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Chapter 17

Eva looked over at Aikka, who was still sleeping. She had another nightmare, so she snuck to his room and in his bed, and slept on.

She had woken up early, don't ask why. She just did. Maybe a habit she got from home, when she always had to wake early.

She thought the conversation from yesterday over again. About Jordan becoming king…it made sense. And her heart seemed to jump at the idea of them leaving to Nourasia. There was still enough money left.

But then again… she wouldn't see her father again. She'd have to leave this week, because the guards were pretty close.

Aikka however insisted on the idea of going to the palace first, so she could say goodbye. Eva brought in that she wouldn't be allowed to go then anymore, so he quickly shut up and agreed with her.

She touched his cheek. He was so sweet… always taking care of her. She smiled and nuzzled closer to him. She wondered how Stan would take it.

"I… guess I could've seen that coming." Stan said, rubbing his head. Eva fiddled nervously and Aikka just smirked at her nervous behaviour.

"But you're so young!" He exclaimed. "And you're just throwing another life away! You should take time to think about that Eva. Don't do anything in a rush."

Eva huffed. "I have thought it over. A lot. And I shouldn't wait much longer, the guards are bound to find out I'm here."

He nodded. "Point." Suddenly he looked over at Aikka. "You sure you aren't going to try anything? I'm only a planet away…"

Eva chuckled nervously. Aikka shook his head quickly and blushed lightly. "Of course not, who do you take me for?" He murmured.

Eva took his hand and smiled at Stan. "How long?" He asked. She thought for a moment. "In 2 days."

They finished their little chat with Stan and sat on the couch. Stan went over to his store again to help the new customers. Eva smiled.

She talked to Jordan about it, and after some puppy-eyes and looooong pleading he said he'd see what he can do.

Eva leaned on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She hated the fact she would have to leave before telling her dad goodbye. Or that she can't be telling her mom at her grave about the whole situation. Maybe when she was all settled down, had kids and all that, that she could go back.

She smiled even brighter when she thought about kids. Oh, she was getting old way to fast. Thinking about stuff like that would sure freak her out the next day. Not to mention Aikka.

"What are you laughing about?" He suddenly asked. Eva mhm-ed and nuzzled closer to him. She really hoped this would work out…

"You're planning something." Eva accused Aikka when she recognized that glint in his eyes. He grinned. "Of course not. Now can you give my arm some room to breathe? I understand you think it's scary in the woods at night, but it really hurts…"

"No can do." She replied swiftly, tightening her grip. He raised his eyebrows. "Why not?"

Eva grinned at him mischievously. "My arms like your arm." It made him chuckle and try to tug his arm away.

She held on even tighter. "That's ridiculous." He eventually replied, giving in. Eva shrugged. "Tell that to them."

She was a bit nervous too, tomorrow they would leave for Nourasia. She wasn't that sure about it anymore... what if Don couldn't manage? Or maybe he got sick! Maybe he'll find her tomorrow before they went and stopped her from going...

And even though Jordan told them it was okay, he could handle it - they met yesterday - she wasn't too sure about that. From what she was taught and told, being a king/queen is a very difficult task.

Maybe they should postpone going to Nourasia a bit longer... no! Eva mentally slapped herself. She waited for this too long, she couldn't postpone it now! Eva sighs and balls one of her hands into a fist, furrowing her eyebrows.

Maybe Aikka'll think she doesn't want to anymore, she can't let that happen. After all the trouble he went through, she couldn't just blow it off like that because she is nervous.

Yup, tomorrow they were going to Nourasia.

He led her to a clearing and she sighed a bit annoyed – she was tired and wanted to go to bed! "Aikka… come on, I wanna sleep…" he just smiled at her before he faced her completely. Eva looked at him suspiciously as he kissed her hand.

"Eva…" He started, getting her attention and she raised her eyebrows confused. "Eva, I'm totally, completely in love with you." She smiled at him, a small blush on her face.

"I know we're young but I want to wake up every morning and see your face. I want to know that I'm the only one who'll ever be able to hold you—to kiss you. It's selfish but I want the world to know that you belong to me—to only me. I love you so much. I love you more than stars in that sky," he pointed up to the heavens, before kneeling on one knee before her, "Eva Wei, will you marry me?"

Eva held silent for a while, gaping at him. Marrying? It seemed to process through her mind a bit slow… and then she really comprehended it and saw him sitting there.

She gave him a – probably the most brightest and jaw-breaking – smile and leapt towards him, knocking him back on the ground, shouting 'yes' all over again. He grinned and hugged her tightly, before kissing her on her lips.

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