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In the village hidden in the leaves there were many types of people there were your common civilians your politicians and the village leader. However there were also special people in this village called shinobi people of skill and amazing power and a hidden village military force each with its own power within its own clan. But there were two clans In Konoha that were the most powerful of them all the Vampire clan and the Lycan Clan also know as the Hyuga clan and the Namikaze clan.

Since the beginning of the village these two clans were at each other's throats always thirsting for blood but never killing one another due to the power of Hokage the leader of the village put a stop to their fighting and made them agree to a trace.

So that's how things went over the years the two clans would bicker about one thing threaten one another and fight over land and tradition nothing changed between the two not until the birth of the newest clan heirs of both clans.

On October tenth, the Namikaze clan celebrated with great joy at the son of Namikaze Minato was born into the world he was a small boy with whisker marks on each side of his face blond hair and blue eyes like his father Namikaze Minato and a pair of lungs like his mother Uzumaki Kushina they gave the young boy the name Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto heir of the Lycon clan it also showed that he was destined for great things for there was a full moon on the night he Naruto was born.

On December 27, the Hyuga clan also had a child a young girl with the look of her mother which gave off a aura of power and yet peace Hinata's parents were happy with the young girl and knew that she would lead the clan to glory that was the destiny for she was born under the night of red moon that was a sign of greatness for Hyuga Hinata heir to the Vampire clan.

But while these two were born under two different clans who were meant to be enemies but the hands of fate often lead very mysterious paths know only by fate herself and the connections she makes will leave people in wonder for all of eternity just like the fate of Naruto and Hinata.

5 years later

It was a normal day in Konoha people were going on with their daily lives people were buying and selling items Ninja were going out on missions and children were playing in the park enjoying their innocence.

Two such children were the heirs of the clans of the Hyuga and the Namikaze who may be the future of their clans but still children at heart and needed to act like children or so the mothers of the children managed to convince their husbands with the threat of sleeping on the coach until they agreed to which they did.

Soon both kids were in the park looking around at the kids playing games and having fun wondering why they needed to be friends at all when they had their whole clan instead.

But each mother responded "you need to have friends your own age outside of the clan to help you better understand people."

Both children agreed and set off to make friends with the other children but that didn't go as plan.

Instead the children did there best to ignore the clan heirs because of their unique abilities the children found them different and wanted nothing to do with the two.

Naruto gave up on trying to make friends with the other children and went to the swing sit to just wait until his mother took him home.

Naruto noticed that someone was already there and also alone like he was she appeared to be sad and no one wanted to play with her so Naruto thought this would be chance to make a friend so he walked up to the girl and introduced himself "Hi my name in Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto just call me Naruto what's your name" Naruto asked politely the way his mother told him to around girls.

Said girl at first ignored him thinking he was talking to someone else until he asked again and caught the girls attention "are you talking to me" she asked timidly Naruto just smiled at her and answered "of course" the girl looked at him and answered "my names Hyuga Hinata it's nice to meet you" Hinata replied with a smile.

Naruto look around and asked her what was on his mind "why are you all alone" Hinata just looked down at the ground again and responded "no one want to be near me they don't like me because I'm different" Hinata replied with tears in her eyes and this pissed off Naruto he hated to see a girl cry so he did the only thing he could think of.

He wrapped his arms around her and said in calm voice "So what if you different that makes you special and if they can't see that then they don't deserve to be your friend" Hinata let all this sink in and smiled and hugged him back and whispered "thank you."

On the other side of the park a small area were the mothers of the kids two such mothers were Hyuuga Aki and Namikaze Kushina who weren't enemy's but weren't friends either.

Once the two saw each other they acknowledge each other as politely as they could "Hyuuga" "Namikaze."

The two just sat by each other for a moment of silence until Kushina never one for begin able to sit still for to long turned to Aki "so how are things with your clan."

Aki looked at her trying to sense if she was insulting her but there was nothing so she just answered "fine we have received a generous amount of blood from the Hokage please thank your husband for that."

Kushina just smiled at her "it wasn't a problem he just wants to help everyone in the village the big softie" she said with a chuckle.

Aki just looked at her and chuckled as well and decided to start up a conversation as well "so how is your son."

Kushina just looked at her "fine a bit of a monster sometimes but a good boy he a lot like his father" she laughed and asked, "what about you how's little Hinata doing."

Aki smiled like she always did when it came to her daughter "she fine we started her training and it's sort of funny that when you look at her she has my looks but she has her father's personality when he was at that age."

At this Kushina burst out laughing hard and loud even tears in her eyes "Hyuuga Hiashi head of the Hyuuga clan used to be a shy kid that stutters hahahaha" Kushina said through fits of laughter.

Aki just looked at her and in a stern voice said "it's not funny" she said but couldn't help but chuckle at the way Hiashi would stutter as a kid and blush when ever new people were around especially when she was around him maybe that was why she fell for him when she was young.

Once Kushina stopped laughing, which took awhile, she finally calmed down and thought about last night and smiled which Aki noticed and asked her "what are you smiling at or do I even want to know."

Kushina just looked at her and answered, "I was just thinking of the fun me and Minato-kun had last night it was a full moon after all."

Aki just looked at her with disgust and answered, "I'm sorry I asked" Kushina just used this and replied "what's the matter bitter because you're not getting any lately."

Aki just blushed and looked away and answered, "If you most know me and Hiashi were intimate not to long ago."

Kushina just looked at her and smiled "alright that's what I'm talking about learn to live a little" at this Aki just sighed but smiled and turned to Kushina and said "thank you Kushina."

Kushina just looked at her confused and asked "for what?"

To which Aki replied, "for just being you," she said with a smile to which Kushina smiled and replied "no problem."

The two kept chatting until they noticed how late it had gotten and they had to get the kids home they searched together hoping to introduce them to one another it wasn't they heard laughter coming from behind a tree to find both Naruto and Hinata together laughing as Naruto was hanging upside-down by the claws on his feet he then noticed his mother and a women who looked a lot like Hinata except older.

After seeing both women Naruto let go and ran to his mother and shouted "Kaa-san" which Kushina smiled and replied "hey Naruto-kun did you make any new friends today?"

Naruto just smiled "I did see" he pointed to Hinata and introduced him to his mother "this is Hinata-chan."

Both mothers heard this and thought the same thing "chan."

Hinata walked over to Kushina blushing a little and bowed "n-n-nice to meet y-you Namikaze-sama."

Kushina instantly liked the girl she was polite and kind but nervous something a little time with Naruto could cure.

While Hinata was introducing herself to Kushina Naruto decided to try the same thing and went over to Aki and bowed his head and said in a polite tone "it's nice to meet you


Aki was a bit surprised that a boy form a clan that had was nothing but trouble to the Hyuuga clan in the past was so polite "he must really want to impress me" Aki thought to her self.

Once the introductions had been made and they were about to leave Naruto looked at Aki and said "umm Hyuuga-sama could I ask you two questions?"

Aki looked at him and could not see the harm in it "go ahead Naruto."

Naruto just looked at her and asked, "Well when Hinata gets older will she as pretty as you or will she be even better."

At this everyone was speechless Hinata was blushing pure red, Kushina was shocked that her son already was already liking a girl, and Aki was stunned that Naruto thought her daughter was pretty but her as well the boy had taste.

Aki looked at the boy and asked him "Naruto-sama do you really think that my daughter is pretty" Naruto just smiled and said to her "no…I think she's beautiful."

At that a loud thud was heard and everyone turned to where It came from to see that Hinata had fainted and Naruto panicked and ran over to her while Aki just rubbed her temples mumbling "of all the things to inherit from her father."

Naruto stood over Hinata with a look of pure worry "Hinata-chan wake up, please I'm sorry for what I did please wake up."

When Hinata was starting to wake up when she saw Naruto inches away from her face of coarse at this she noticed the whisker marks on his face and began to trace over them.

Of course when she did that Naruto instantly stiffened up and fell on top of her and then Hinata noticed something else Naruto was purring and twitching his right foot.

Aki looked over at Kushina and asked "what's he doing" to which Kushina answered "it's a soft spot that the Namikaze have you just rub it and they start purring a kitten which doesn't make sense from a clan descended from wolfs" the two looked at the kids and just laying on stop of each other "I wish I had a camera this would be perfect blackmail" Kushina said with a chuckle.

Once Naruto had gotten back to normal and gotten off Hinata they were about to leave when Aki remembered that Naruto had another question for her so she asked him "Naruto didn't you have another question for me."

Naruto looked at her then remembered what he was going to ask "ya why do you have two scents Hyuuga-sama?"

This confused Aki what did he mean by two scents a human cannot have scents she turned to Kushina for an answer but she hade a speechless look on her face.

All was silent until Kushina finally said out loud "OH MY KAMI YOUR PREGANT."

This left Aki and Hinata speechless and Aki getting over the shook and whisper "I'm…I'm pregnant" she said while holding her stomach.

Aki looked at Kushina "are you sure" Kushina nodded her head and explained "females give off another scent when there with child there's your sent and then there's the scent of the baby inside of you."

Aki was still in another world she couldn't believe that she was going to have another child she then thought "who will the clan react how will Hiashi react, what if he doesn't want another child what if he wants an…abortion" as she was thinking these things she was having trouble breathing.

Kushina got behind her and began rubbing her back telling her to breath in and out in and out.

Hinata on the other hand was doing a little better then her mother she was happy that she was going to be a big sister but was still a little nervous about how her father would take it but Naruto was there helping her.

Once Aki was calmed downed Kushina offered to help walk her home and be there for when she told Hiashi about the baby but before they went there they made a stop at the Namikaze clan house.

Once though the gate Naruto and Kushina were greeted by two wolfs that were twice as big as normal dog and when they approached the biggest one who was mostly black and blues looked at Kushina and said "Greetings Kushina-sama, Naruto-sama" the black wolf said which caused the two Hyuuga's to flinch.

Soon the wolf's noticed the two Hyuuga's and began to growl and show his fangs and barked at them "what do you want" Aki stood her ground but Hinata hid behind Naruto.

Before things got out of hand Kushina spoke up "KUROI" which caused the wolf to flinch for the Namikaze clan was a pack and one thing you never did was piss off the alpha male or the alpha female.

Kushina got up next to him and with a killer glare she spoke in a cold way that showed why she was the alpha female "Kuroi these two are our guest and you will show respect towards them is that understood" the Wolfs nodded their heads and replied "hai, Kushina-sama" then she replied "also get my husband out here."

After hearing the order the wolfs took off and after awhile a man dressed in traditional clan head robes came forward.

When Hinata first saw him she was afraid of him due to hearing stories from the clan elders about how the Namikaze were nothing but disgusting monsters that were better off dead and there leader was the most savage of all the beast.

But when Hinata looked at this who was Naruto's father she saw a kind man who was the leader of the village and a caring father.

When Minato came forward to see what his wife wanted he was surprised to see two Hyuuga in the compound but not just any Hyuuga but the wife of the head of the Hyuuga clan and the clan heir herself hiding behind his son.

Minato looked at his wife and asked "what do you need Kushina-chan" Kushina smiled at her husband and told him what she needed "I need you to help me get an audience with the Hyuuga clan head."

Minato looked at her and asked, "Why would you want to do that?" Kushina didn't answer instead she pushed Aki in front of him and said, "smell her."

This got questionable looks form everyone nearby but Minato knew his wife had a reason for everything she did so he sniffed her and noticed her sent and a noticed the other sent coming from her and then it hit him "your pregnant aren't you" he said to Aki who just nodded her head.

Minato could see what was going on his wife found out Aki was pregnant most likely do to Naruto and she wanted to help in case something goes wrong.

Then he looked at Naruto and Hinata who was hiding behind him all he could do is remember the first time he brought Kushina to meet the family and how she hid behind him like a timid rabbit when his father came to meet her.

Minato looked at the girl and smiled Hinata saw this and her fear for him was gone.

Soon the Group had entered the Hyuuga compound and was greeted by some branch members who went to inform Hiashi of his visitors.

Once Hiashi had came into view he noticed the Hokage along with his wife and son standing next to his wife and daughter.

Hiashi looked at his wife and could see that she was worried about something and asked her "Aki what's troubling you?"

Aki looked at her husband the man she had loved for so long a even given birth to a child with in fear of what he might do she summoned her courage "Hiashi-kun…I'm…pregnant…again."

Hiashi just looked at her smiled a little and then fainted causing everyone to sweat drop then Naruto opened his moth and said, "I think he took it pretty well."

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