Sphinxes and Astrea Portas

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Summary: Searching for the Sangraal, SG-1 travels to a world from the Ancient database. Surprises abound and once more Daniel's perspective on world history is tipped on its head.

Timing: Stargate season 10 pre The Quest

Author's notes: Fic I've been wanting to do for some time now, cause no one else seems to have meshed these two universes together before.

Chapter 1

"So what exactly do we expect to find on this world?" Colonel Cameron Mitchell asked idly of Daniel Jackson as he once more found himself walking through an unexplored forest on a new world.

Daniel, bored, huffed as he explained yet again what they were doing on this world, idly thinking that sometimes it felt as if Jack had never left the SGC, "The address of this world wasn't on the cartouche on Abydos, this is one the addresses from when Jack first had the Ancients' Knowledge downloaded into his mind. And with the way things have been going against the Ori, General Landry and Jack thought that maybe this is one the worlds that Arthur went to when he and his knights were searching for the Sangraal…Do I need to add anything else?" he finished giving Cameron a pointed stare.

"No I think you explained that quite nicely," Vala added saucily.

Daniel just rolled his eyes as Carter shot him a commiserating look before they all continued walking towards their destination.

Cameron shot an amused glance a Carter who just shook her head at Cameron's needling of Daniel.

The team continued walking towards their destination, a large sprawling city with obvious Ancient Egyptian influences in the design that the UAV had picked up just a few klicks away from the gate.

After a few minutes more of travel time, they reached the city. As with all first contact situations, the team slowed down, as they walked into the city. As medieval cities went there wasn't anything that remarkable about it though as Daniel walked through the City gate he had noticed many strange winged fierce statues perched all along on the wall. They walked into the centre of the village without being stopped, people passing them by giving them welcoming smiles.

Cameron watched as yet another villager passed them by, this time an attractive young woman who batted her long black eyelashes at Cameron as she passed them.

In return, Cameron gave her toothy grin as she continued by before turning back to the others

Vala gave Cameron a coy look before remarking saucily with a smirk, "Well they're a friendly bunch aren't they?"

Teal'c merely raised an eyebrow, as Cater rolled his eyes at Cameron looked sheepish.

"Well, they appear much more trusting and accepting then I'd expect from such a city," Daniel remarked in curiosity

"This is all very nice but I'm bored can't we go somewhere more interesting?" Vala remarked.

Cameron ignored her and asked Daniel, "So what now?"

Daniel looked around them, carefully examining each building until he came to found what he was looking for. "I think there's a tavern over there, that should be a good place for us to start looking for the Sangraal."

"Greetings Travellers! Welcome to Stone Haven!" called out an enthusiastic female voice from behind them before they could start moving towards the tavern. They turned around to find a small group of people gathered around, at the head of the group was the speaker, a middle-aged black haired woman in blue robes. Her eyes shone with intelligence and good wishes.

Daniel stepped forward, "Hi, thank you. I'm Daniel Jackson."

The woman nodded once more in greeting, "I am Ayria, Leader of Stone Haven, and on behalf the humans of Stone Haven I welcome you." She paused a moment giving them a calculating look, "Though you are strangely dressed for Traders."

Daniel gave her an endearing smile, "Uh, we're not Traders, we're explorers from another world, Earth, we came through the stargate in search of something that may have been hidden on this world."

Ayria cocked her head at him in surprise, "Another world? What is this stargate?" she asked carefully pronouncing the strange word.

"Uh maybe you know it as the Chappa'ai?" Daniel quickly added.

Ayria shook her head.

"It's this big metal green circle that lets you travel to other worlds," Cameron cut in.

Ayria frowned for a moment before her eyes widened in recognition, "You mean the astrea porta?" she asked in surprise.

Daniel blinked and shared a pointed look with Cameron, "Yes…" Daniel said slowly.

Ayria's smile "Then this is truly a momentous and auspicious day, it was already the day of the Winter Solstice and now this…please accompany me to the castle, Myrrdin foretold that this day would come…we have much to discus."

"Myrrdin?!" Daniel exclaimed almost jumping up and down with excitement. To find a people that actually used Merlin's true Alteran name was incredible, even if they didn't know where the Sangraal was, there was probably so much else that they might know.

Cameron cut in, "Lead the way."


They were led to the centre of the city to a large castle. In the castle, Ayria led them to a large high vaulted hall. The hall had tables and chairs spread about in many groups some tables larger than others, ranging from small two chair tables to large dining tables capable of seating over a dozen at a time. All around the room men and women worked to prepare the tables for the coming Winter Solstice feast that Ayria had spoken of. It was almost like an esoteric restaurant from back on Earth, though the prominent windows on one side of the hall did seem to contradict what Daniel knew of ancient architecture. Why would someone need windows both large and wide enough to allow an 18-wheeler to pass through?

Ayria led them to prominent table in the middle of the room capable of seating them all together, there Ayria seated them and began the story of Stone Haven.

Several hours later, near sunset, Ayria finished her spectacular tale. She had had led them to a large castle at the centre of the city. In the castle they had been gathered in a large hall and given food and drink as she retold to them how long ago on an another world, Myrrdin had gathered many of the remaining Humans and Sphinxes of the city of Kemet to him and then lead them through the astrea porta to this world, to establish a new kingdom and allow Humans and Sphinxes to live peacefully side by side, and to escape the clutches of the false Ra. She also mentioned that Myrrdin had said that one day they would receive visitors through the astrea porta, though when Daniel asked for specifics she had regretfully said that she wasn't that versed on the ancient history of their world.

once Ayria was finished Teal'c asked, "The false Ra?"

"Yes, as Myrrdin explained to us the impostor was some sort of parasite capable of inhabiting and taking over a human body," Ayria stopped and frowned before continuing, "He came down upon the remaining inhabitants of Kemet with a vengeance besmirching the name of the true Ra," she said bitterly.

Daniel asked inquisitively, "This other Ra, he was benevolent?"

Ayria smiled sagely, "Oh yes, before his death, he turned Kemet into a paradise for the Three Races. For centuries the Gods, Sphinxes and humans lived side by side in harmony."

Daniel shared glances and Carter mouthed Three races to Daniel, confusion apparent on her face. He shared her confusion as well. Too many things sounded so similar and yet were drastically different from what eh knew and of course, what were these Sphinxes that she kept referring to?

Daniel turned his attention back to the Leader of Stone Haven, "Thank you Ayria, this has very insightful." He began.

Ayria gave him a calculating look, and retorted, "But this does not concern whatever you came here searching for, correct?"

Daniel ducked his head in humble acknowledgement of this and said, "No it doesn't, we came here seeking a creation of Myrrdon's, a small gem like object known as the Sangraal."

Ayria frowned before answering, "I'm sorry to disappoint you but I have never heard of this Sangraal…" she paused and pursed her lips and paused thoughtfully for a minute, "But do not despair, perhaps the great Lord Thoth or his protégé knows something of this gem you seek."

All of SG-1's ears perked up t the mention of the name Thoth. In Ancient Egypt, he had been the god of Knowledge and his Goa'uld version had been one of Anubis's scientists.

"Thoth?" asked Daniel in surprise, his eyes narrowed in suspicion, "Do you mean the ibis-headed god Thoth?"

"You know of the great god Thoth?" Ayria asked pleasantly surprised.

"Well we know of a Thoth, whether or not he's like yours is a whole different issue," Daniel responded, wonder quietly who this Thoth would turn out to be. Yet another Ascended Ancient that disobeyed the rules like that Chaya woman in the Pegasus galaxy? Or an alien like Tonane's animal spirits?

Ayria's nose wrinkled in disgust, "Another pretender…another parasite?" she asked not happy to hear this.

Daniel nodded unhappily.

"Uh, I don't suppose we can meet your Thoth now?" Cameron quickly asked, cutting in before Ayria could respond to Daniel.

"The Lord Thoth is currently not in Stone Haven but he will return later this night, though…his protégé is currently present," Ayria cast a glance out of the nearest window. Cameron followed her gaze but didn't see what she was glancing at, "You need only wait a few more moments till sunset and then I will send for her," she finished helpfully.

"Why do you have to wait for sunset?" Carter asked curious.

"Hypatia, Lord Thoth's protégé is a sphinx," Ayria simply said in response as if that explained everything.

The members of SG-1 looked amongst themselves in confusion, not understanding Ayria's response.

"So she's a sphinx? So what?" asked Vala in her usual insolent manner.

Daniel quickly cut her off and asked in a much more diplomatic manner, "Uh, what she means is what does sunset have to do with her being a sphinx?"

Ayria frowned at them, before comprehension dawned on her features, "Ah, you have never met a sphinx before have you?" She gave SG-1 a pitying look, "There are the noblest race I have ever encountered, it is a sorry thing indeed if you have never encountered their kind before."

Daniel shared a sceptical look with Carter and Cameron, while Teal'c merely raised a speculative eyebrow.

Outside, the sun finally set and SG-1 jumped out of their seats as the sound of many animistic roars assailed their ears. They clutched their weapons even as the roaring subsided as quickly as it had begun.

"What the hell was that?" demanded Cameron as he looked around for the source of the roaring in alarm.

Ayria stood up her arms arrayed in placating gestures, "Please friends be at ease, it only the Sphinxes awakening from their daily slumber. Forgive me for not warning you of what was going to happen, I realised too late that you would not know that this is how the Sphinxes awaken every night."

"This happens every night?" Carter asked in surprise.

"Yes, the Sphinxes roar as such every sunset as they awaken from their stone sleep," Ayria explained quickly. "Though now I can summon Hypatia, she can explain this much better than I and also answer your questions about the Sangraal," she quickly gestured to a passing woman who quickly came to Ayria's side. They exchanged quick words and gestured before the woman scurried off to fulfil what Ayria had asked of her.

"Hypatia will join us momentarily, please take you seats again, I assure you no one here means you any harm," Ayria said politely.

Silently but warily SG-1 sat again, they sat in silence and a few short minutes later Hypatia, Lord Thoth's protégé appeared.

"Ah there she is," Ayria said as she pointed behind SG-1.

There all turned as one and were shocked as they saw a large white object came sailing through one of the overlarge windows of the hall. As the object neared them the details resolved them to from large white winged being that took closed on SG-1's table and then flared its wings and landed gently in a crouch by their table.

The details of being, sphinx Daniel guessed, resolved themselves as it stood up to is full height. The being was a she with large white leathery wings that stood a couple of height higher than the creatures own head. Each wing had a small finger on the end, which when the creature caped her wings around herself, clasped one another. Daniel found himself looking into black eyes in a surprisingly human face. She had long curry blonde tresses that laid gently on her pale white shoulders. She was wearing a white top and short white skirt with a gold belt, and was showing off a bellybuttonless midriff.

These features were secondary to other completely non-human features that grabbed Daniel's attention more. Unlike a human the female had elbow and knee spurs along with what appeared to be a fully prehensile tail. Her feet were high arched and ended in three sharp talons with a fourth talon jutting out of her heel.

The female gave them an evaluative look before speaking, "Greetings, I am Hypatia, I believe you wanted to speak with me," the white sphinx said with a toothy smile, showing off her prominent fangs to the shocked members of SG-1.

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