Sphinxes and Astrea Portas

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Summary: Searching for the Sangraal, SG-1 travels to a world from the Ancient database. Surprises abound and once more Daniel's perspective on world history is tipped on its head.

Timing: After the ark of Truth before Carter goes to Pegasus to take command of Atlantis.

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Chapter 11

Doctor Lam walked up to General Landry and said in bewilderment.

"As far as I can tell she's one hundred percent human...and as healthy as a horse. My preliminary DNA analysis, shows no nonhuman DNA present, or any anomalies whatsoever. If i didn't know she was a sphinx and examined her before I'd assume she was human and that she'd always been one!" Lam declared in shock and disbelief. "I'd love to know how the hell Thoth did this, cause frankly this flies in the face of everything that I've ever known or seen!" She finished ranting.

Landry scowled, "I'm really starting to hate this job. Lord Thoth says she'll revert to sphinx at sunset."

"I'd love to monitor the change as it happens," Lam pronounced excitedly.

"We'll see." Landry eyed the now human Hypatia warily. Her bright blonde hair contrasting with her pale skin, the nurses had earlier provided her with SGC BDUs when she'd commented that she was cold. Apparently sphinxes could tolerate the cold better but she was human now, and adjustments had to be made. Dr Jackson was standing by her bedside talking animatedly with her no doubt as amazed by this turn of events as everyone else. Hypatia was talking just as animatedly.

Landry took a deep breath and approached the couple. He paused a second before speaking, how did one address someone that had suddenly changed species?

He was spared the mystery when Hypatia and Daniel noticed him standing there at a loss for words.

"General, I'm sorry for the disruption this is causing for you. I had no idea that my lord had done this to me," she pursed her lips for second before continuing, "he did cast a spell on me before we left Stone Haven but I had no idea it was this drastic. All he told me was that it was something to give me a chance at survival."

"Survival?" Asked Landry in confusion.

Hypatia frowned, "Ever since he decided to come here, I've felt as if there's a sword hanging over his head. Even after Xanatos's revelation about Lord Madoc, he still doubts that he will ever return to Stone Haven."

"I assure you we mean him no malice, he's our guest here and we will protect him, if needed." Landry assured her.

She gave him a small delicate fangless smile, and bowed her head, "I thank you general for these assurances, Daniel has already said as much before." She thanked him regally, her blue eyes shining with gratitude.

"If there's nothing else, I have some paperwork that needs my attention, maybe a little paperwork will give me a sense of normalcy.

Hypatia bit her lip before speaking again, "I did have one request sir, I wish to go to outside...I have never seen the sun and I wish to see it, if it is not an imposition." Her sapphire blue looking at him imploringly.

"I can go with her general , we don't need to go far and of course we'll stay on base." Daniel quickly added.

Landry sighed long sufferingly, never seen the sun? feeling annoyed, fine whatever you wish-within reason, Dr Jackson.

He nodded his head and walked away from the happy duo before something else was thrown in his direction.

A short time earlier, Demona sat with Xanatos still shell shocked and mulling over the alleged revelations of this Fey called Thoth.

Few times since Demona's encounter with Puck had she not noticed or felt the change come over her at sunrise, usually she had been extensively drunk (you'd have to be not to feel all your bones breaking and shifting in structure or your internal organs moving around willy nilly into new positions all by themselves), but today she had been too numb to feel anything.

"This is impossible! They are lying! This has to be some kind of trick...doesn't it?" She asked of Xanatos, trying not to allow the glimmer of hope that was in her to expand and become a supernova.

"At this junction I'm doubtful that it is a trick, what would they have to gain? How could they coerce Thoth to help them in this charade? And If he was an Unseelie, I think we'd already be dead-or at least I'd be dead, anyway." Xanatos commented offhandedly.

Her face expressionless, Demona looked at him, with trepidation, a part of her wished beyond all anything that Xanatos's revelations were true. To know that somewhere n the universe gargoyles existed in more numbers than she had ever dared imagine...it was too much.

An idea occurred to Xanatos and he looked at her slyly, "There is one way for us to be sure..." He began shrewdly.

Demona looked at him sharply, "how?"

Xanatos gave her his patented smug smile, before explaining.

Daniel Jackson gazed at the glorious joyous look on Hypatia's face as she stared up at the sun for the first time in her life.

He couldn't help but smile at her reaction.

It wasn't everyday he saw somebody see the sun for the first time in their life.

"It's so glorious and warm, Dr Jackson...I never imagined it would be like this, Hypatia turned her gaze to him, beaming with happiness, it's like a dream..."

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself," he replied.

"What's not to enjoy?" she answered with a small laugh

Daniel gave her a pointed if amused look, "Well we still don't know anything about this Demona, and there are far more questions than answers..."

Hypatia waved him to a stop, "Despite, Demona's violent reaction and the other mysteries that surround this situation, I have a feeling that its not as bad we think."

Daniel's brow furrowed in thought, "Maybe, maybe not I hope we can work everything out, but we can never be sure."

Hypatia rolled her eyes at him, "You don't need to always be so serious. The lord Thoth taught me that there is a time for seriousness and a time for mirth. This is a time mirth!" She proclaimed with a wry smile, her blue eyes dancing with mischief. "And in the spirit of this call me Tia, Hypatia is a good and properly respectable name for Lord Thoth's apprentice, but its a mouthful the rest of the time."

Daniel smiled in response, "In that case call me Daniel."

Tia smiled, "Daniel it is." She turned her head and looked up once more at the sun, she raised her hand to slightly shield her eyes. "I'm starting to see spots, is that normal?"

"Yeah, you shouldn't really stare directly at the sun," Daniel advised.

She closed her eyes and lowered her hand, felling the sun on her face, "I'll remember that." she replied lightly.

They stood there silently for quite a while before they were approached by a young airman.

He nodded at Daniel and said, "Sir, general Landry wants you downstairs, her too," he added gesturing at the still engrossed Hypatia.

"Thank you, Airman, we'll be down shortly."

The airman nodded and swiftly left.

Daniel frowned and looked at the reverent gargoyle turned human that was so engrossed in something so simple that he and most humans took for granted. He was loathe to interrupt her.

"Tia-" he began.

"I heard." She signed and turned to face him, eyes open and an impressive pout aimed at him, "Do we have to?" She asked with a mournful expression.

"Unfortunately yes," he answered with a nod.

Tia looked up again at the sun before giving another heartfelt sigh, "Lead on..."


"So I see she didn't rip you to shreds," announced General Landry, "I'll take that as a good sign."

Xanatos gave him a smug smiled, "Far from it, you just have to know how to talk to her. Not shooting her also helps"

Landry gave him a speculative and calculating look but didn't comment.

They were assembled in the conference room, Xanatos at one end of the table opposite Landry, with them were Daniel Jackson and Hypatia.

"Demona can be reasonable despite recent appearances," Xanatos explained evenly. "To that end, she is willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for the time being in exchange for some concrete evidence concerning Stone Haven and the number of gargoyles there."

Daniel leaned forward, his brow scrunched up, "Concrete evidence?"

Xanatos gave them a small smile, "She would like to visit Stone Haven."

"Out of the question," Landry responded quickly.

Xanatos merely raised an expressive eyebrow in response.

Hypatia frowned at the General for a moment before turning to look back at Xanatos, "We would welcome her and any of our brethren of Earth there. What is the problem?"

The corner of Xanatos's mouth crinkled, "In exchange for this evidence-and of course her freedom, she will, one, allow the previous contracts between the Air Force and Nightstone Unlimited to remain intact. Two, she willingly give advanced technologies her company has developed that you don't have free of charge. And Three...she will introduce you the Gargoyle Clans of Earth." Xanatos paused for a second to take in the surprised looks on their faces when he said clans. "But the proof is non negotiable, if you want anything from her you will have to agree to her terms," he paused again, "Both she and I recommend that you take her up on her offer and soon. We are both very prominent members of society, and we will eventually be missed. You have a short time to make up your minds...plus there is the fact that Demona literally has all the time in the world," he said pointedly.

Landry glared at Xanatos, Demona's immortality very much at the forefront of his mind.

"She's not going to reconsider her position, no matter how much you want her to," Xanatos repeated adamantly.

Landry glared at Xanatos for several silent minutes, but Xanatos merely returned the glare unfazed, "I'll have to talk to my superiors, first."

Xanatos leaned back in his chair, "You do that-but quickly."

Landry merely glared daggers at him in response.


In a small office in NORAD, a middle aged officer drummed his fingers impatiently on his desk as he waited for his call to go through.

An automated voice spoke over the receiver, "The number you have dialed is temporarily out of service..."

Quickly he dialed a complex twelve digit code.

The automated voice fell silent and was replaced with another colder voice, "Report."

"We've got a problem, the SGC brought in Xanatos and Demona-and they know her secret!"

"What? When? How?"

"I don't know when but they left here together at night! SG-1 and an unknown gargoyle was with them." The officer reported angrily.

The sound of things breaking echoed over the phone. "Dammit! This could mess everything up!"

"How did our operative in the SGC miss this?" the officer demanded angrily.

"Simple, he got transferred to Atlantis a week ago and his replacement's arriving tomorrow," the cold enraged voice answered with a mirthless laugh and an acid tone.

The officer scowled, "This is the worst timing ever."

They were both silent for several moments.

"Be prepared to act, if I can't control this, we may have act against him soon," the voice coolly commanded.

The officer's eyes widened in surprise, "I thought we weren't ready?"

"We're not quite there, but we're close enough, it should work. It'll have to do. If he gets an inkling of this we're dead."

The officer nodded grimly, "What should I do?

"For now-nothing, but be prepared," the voice ordered, "take extra care in these coming days..."

The line went dead and the officer replaced the receiver.

He sat back in his chair, deep in thought and idly playing with the signet ring on his finger.

He caught him self playing with the ring and stared down at it, he rotated the ring, till the design was staring up at him.

The all seeing fiery eye over the pyramid's apex stared back at him unblinking.

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