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Opposite Day

JHalpert: I think you should re-consider.

PBeesly: It's nice to know you care so much about our relationship Jim.

JHalpert: It should be nice to know Pam! I'm thinking of us.

PBeesly: Oh so going out with Ryan would help us?

JHalpert: Absolutely it would.

PBeesly: Do I dare ask why?

JHalpert: Pam he's our boss.

PBeesly: Oh of

JHalpert: Think about the benefits of sleeping with your boss… in fact, just ask Michael!

PBeesly: I hate you.

JHalpert: You so don't.


JHalpert: Has it ever occurred to you that telling your own admitted true love you hate them might be taken the wrong way Beesly?

PBeesly: No… You did just tell me to cheat on you.

JHalpert: Touché.

JHalpert: But seriously? You don't mind one bit?

PBeesly: Not a microscopic dot Jim.

JHalpert: That's comforting.

PBeesly: You know why?

JHalpert: Why?

PBeesly: 'Cos it's Opposite Day.

JHalpert: …Opposite Day?

PBeesly: Yes!

JHalpert: Isn't that that 3rd grader thing where everything you say is the opposite to what you mean?

PBeesly: The one and only Jim.

JHalpert: Ah.

PBeesly: So when I say I hate you on Opposite Day, what does that mean?

JHalpert: That you love me?

PBeesly: Bingo!

JHalpert: Oh that makes perfect sense… so by that logic, telling you to re-consider going out with Ryan means that I don't want you to.

PBeesly: It sure does.

JHalpert: But I don't think that. I really think you should go to dinner with him.

PBeesly: Now you're getting the hang of it.

JHalpert: What makes you think I'm speaking in opposites?

PBeesly: It's Opposite Day… I thought we went through this.

JHalpert: But if it's Opposite Day… then it actually isn't.

PBeesly: What?

JHalpert: Hey I asked you first.

PBeesly: …No you didn't.

JHalpert: Yes I did.

PBeesly: What??

JHalpert: Jeez Pam stick to your own rules!

JHalpert: And keep the laughs coming. You are not getting any strange looks from Stanley at all.

PBeesly: Oh come on. Stanley cares that I'm laughing at nothing?

JHalpert: On Opposite Day he does.

PBeesly: Of course he does.


PBeesly: I hate you.

JHalpert: Ditto Pam, ditto.

PBeesly: OK Opposite Day is officially on hold.

JHalpert: Umm… I don't think you can put a national day on hold just because it's confusing you Pam.

PBeesly: It was my idea in the first place.

JHalpert: You invented Opposite Day? That's a pretty big achievement.

PBeesly: Keep it up, Jim. Ryan's still here.

JHalpert: Whoa! When did you become so feisty?

PBeesly: That's what she said.

JHalpert: Again Pam?

PBeesly: I know. I think I need help.

JHalpert: You so do…not.

PBeesly: Dammit! Stop being so funny!

JHalpert: You look like you're enjoying it.

PBeesly: That's an illusion Jim.

PBeesly: It's all in you're head.

PBeesly: Maybe you need help.

JHalpert: Ok have you made your point?

PBeesly: Yes.

JHalpert: Good.

PBeesly: No.

JHalpert: Oh.

PBeesly: What's my point again?

JHalpert: You can tell me you hate me on Opposite Day which just happens to be every single day you say it.

PBeesly: Right.

JHalpert: And Opposite Day is really short.

PBeesly: It is?

JHalpert: It only lasts for that one sentence and then its Non-Opposite Day again… a.k.a … normal.

PBeesly: Oh… that doesn't make sense.

JHalpert: You thought it up Pam.

PBeesly: I did?

JHalpert: Yeah.

PBeesly: You just refined the idea.

JHalpert: Exactly.

PBeesly: Well… no offence but you didn't do a great job.

JHalpert: You have a better definition?

PBeesly: Absolutely I do.

JHalpert: Ok…?

PBeesly: Ok I call it: Pamopposite?

JHalpert: …Pamopposite?

PBeesly: Yep.

JHalpert: That's original. I wonder what it means.

PBeesly: Ok it means that when I say something like 'I hate you', I'm Pamopposit…ising.

JHalpert: Oh God it's getting longer.

PBeesly: Shut up.

JHalpert: You're so sweet.

JHalpert: Is that a Pamopposite?

PBeesly: No. I really think you should stop talking.


PBeesly: So 'I hate you' is Pamopposite for 'I love you'.

JHalpert: Then what does 'I love you' mean?

PBeesly: It means 'I love you'.

JHalpert: …Cool.

PBeesly: I thought you'd like it.

JHalpert: So what else is a Pamopposite?

PBeesly: You sound like you're warming to the idea.

JHalpert: I might be getting there.

JHalpert: That's what she said.

PBeesly: I hate you.

JHalpert: I love you too.

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