Disclaimer: Final Fantasy 12, its characters and ideas are not mine, however much I wish that they were.


She had no idea how it had happened. A Viera was not meant to love. They had friendship, family, or they mated. There was nothing else. For a Viera to fall in love with a hume was unthinkable, crazy; it was some horrible flaw. And yet, fall in love she had, with a sky pirate no less.

She loved how he had taken to curling up against her any time he wanted to rest, and had trouble sleeping without her as a pillow. She loved how he would sometimes roll away with the blankets in his sleep and apologize profusely when he awoke. She loved how at every opportunity, he would disappear suddenly only to reappear with a bouquet for her from some unfortunate flower shop. She even loved how he fawned over his clothing, despite knowing that his collar or cuffs were going to get messed up probably the very next day.

A normal Viera would find all of this silly. She would simply shake her head and walk away. Fran found it endearing. He was cute, charming, lovable. And most of all, he was hers, and she was his.

If this love was indeed some kind of flaw, it was one this Viera would gladly accept.


Note: Composed in my head late one night, when my fiancé had rolled away with the blankets.