, peace and reconciliation between Decepticons and Autobots!"

The silver tyrant couldn't help but giggling.

"It's really hard to believe!" objected Optimus Prime.

"Oh! I agree with you!" mocked Megatron.

"Optimus! Have you been listened to me? Megatron is in love when he is not supposed to be able to have this emotion! That means he might be able to understand concepts such as... universal peace!"

"Mwaaah!" This time Megatron burst into his typical insane laughter, and then switched off the transmission. "Enough of those pathetic Autobots! They really are hopeless!" he snorted, "Because I have feelings for another Transformer...". Megatron paused, his gaze trailing over the form lying on his berth behind him. "They believe that I'm going to become a pathetic peace lover? Abandon my dreams of domination? And give up with the destruction of the Autobots?! Well, let them dream... They shall see the reward of such thinking when the time comes!"

He was tempted to switch on the transmission, to gloat again at those stupid Autobots babbling about an improbable peace, but he had now something else in mind. Indeed, he had been waiting for this special moment for more than 38 hours, since Starscream had come back to consciousness. The base was back to normal and the voices were gone once and for all. He could allow himself some intimacy with his "sweet heart."

He walked silently to the berth, his gaze not leaving the form of the sleeping Seeker. Starscream had folded his wings back and was lying on his flank, his head rested on his wrists. His natural grace was marred by the cables protruding from his gaping chest which were linked to the medical machine set on the side of the berth. Megatron squashed some regret at this detail, and carefully lay down beside his lover. He gently kissed his forehead and smiled when the optics flickered to life.

"Hello, sleeping beauty," he whispered, gathering the Seeker within his arms, taking care not to pull on the cables.

The Seeker sighed in contentment, and stirred a little. "What took you so long?!"

"Some business to attend... and plans to make..."

"If I was the leader, I would do it quicker... and wouldn't leave my lover alone so long a time," purred Starscream, adjusting his position more comfortably within the Decepticon's embrace.

Megatron was about to reply with his usual "you will never become the leader of the Decepticons!", but he bit his tongue and said instead "And how does my young presumptuous Seeker feel?" he asked, kissing the dark lips.

"Like a Transformer who spent his whole day in recharge," replied Starscream, returning the affection of the older mech. One of his hands traveled to Megatron's side, stroking and teasing the red rib panels. "Bored... and in desperate need of distraction," he added, smirking suggestively.

"I can fix that..." whispered Megatron, nibbling on the cheeks of his lover.

"Oh, you're welcome to," moaned Starscream, guiding the hungry lips down to his weak spot. He tilted his head back to give better access to his throat, and gave a little cry when Megatron caressed the jutting cables with his glossa. He whimpered when expert fingers delicately brushed the edge of his chest cavity, eliciting delicious waves of electricity. The Seeker clung to the shoulders of his lover, softly moaning his name. Encouraged by the reaction, Megatron brushed a little harder on the exposed circuits, and froze when Starscream squealed in pain.

"Aah! It... hurts!"

The Seeker buried his face in Megatron's chest, and couldn't bite back a sob. The Decepticon leader tightened his grip around Starscream's back, and cursed himself inwardly. 'Slag, you idiot! You've hurt him so badly that he even can't enjoy your attention!'

"Shhhh! Take it easy, Starscream," he whispered in the audios of the trembling Seeker, "Everything gonna be alright," he added, almost surprised by his own behavior. He usually hated any sign of weakness and a soldier showing weakness was sure to suffer his wrath. But far from disgusting him, the sensation of having Starscream trembling in his arms in desperate needs of comfort and protection, awoke in him a strange desire to stay there, cuddling and cherishing his lover. 'Primus, the little fool has really gotten to me!'

"What's happening... to me...?" asked Starscream between two sobs.

"The Autobot medic told me that you should avoid any physical activity for forty days, so that your spark can regain its strength. It looks as if... love games are also on the black list!"


Megatron kissed Starscream's forehead and continued to caress his back, waiting for the spasms to stop. After a few minutes the pain seemed to decrease and Starscream calmed down, falling into a kind of lethargy. However the Decepticon leader didn't let go of the smaller Transformer, instead he used the action to hide his own darkening mood which had blossomed once he realized he would be forced to practice abstinence for longer than he liked. Now the newfound philosophy "hurting Starscream is bad!" was starting to look like a death sentence for his sex life. Having a sex kitten in his berth without the possibility of enjoying his charms was a cruel punishment indeed. Of course he could take him by force and ignore his cries of pain... except that the concept was almost revolting to him.

"Do you feel better now?" he whispered, gently shaking the sleepy flyer.

Starscream sighed and looked up. "So... if we can't do that I guess talking is the only thing left."

"You should rest. Get some more recharge..."

"I had enough recharge!" replied Starscream, slightly unnerved. "Tell me about the raid for the weapon of the Autobots... Did you get it?"

"After careful consideration, I decided that we didn't need the weapon anymore," Megatron replied elusively.

"Hmm, I see," said the Seeker, smiling with malice, "And what happened to your quarters... I almost didn't recognize them."

"Ah, yes! My quarters…" Megatron trailed off as he contemplated an excuse. There was no way he could admit that he had trashed his quarters in total despair after their break-up. No, absolutely not. His pride wouldn't allow him to admit it. "The Constructicons had nothing to do. I asked them to modernize my quarters. I had always hated the design anyway," he finally replied with an unconvincing assurance.

"Since when have you been interested in... design?" chuckled the Seeker.


"And the berth? It's large enough for two Transformers..."

"I knew I'd have to share it with you sometime... Your wings take up so much space," sighed Megatron, pretending to be bored. The Seeker should have seen through the thinly veiled sarcasm but instead he laughed and kissed him on the lips.

"You really care about me, don't you?"

Megatron felt as if he was hanging onto his pride by one claw, while dangling on the edge of a cliff. He wanted to admit his feelings, while still keeping the upper hand and retaining his dignity. "What makes you think that!" he exclaimed with fake indignation, "I traveled to your CPU, put my life at risk for your pretty face, permanently tarnished my image of a cruel tyrant by telling you what you wanted to hear, and I'm here, cuddling with you, while I should just abuse your perfect but broken body without care of your health. And you ask me if I care about you! No. I don't. You're an idiot, Starscream!"

The insult was received and responded to quite differently than in the past; Starscream smiled and kissed Megatron again.

"Really, you care that much? Then tell me why you stayed away from me for so long! What was so terribly important at your desk?"

"Checking the details of my master plan to lead the Autobots to their doom. They will never get over it!" proudly declared the Decepticon leader.

"You're going to give the final killing blow to the Autobots without me!" exclaimed the Seeker, suddenly alarmed. This reaction amused Megatron, and he couldn't help but laugh.

"I have to say the thought crossed my mind, but it also occurred to me that you would certainly throw a tantrum," chuckled Megatron, tracing Starscream's jaw line with a soft finger, "crack your vocalizer and, worst of all, blow my audio components."

"Megatron!" protested the Seeker, pouting.

"My plan will take at least two months to be ready. We have to check that our new but unwilling recruit is fully... cooperative with us."

"Our new recruit?"

Megatron smiled wickedly, and then whispered to Starscream: "Ratchet, the Autobot medic...". He smiled even wider when Starscream gave a little cry of surprise and blankly stared at him.

"What!? Are you kidding?!"

"I will explain this to you in detail when you are fit for battle, Starscream. Get some rest, heal, and I swear..." Megatron kissed Starscream's lips in the most sensual way, "I swear you will be leading the final raid against the Autobots. You will be my angel of destruction!" he purred, gently brushing his nose against Starscream's cheeks. To his relief, the Seeker relaxed and gently rested his head against his chest.


"Hmm... What?"

Starscream looked up and smiled. "Tell me again you love me!" he asked, his optics shining with desire.

Megatron reciprocated the smile, caressing his lover's lips. "No," he replied, chuckling when he saw disappointment appear on the features of the Seeker.

"And why not!?" growled Starscream.

"I won't tell you... because it would spoil all the meaning behind it. You see, the less you hear it, the more sense it will have for you when I say it. Aren't rare things the most valuable?"

The Decepticon leader withdrew his finger when Starscream tried to bite it.

"You old lunatic! If you really love me, why can't you tell me those three simple words! Damn it! Why can't you behave like all other lovers?" the Seeker shrieked. His protest ended with a cough and a new moan of pain.

"Shhhh! Calm down!" whispered Megatron, holding him tight, "And you know I'm not like "other lovers"... It's exactly why you chose me!"

Starscream coughed hard for a good minute, clinging tightly to Megatron when the pain was too sharp. The smile of the silver Transformer was soon replaced by concern, even when the coughs ebbed and Starscream's body stopped shivering.

"You should rest now, my little fool."

"No! If you don't want to tell me you love me, at least, you will swear something else!" retorted the Seeker.

"What is it?"

"I want you to swear that you will never let another Transformer handle you in gun mode! Nobody else... but me!"

Megatron gulped in surprise. He knew that Starscream was the jealous type, but had never thought that it would lead to such request. "Possessive, are we, Starscream?" he chuckled, looking down at his hunter. The Seeker threw him a volcanic glare.

"Why not? You're my bond mate, and I don't want anybody else pulling your trigger!" hissed the flyer. He brushed a hand over the crotch of the Decepticon leader, who whimpered under the daring touch. "After all, only your hands are allowed in my cockpit. You have to make concessions too!"

"That's unacceptable, Starscream," groaned Megatron. "I have to transform in a split second during battle, and I need a shooter, whoever it is!"

"Then don't transform into gun mode while I'm not by your side!"

The tension building in Starscream's body led him into a new wave of painful coughs, but this time the Seeker didn't accept the comforting embrace of Megatron and tried to break free. Surprised and somewhat pained by this outburst, Megatron released his grip and waited for the coughing fit to stop. He tried to reach the Seeker's cheek with a hand, but Starscream pushed him back with an offended glare. The flyer managed to pull away from Megatron, retreating to the edge of the berth. Megatron sighed and stared at the Seeker, who finally buried his head within his arms.

Minutes ticked by in the quarters, silent as the grave. Megatron couldn't take his optics off the Seeker's form, and at the same time felt conflicted between wanting to beat the impudent Seeker and take him in his arms again. 'I hate making concessions!' he growled to himself, 'I don't know which of my predecessors loved another Transformer, but I wonder if his chosen one was that capricious, jealous, irritable, aggravating and... Ah, Primus! So lovable!'. A few additional minutes of total silence were enough to convince him it was time to learn to back off. He was used to the cries and insults of Starscream, not his silence that plunged him into a terrible feeling of loneliness.

"Alright, you are the only one who will use me in gun mode... " he said with the tone of capitulation.

"Nobody else will touch you?" asked the flyer, raising his head to look at Megatron.

"No, nobody. Satisfied?"

A delicious smile replaced the sensual pout on Starscream's face. "What are you waiting for? Don't you want to hold me in your arms?" moaned the Seeker. Megatron didn't wait the end of the sentence to seize Starscream and bring him back to the warm comfort of his arms.

"Little bitch!" he growled, searching the dark lips for an urgent kiss.

"Your little bitch!" giggled Starscream, parting his lips in a delicious invite, and shutting them when Megatron kissed him. He smirked when the silver leader groaned in protest and withdrew, staring at him with anger. "Tell me you love me..." the Seeker purred.

Megatron's optics flashed with irritation: Starscream might be totally gorgeous with his optics sparkling with malice and his innocent expression, but he still needed lessons regarding seduction, and above all, to learn when to stop.

"No!" he firmly replied.

Then it was Starscream's turn to flash his optics in annoyance at his lover. "You... old... stubborn... luna..."

"I won't tell you that before I'm assured I can violate the annoying Seeker I have come by... at least three times a day... without breaking him!"

"Bastard! Me, an annoying Seeker!?" Starscream yelled, and then suddenly stopped, blankly staring at Megatron as the last part of the sentence made more sense in his CPU. "Three times... a day?" he asked with a trembling voice.

"At least. Everybody in this base knows about our relationship... We won't have to wait for the night, pretending late meetings," added Megatron, taking advantage of Starscream's stuttering to kiss his face, and made his way down to his lips, "Besides... I'm still in the prime of my life..."

"De... Deal!" stuttered Starscream, making no protest when Megatron claimed his mouth for a passionate kiss. Megatron wrapped his arm around the Seeker, and pulled him close. His hands roamed down the hips and thighs of the flyer, but soon decided not to push any further with those enticing caresses. Starscream might be in a seductive mood, but was certainly not in a state to handle his fire.

"Enough for today, you little turn on. You have to rest now!" he said, reluctantly pulling away. "That's an order!"

"At your command, my love!"

Starscream, looking serene once more, kissed him again and then buried his face on the neck of the silver mech. Megatron growled with satisfaction, and set his head against the dark helmet, right between the tips of the shoulder vents. He cursed inwardly the two prominent appendages, but not too long. A wonderful feeling of well-being seized him while he felt his Seeker sinking into a peaceful recharge against him. He couldn't help but gently kiss the dark forehead.

'Primus, he really loves me!' thought Megatron, assuring his male ego that the battle was finished and the victory worth it. He couldn't suppress a bright smile at the idea that he had finally won the love of the one he had always fantasized about.

"Of course I won..."


Recharge was slowly drowning Starscream into a sweet darkness, but couldn't stop him thinking about his current situation. 'Well... As expected, he refused to tell me that he loved me, but accepted my restrictions about his gun mode,' he reflected. He kissed gently the cool metal close to his face, and smiled when he heard the tremors of Megatron's fuel pomp. 'I give him one week before he gives me declarations of love whenever I want!'. The Seeker adjusted his position against the older robot, and slid his arms on the powerful back, loving the whimper it caused.

'Hmm, I won!'

Back to the Command room...

The faces of Rumble and Frenzy were so longer exhibiting excitement, merely disappointment.

"That's it? They're only cuddling!" exclaimed Frenzy, swallowing the last of his energon in one gulp.

"Yeah, that was well set for a hot night, but... the sexual tension sizzled out."

"Is it romance that I see between the two?" exclaimed Frenzy, who grabbed the energon cube away from his twin's hand. "Love, kisses, cuddling, the whole recipe for romance at work..."

"Hey!" growled the purple mini bot, grimacing when his red sibling gave him back an empty cube.

"Can you imagine such nonsense!" groaned Frenzy, "For me, Starscream plus Megatron equals a sadomasochist relationship. Hard sex, and even rape! Megatron attacking Starscream and making him cry his name in both pleasure and pain! Starscream left on the floor, deprived of energy after Megatron screwed him!" he added, standing up to kick away his own cube. "But not a couple romantically cuddling!? AAHHH!"

"Calm down Frenzy! It's not the end of the world, is it? There is no reason to work yourself into such...". The word trailed on Rumble's lips when the red bot glared at him. "Into such a frenzy... Okay, bad joke!" he admitted.

"But what is the world coming to if Megatron and Starscream really are in love?"

"Calm down! Why not going to Skywarp's quarters and watch a movie? "Terminator 3" for example. You said that you found "T-X" hot after she roasted on the crash of the helicopter!"

A new glare from Frenzy warned Rumble that his joke had failed again.

"Okay... I make bad jokes, and I'm going to watch the movie by myself," sighed Rumble, jumping out of the console. Frenzy didn't watch his twin leave the Command Room, instead checking the monitors to see if the two mech's had finally decided to do something sexy. To his disappointment, Starscream and Megatron seemed to have fallen in a deep recharge.

"Slag! That's so annoying!" he muttered, kicking the console. "Megatron, Starscream and what? Romance?"

"Will you stop damaging this computer, you awful little voyeur!" groaned a voice very much alike Megatron's vocal frequency.

Frenzy stepped back in surprise, scanning his surroundings in search of the familiar form. He glanced at the screen, where the shape of Megatron was still cuddled with his lover.

"Who... Who's there?" he called out in a panic.

He heard a low growl coming from the monitor, and his knees buckled. He couldn't bite back a frightened cry when a holographic image appeared in front of him, looking very much like his Supreme Commander.

"Somebody who is going to kick your aft and scrap you into pieces if you don't leave this place, RIGHT NOW!"

Frenzy stepped back again, until he felt nothing under his feet. His cry was muffled by the metallic thump he made when he crashed on the floor.

"Rumble!" he shrieked, jumping to his feet, "Wait for me! There's a ghost in the computer!"


The holographic creature materialized again when it was sure the small robot was far away from the room.

"I see that you courage is proportional to your size: small! Mwaaaah!"

"M3, that was really not wise!" complained a voice, very similar to his own vocal pattern.

"Why!?" replied M3, looking at the other hologram that had appeared on his side. Like him, only the upper body of the gladiator was visible.

"Because Megatron mustn't know we have already set ourselves free!" answered a third voice, "He must think that we are still locked on the mainframe computer. And above all, he must believe we are nothing else than personality programs, and not the evolved beings we have become!"

"But, M1... I don't see how this little jerk could jeopardize our existence. He's just a microbe! I can scare him to death, or even kill him whenever I want!"

"You won't kill anybody unless I tell you to do so!" retorted M1, glaring daggers at him. "We might be free, but we are nothing more than incorporeal electronic creatures. We won't unveil ourselves before we can come up with a real strategy to get rid of Megatron and his little whore, and then take our rightful place at the head of the Decepticons. Until then, I want total discretion!"

"Yes, I understand," replied M3 through clenched teeth.

"Good! Now come with us... We must become familiar with this base, and know it down to its smallest integrated circuit!"

M1 and M2 nodded to each other, while their images distorted and finally vanished into a spray of Cybertronian glyphs. M3 was about to follow them when his gaze fell on the screen and the forms of the two sleeping Transformers.

"Sleep well, M4. And hold him tight. Because that won't last forever!" he chuckled, and then vanished in the same manner as his siblings. The screen flickered, and the image disappeared, replaced by Cybertronian glyphs forming a threatening warning:

"We will be back!"

The screen went black, and the command room returned to the same silence and obscurity that reigned on the quiet Decepticon base.

Fin (The end)

Well... yes, you read correctly: there will be a sequel to this fiction. I was not planning to add another fic to this pairing, but the audience of 'In what obedience...' and 'To where subservience...' convinced me I could dive further into this Megatron/Starscream universe. I can't promise a deadline for the upload of the next fic but I will be brainstorming to finalize a plot within the coming months.

Meanwhile, I plan to work on my other Megatron/Starscream fics, so be on the lookout for an annex to 'Hunted Species' and new chapters. Don't miss them!