Michael: Did I make the right choice staying home from the convention to take care of Jan?

He pulls up his sleeves to reveal a circular pattern of bruises around each of his wrists.

Michael, nodding smugly: I think the rope-burns speak for themselves.


At first Jim thought Dwight hadn't moved since he'd left him; he was still huddled up in the comfort-less hotel blanket, staring at the TV, waiting for a phone call that was never going to come. But when Jim got a little closer, he saw the evidence of Dwight's further shift into madness: he had used half of the rooms pillows to construct a makeshift Angela and, if that wasn't sad enough, he had shaped some of the smaller cushions into what appeared to be cats.

Jim approached him slowly, less out of caution than fear as to how to deal with the horrible sinking feeling of recognition he was suddenly feeling.

"What are you watching?" Jim asked warmly.

"Women of Ninja Warrior," Dwight replied blankly.

"Nice," Jim nodded. "Who are you rooting for? Yoko?"

"No," Dwight spat. "Yuko."

Jim nodded again. "Do you mind if I root for Yoko?" he asked, clearing a space for himself at the foot of the bed.

"Sure," Dwight sneered, "if you want to back a loser."

Jim cast a long, thoughtful glance towards his long-time coworker. "You know," he answered honestly, "I think I do."

One Year Later...

Pam couldn't believe how far she'd come in so short a time.

It had scarcely been ten months ago that she had turned in her letter of resignation to Michael, and here she was, the most highly sought after new talent in the comic book industry; with more offers for work than she could fill if she lived to be a thousand, a shelf full of awards she didn't know existed until they got back from the engravers, and an amazing new relationship with a dashing writer and Tantric sex expert from Scotland.

The day had been a whirlwind; her first convention. Thousands of fans waiting in line to see and her and praise her wor, and while most of them also tried to look down her blouse, she was just feeling too positive to let that bring her down.

"Miss Beesly," the true believer she was currently sketching Dyna-Mutt for asked, "what made you decide to work in comic books?"

Pam stopped in mid-line, scrunching up her nose as she tried to recall.

"I dont' know," she admitted. "All of the sudden I just felt like drawing Batman."


Andy Bernard's Previously Unknown Brother Skip strode through the cold, gray halls of the anicent penitentiary with a dark sense of purpose. He had given up everything, including a prominent position in Penn State's A Capella group the Penn E Loafers, to get here and he wasn't about to leave without his brother. He would get Andy out or die trying.

A short, burly figure with red paint over his prison-issue shoes walked slowly up to him. "I hear you've been asking questions," the man said softly out of the corner of his mouth.

"I'm just trying to find my brother," Skip muttered gravely.

The other man gave a sympathetic nod.

Letting his defenses down for the first since he got there, Skip held his hand out to the other man. "I'm Skip Bernard, I staged a bank-robbery to get in here. You?"

"I'm the Tin Man," the round man replied, as he suddenly pulled a shiv out of his pocket shoved it deep into Skip's gut. "I'm a Friend of Dorothy."

Skip hit the ground in an instant, clutching his gushing wound, praying he could hope hard enough to keep himself from going into to shock.

"And you don't start down that Yellow Brick Road unless you know what's waiting for you on the other side," Tin Man called back as he disappeared into the darkness.

Coming Soon (that's what she said)

"Dunder-Mifflin, this is Pam."

"Pam," Michael labored voice came over the line, "I need you to come to my condo. Ugh! Now..."

"Michael, are you okay?" Pam asked.

"Bring bolt-cutters, rubber gloves, and a first aid kit," he grunt urgently. "And please hurry."

"Michael, what happened?" she asked with real concern.

There was an awkward pause before he lamely answered "I, uh, broke up with Jan again."

Pam really had to stop asking question.

The Epic Conclusion to Cookies Trilogy

Dwight: For me, sex is like Halo.

He nods knowingly

Dwight: It's only as good as your internet connection.

Mindy Kaling, Creed Bratton, and Steve Carell's penis in

Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chiefs

Kelly: I'm so glad we live in a age when all a girl has to do to be famous is make a video of herself having sex!

Only on MTT.