A red and white moon

Chapter 8



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Hokage's Office

Minato sat in his office looking over his daily paperwork. His current work involved the gradation class of this year. Looking through the profile of each student Minato along with a few advisers carefully analyzed each child to find a pair that would work together. After looking through the current graduation class it was shown that their would not be enough students to meet the gradation quota.

Minato was looking over the files of every student doing his best to make sure each student were placed on a team that had a slight chance of working together. Looking over two particular files one being his own son Naruto and the Hyuuga heiress Hinata.

Minato knew the two of them would work great as a team. To bad others such as the clan elders had forbidden ever working with a Hyuuga in the past. Although, recently things had been working out with the younger generation, many still held on to their hatred and bigotry.

Deciding that now would be the time for a break and relax Minato laid back in his chair taking a deep breath. At least until a man wearing a dragon mask appeared. The man bowed to his leader giving Minato time to look professional as possible "report dragon-san." Dragon nodded "Hokage-sama I was informed to remind you that today is the day you visit prisoner D-1."

Minato raised an eyebrow at this, and scolding himself for forgetting something so important as this. Turing towards the ANBU "Arigatou dragon-san, please inform your caption that I will be arriving soon." The ANBU nodded at this and left.

Sitting back in his chair Minato and thinking of his upcoming visit with D-1. Suddenly a thought had hit Minato and if it worked, he would be able to fill the graduation quota and get D-1 out of prison. Now all he had to do was convince her to go through with it.

ANBU prison AKA: Limbo

Minato walked through the halls of the high security ANBU prison Limbo. Before him were three members of ANBU surrounding him in order to make sure that nothing happen to him. While Minato was a cable Shinobi, Limbo was still a prison for the most dangerous S class Shinobi in the elemental nations. While these men and women were considered dangerous, compared to prisoner D-1 they were nothing but children. Of the entire prisoner's in Limbo, D-1 was twice as strong and three's times as deadly and never even knew the word mercy and because she was so powerful and entire wing of the prison was given to her in order to avoid a bloodbath.

While Minato didn't agree with what was being done to her, he knew that letting D-1 out into the civilian population was to dangerous at the time and until she proved she was ready he couldn't let her out into the village. When Minato had first encountered D-1 she was nothing short of wild and uncontrollable and proved incredibly dangerous despite her youth and if threaten wouldn't hesitate to slaughter everyone in front of her. Fortunately, for Minato he always had a back up plan and this was no different, he knew D-1 wanted something and he gave his word that he would help her gain it.

Standing in front of the door into the cell, Minato turned to his guards and told him that they wouldn't be needed. The guards wanted to protest but Minato assured him that he would be fine and ordered them to return their normal duties, to which they obeyed.

Entering the room where D-1 was kept. The cell was a large surprisingly decretive room didn't really look like a cell until you counted the charka sealed bars. There was also many things that wound's see in normal cell such as a large bookshelf, couch, stain glass window and a very old grandfather clock. Minato looked around the cell and noticed a few changes from his last he had come to see D-1 "you have done some nice work with the flowers since my last visit, Lilith-chan."

Hearing her name a figure in the darkness turn towards the blond Hokage with a dark scowl "they are poison's and carnivorous, I insists you don't touch them, human."

Hearing this Minato noticed that one of flowers was drawing near his finger and was about ready to bite. Moving away from the flower Minato turned his attention back towards Lilith "long time no see Lilith-chan, how have you been, have the guards been treating you right…are you eating healthy?" Lilith scowl didn't disappear from her face, instead it seemed to only deepen showing that she was becoming annoyed.

Minato could see that Lilith wasn't In the mood for small talk today and wanted to get straight to the point as usual with her. Taking a deep breath Minato just went with what was on his mind and hope it worked "I would like you to become a shinobi."

Hearing this Lilith gave a look of surprised and quickly covered it up not wanting to display such weakness in front of a human and calmly asked "you wish for me to become one of your…Shinobi...for what purpose?" Minato could tell she was suspicious and for good reason considering what she was but he had to try.

Crossing his arms and taking a deep breath, Minato began to explain "Lilith in our village the children who wish to become Shinobi join what called the Academy where they learn the basic of the way of the Shinobi. After years of training they given a test to show if they truly have potential and if they pass they are allowed to become official Genin of the village." Minato looked at Lilith to see that she was barely listening and wanting him to get to the point "with each new Genin three of them are put into team and are expected to work together. However, there is a slight complication with the poetical Genin this year."

A now annoyed Lilith just rolled her eyes at how dramatic the human in front of her was being, instead of just getting to the point "what kind complications and please just spite It out already human."

Clearly, she was losing interest Minato got to the point "we are short on Genin this year and I would like you to fill in that spot."

Lilith raised an eyebrow at his proposition and thought it over, if she agreed to this she would be allowed to leave her cage and conduct the research she wanted without being stonewalled anymore. The downside, she would have to be working not only with humans but also under a human and the mere thought of that made her stomach turn. While it was a tough choice, the rewards may be worth the risk. Looking at Minato Lilith gave her decision "fine, I will do this but a imagine their will be some kind of restrictions that I will have to followed in order to be allowed out." Minato nodded at this.

Academy Gradation room

In room 300 of the Shinobi Academy, twenty-seven children all are wearing the headbands marking them as proud Ninja of the leaf and their journey's were just beginning. They had spent years preparing for this moment and becoming ninja for whatever reason were about to pay off. Now they waited for their sensei to inform them on whom they would be working with at the start of their career. Many of them were hoping they would be paired with someone they liked or were at least familiar with on some level.

However, all they could do was hope until their sensei showed up and informed them. Some children were busy bragging about what they would see and what they would do as Ninja. Other's were just keeping to themselves not wanting to get involved with the children believing them to be either childish or inferior to them.

Two of these children were sitting next to each other simply chatting and flirting a little were Naruto and Hinata simply waiting for names to be called so they could be with their teams and until then they wanted to be with each other knowing that they wouldn't get to be together for a long time. While they had hoped they could be on the same team they knew it highly unlikely since their family never in the allowed a Namikaze and Hyuuga on the same Genin team. Till then wanted to spend every moment they had with each other.

As two men wearing Chuunin vest entered the room. One man with silver hair followed by another man with a scar across this nose. These men were Iruka and Mizuki to of the senior instructors and the academy and had taught the children in front of them since they entered the Academy and would be the ones to send them off into the shinobi world.

Iruka the man with the scar on his nose stood in front of his students for the last time giving one final lecture. In his heart he regretted doing this, he had spent years with these kids and had gotten to know very well and he cared for them deeply. It was hard to see them just leave and probably never come back for whatever reason but this was the job they had chosen and he had to do this.

Finishing up the speech Iruka took out a clipboard and began calling off names one by one. With each name a team number was given some of the students were happy about who they got other's were displeased or indifferent about it. After saying most of the names Iruka came across something that a little off "Namikaze Naruto and…Hyuuga Hinata under Mitarashi Anko?"

The room was silent for a second until many of the other students began to yell out how unfair it was and how the two were getting special treatment, because of whom their families were and that it wasn't fair. While they were suffering obvious embarrassment Naruto and Hinata couldn't but be happy, they would be together. As the other students kept going on about the unfairness of the team arraignments, Iruka had enough "ENOUGH ALREADY."

This kept everyone quiet and they let their sensei speak "the one who decided on the teams was the Hokage himself if you have a problem with how things are done go to the Hokage and tell him yourself how unfair it is." The room went silent after that "that's what I thought, next time try and think before you go and question the order of your superior officer." Now turning back towards the two clan heirs "Naruto, Hinata, as ordered by the Hokage you are to report to the his office, your third teammate will also be their as well waiting for you as well.

With that, business taken care of Iruka gave his students one last speech, dismissed them, and wished them good luck. With out wasting a minute Hinata and Naruto left and went straight to the Hokage office, only stopping in one or twice to make out.

Hokage office

Hinata and Naruto eventually arrived at their leader's office to see a smiling Minato sitting behind his desk "well it's about time you two showed up, it normally takes about ten minutes if you come straight from the academy." The two blushed at this and Naruto did his best to hide the bite marks all over his neck.

Minato laughed at the children in front of him but soon became serious "Hinata, Naruto I asked you two to come here to meet your third teammate. Now, while normally such manners wouldn't be a concern since we always have enough students to form a three-man team. However, this year we were lacking in students and would have had to keep you two on hold until a third teammate was found, which would take awhile and would have been a waist for you two." Naruto and Hinata nodded at this understanding where the Hokage was going with this "however, I did manage to find you a third teammate even if she is a little…different."

Naruto was about to ask what his father meant when a kunai suddenly a came crashing through the window with a cloth attached to it. When it open it reveled a large sign saying "behold the great Mitarashi Anko" with a woman with purple hair and wearing a trench coat underneath it smiling "YO" she said calmly.

Both Naruto and Hinata just stared at the woman in front of them with their mouths hanging open not able to think of a thing to say. Minato on the other hand had a less then amused look on his face "Anko…what have I told you about breaking windows, mainly the ones in my office?" Anko looked down at the ground and pushed her fingers together in a Hinata like way "umm…not to, Hokage-sama" Minato kept his stern look as he addressed his subordinate "that's right, now…don't do it again, understand."

Anko nodded at this "Hai, Hokage-sama" she said sounded like a professional but a chibi Anko was throwing a fit 'he's so mean, I never get have any fun.' After this Anko looked at Naruto and Hinata and gave a predator like smile, "so these two brats are going to be my students, huh, Hokage-sama?" Naruto and Hinata flinched out of fear at Anko's tone of voice causing her grin to appear more feral.

Before Minato could tell Anko to stop scaring her new students when a loud knock was heard at the door, "enter" Minato said in clear coming tone. The door open and in walked in four ANBU enter two in the front and two in the back and someone in the middle. The four Anbu looked at Minato waiting for orders until they were giving order to leave which Minato did right away. The four man did as they were told and began to leave while the fifth person stayed behind.

Now that they were gone, everyone was able to see who their new teammate was. The girl left behind now stood in the middle looking over the people she would have to call teammates for now. She had purple hair that reached down to the mid section of her back and pure white skin, and hands were firm and hand almost claw like nails. What really stood out about this girl however were the fact that her eyes were purple and cat like and she had two large horns growing out of her forehead around curving slightly to the sides of her head and a long skinny black tail behind her. There were also shackles wrapped around her wrist and wrists and ankles with a chain connecting the four together and each had a seal on it, there was also a black collar around her neck with a seal on it as well, but a more complex one.

Hinata, Naruto and Anko stared at the…creature for a lack of a better word, in wonder and awe. What was in front of them was obviously not human form a physical aspect but for those who could sense chakra that their was something demonic about it. Naruto being the outspoken one of the group walked up towards the creature and began poking her in the chest seeing if she was real or not "so what is it, some kind of animal or something?"

As Naruto was poking the creature in front of him, he failed to notice the annoyed and angry expression that was appearing on Lilith face as he kept poking it. Eventually, she had enough and let Naruto now how she felt "stop picking me you idiot."

Hearing this Naruto jumped back and pointed at her "that…that…that thing…it talks, that thing can talk." Rolling her eye's and glaring at the blond Lilith responded "hai, I can talk, real amazing isn't you blond haired idiot." Not like being called by a…thing, Naruto felt the need to responds in some way "hey, shut up you…creature." Lilith just blinked at the boy in front of her amazed at how pathetic his comeback was "wow…that's just sad you really are an idiotic human, you idiot."

Naruto growling at this and showing his teeth ready to fight back but before he got the chance, Minato stepped in before anything got physical "ENOUGH, you to will stand down NOW." Lilith and Naruto took one look at each other and replied "hai, Hokage-sama." Glad to see that they would at least listen "now, then this isn't how a team is supposed to react during their fist meeting." Naruto look at his father shocked "Nani, this…thing is suppose to be are teammate" at being called a thing again "stop calling me a thing asshole, I'm part of race and it's called demons, ever heard of them, jackass."

Hearing this everyone looked at her wide eye, expect for Minato who ready knew. Hinata was a little speechless but was taken better then Naruto who was pale white "your…your a demon, but that's impossible demons don't exist." Lilith rolled her eyes again at the blonde's stupidity "well I am a demon and I'm standing right if front of you, so I guess demons do exist, stupid." Once again, the two were face again ready to fight and giving Minato a headache. Looking over at Anko he wanted to know her reaction to all this and strangely he couldn't read any emotion on her face at all.

Anko stood their with the blank look on her face and softly said "I'm leading a team with blood thirsty Hyuuga, a savage Namikaze and a real live demon under my command…THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE." She said with tears in her eye's and a fist in the air as the other's in the room sweat dropped.

Growing tired of this Minato got their attention "Now then, back to the matter at hand as I've said you three will be assigned as a team under Anko provided that you can pass her test of course." Hearing the three new Genin looked at their leader confused while Anko explained "see here kiddies, the so called test you did at the academy was just a way we use to weed out the pussies who don't have the rocks to be a shinobi. The true test will be set up by me see if you brats have what it takes to be real shinobi or to send your asses back to the academy. Also the test itself has a chance of failure being about 67% or so."

Hearing the colorful expiation from their sensei they each turned to Minato to see if Anko was telling the truth who just nodded his head "I'm afraid that what Anko say's is true" "HEY, are you little bastards calling me a liar" Anko responded to which everyone ignored her. Minato continued "tomorrow you three will be given a test to show if you have what it takes to be considered true shinobi and not little children playing pretend this is the real deal either your ready or not and you want get special treatment." The three nodded understanding what he meant "hai, Hokage-sama."

Glad to see they at least understood a grasp of what he was saying and turned attention back to Lilith "please come here Lilith-chan you can't do this test with chains on you." Lilith walked over towards the trying not to trip as Minato preformed the necessary hand seals to unlock her restraints. While doing this Naruto noted his concern "Hokage-sama, are you sure it's wise to allow this…demon, out of it's restraints" Lilith just glared at Naruto "if were going to be on the same team I'm going to need my arms and legs, idiot." Naruto just glared at her not liking being called an idiot more then once in a day "but if you must know this collar around my neck seals away nearly all of my strength, leaving me as weak and pathetic as…well, you."

Naruto growled at Lilith while Minato was undoing the last of her restraints. With one last seal, on the cuffs were off allowing Lilith to finally be able to move freely. Twisting her wrist back and fourth to get the tension out she almost didn't hear when Minato asked how she was feeling to which she responded, "mind your own damn business" oddly when she said that Minato didn't respond in anyway but with a kind smile, he strangely had around her.

Rejoining the rest of her team the three stood in front of their leader waiting for orders as to what to do next. Minato looked at them "now that's done with you three are free to go." The three began to leave but Minato spoke again "also just as a word of advice you three showed get know each other and you new sensei as well it could help in the long run." Three looked at the Hokage and at each other and left his office, 'I hope this works' Minato thought.

Outside of Hokage tower

Naruto, Hinata and Lilith stood outside the tower looking at one another trying to figure out what to say or do. Despite the tension the was hanging around them Hinata looks towards her new teammate "umm Lilith-san" the demon looked at the Hyuuga with a curious gaze "would….you like to get some ramen with us?" Both Naruto and Lilith looked at their teammate confused, for Naruto, he couldn't understand why Hinata would want to spend time with this…demon, for Lilith she was curious about the Hyuuga intentions were and this substance she motioned this, ramen." Since she had nothing better to do, she agreed "why not I have nothing better then to do then hang around with you humans." Naruto growled at this not likely the idea but didn't say anything.

Ichiraku ramen shop

As the three entered the little ramen shop they were greeted by the owners Teuchi and his daughter Ayame "welcome to Ichiraku" they said then realized just walked in they smiled "well it's the lover birds, on another date or we?" Both Hinata and Naruto blushed at this while Lilith looked confused at the two, clearly not understanding what was going on. Three sat down and began to order their food Naruto ordered three extra beef ramen while Hinata ordered a simple miso ramen. Lilith simply sat their under what to order since she had never tired ramen before and it was hard to decide since she had never eaten ramen before and the old man who owned the shop kept staring at her until Ayame elbowed him for staring to much.

Eventually, Lilith just went with a beef ramen and actually fond it to be enjoyable and kept ordering the same bowl. While she was eating, she noticed her teammates were watching her with inertest and to be honest she was getting annoyed "will you two stop staring at me already." The two blushed at this but didn't turn away "so Lilith-san can you tell us a little about yourself" Hinata asked politely. Lilith looked at the young Hyuuga not understanding what she was trying to do but telling them a little about herself couldn't hurt "my name is Lilith, I'm a demon." Both Hinata and Naruto just stared at her expecting more "and…I like to garden…. STOP STARING AT ME, DAMN IT."

Hinata and Naruto did just that suddenly finding the opposite wall to be very interesting to look at. After they felt Lilith had clam down Naruto and Hinata went on with the introduction was Hinata going next "My name is Hyuuga Hinata I am the heiress of the Hyuuga clan, my likes are Naruto-kun, cinnamon buns, my family and blood." Lilith looked at Hinata strangely not expecting that last part as Naruto went next "Namikaze Naruto, heir to the Namikaze clan, my likes are Hinata-chan, ramen, full moons and my family." Lilith looked at her two teammates "your wired but I like you" she said to Hinata, "you're an idiot" she said bluntly to Naruto.

Both teammates reacted in humors way for Lilith, while Hinata gave a nervous chuckle along with a blush. Naruto on the other hand was red with anger and growling at her obviously angry about him being called an idiot again, this caused Lilith to smile "well it seems like my brats are getting along rather nicely." Three turn around to see Anko sitting next to Lilith with three bowls of ramen, twelve dango skewers and a cup of tea sitting right next to her, 'how long has she been sitting there' were the thoughts of the new Genin.

Anko smiled at her new team listening in on their conversation of their likes and dislikes "okay, you brats now that we've gotten to know each other and all this warm and fuzzy crap is done with I feel it time to shatter whatever joy your feeling in the most painful of ways." Three didn't like were this was going "but first" Anko handed Lilith a Kohana headband with a smile "you can't be a kick ass shinobi with your headband" Lilith took the object and held it close, truth this was the first gift she had ever been given in a long time as she wrapped it around her right arm.

Anko glad to see she had Lilith's trust to a point decided to explain why she was here "alright brats, listen up" they paid attention afraid of what Anko would do if they didn't "as you knew were going to have are little test tomorrow at lovely place called the forest of death." The three's hope of passing was diminishing at this point "I expect you to be their around six in the morning sharp, failure to do so will result in me killing you and feeding you to my snakes." With that the last bit of hope for three had died as Anko continued, "if by some miracle you were to pass, you will be true shinobi under me, you will be my unquestioning and loyal minions who shall follow my every command, from smiting my enemies to bringing me large amounts of dango without question." The three's hope was now burning in hell and being stabbed to death by evil demos who looked like Anko.

After Anko had finished her rant she looked at her students with an innocent smile "well any question?" Both Lilith and Hinata were to afraid to answer until Naruto asked "ya what exactly are we going to be doing for this test?" Anko sent a bloodthirsty glare at Naruto "HOW DARE YOU ASK QUESTONS, MINION…but a good one nerveless" Naruto was now hiding behind Hinata out fear of what is sensei would do to him "as for what were doing…I haven't decided." Everyone face faulted at this while Anko just chuckled "don't get me wrong I have a few ideas but they wouldn't exactly be approved by the Hokage."

Anko's training idea

In a dark room the three students were all trapped one in insane and twisted torcher devices. Hinata had strange device attached to her head that something like a bear trap, Naruto was in what looked like an iron madden cabinet and Lilith was in a straight jack hanging over a large meat grinder. Soon a T.V that in the middle of he room turned on with a pale looking doll on it, The doll looked at the Genin and said "hello you three, I want to play a game."

End training idea

The three Genin began to fear for their lives as they watched their Psycho Sensei start squealing like a innocent little girl which just freaked everyone out. Anko noticed their looks and gave them a reassuring smile "hey, don't worry you three I wouldn't have asked to be your sensei if I didn't believe you had a chance at passing." Hearing these, words made the three feel a bit better as Anko stood up "well got go and here a gift before I leave" Anko handed the three a small box about the size of a suitcase "well open it already." They did this carefully and open the box only to see a small piece of paper that said 'don't read this, it's a bomb' and explode in their faces.

As the now ash covered Genin sat at the ramen stand they could only think about what a nut shop their sensei was. However, both Lilith and Naruto began to smile "ya know…I like her, she cool" Lilith turned to her teammate "I agree." Hinata looked between the two and was surprised that they had actually gotten along for the first time today and while she didn't enjoy them fighting a cold shiver ran up Hinata's spin as though something bad about to happen.

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