Hi everyone,some of you may know that I lost a friend that was sharing the fun of writing from the story : The one.I can't write it without her so I discontinued it.

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"C'mon Hitomi! David is not gonna wait for ever! It's not fair and not normal that you are chatting with all your friends for three hours! " I put my hands on my hips."Oh yeah you probably don't know who I am,Konichiwa!Im Haruno Sakura and Im 17 years old.Im going to a school that called : Fire High,it's a great school and they teach something that other school don't teach : Ninja Art.It's really cool and if ninja's still exist then I sure would be a medic nin!"

A girl with dark purple hair is looking at me with a irritated face. "Hai hai my hime" "This is my older sister : Hitomi.Although she is a year older,she is threaten me like her little sister.She also is going to Fire High but not for long.Everybody thinks that she's beautiful,smart and nice and yes she is but sometime's it's hurting me.They only see me as the little sister of Hitomi."

Hitomi stood up and flipt her beautiful dark purple hair.She walked to me and griped my shoulders gentle "Well little sister have fun with David,say him I said hello okay?" " Oh yeah David,he's my boyfriend.Finally the first one that gives about ME and not Hitomi,we are girl and boy friend for a half year.He and Hitomi are like brother and sister since he's my boyfriend.He is going to another school and we almost never see each other so we're sending mails to each other."

I shaked her hands from my shoulders and nodded "Yeah okay whatever" She smiled "Thanks for lending me your comp,Im so in love! I'ved got a mail from Sasuke-kun! He said that he was going singed in,but he didn't well yeah too bad.I don't know when Dad is gonna fix mine comp.If you need me just call my cell. Im going to the post-office to send Sasuke-kun a card"

"Sasuke-kun,he's my sister's boy friend.I don't know much about him because Hitomi almost never tell me things from him.She is always saying that her Sasuke-kun is romantic,nice and charming in his own way,and when she finally saw Sasuke-kun's face she's screaming he's cute and stuff."
she sticked her tongue out and walked away."Finally" I walked to the chair and sat down ."Oh great she didn't signed off" a chat window popped out.

Davy : Wazzup Hitomi?

I smiled,that was David he probably though Hitomi was still on.

Just Unique Hitomii : Hihi Hya Davy! It's me Sakura,Hitomi didn't logged off.

Davy : Err oops okay do you know where she is?

Just Unique Hitomii : Oh yeah she said that she went to the post-office to send her boy friend a card or something.

Davy : Ok,a friend of mine needs me BYE

Just Unique Hitomii : Kay bye honey!

Davy singed off.

I sighed and I wanted to singed off until another chat window popped out."Who's this?"

Dark Uchiha singed in.

Dark Uchiha : Yo honey,srry that Im late.Ainki was checking my mail that jerk.

Who is this one of my sis friends?! What to do?! I panicked and I did the first thing that was on my mind.

Just Unique Hitomii : Awh mean from him!

Dark Uchiha : It's Itachi this is really something for him

Just Unique Hitomii : Ehm ano

Dark Uchiha : What?

Just Unique Hitomii : Im not Hitomi,Im her sister Sakura

Dark Uchiha : Aa.You're Sakura?

Just Unique Hitomii : Yep

Dark Uchiha : Bye I wanted to talk with Hitomi

Just Unique Hitomii : Wait! You're so mean!

Dark Uchiha : Im just being me

I looked mad at the screen,who does this jerk think he's?! I wanted to sing off but my hands didn't listen.

Just Unique Hitomii : Jerk!

Dark Uchiha : Felt relieved?

Just Unique Hitomii : I can't believe that Hitomi would talk like someone like you! You're total jerk!

Dark Uchiha : Hn whatever,you're nothing like your sis said

Just Unique Hitomii : What?! She's been telling things about me and I don't know a single thing of you?!

Dark Uchiha : Yeah think so

Just Unique Hitomii : That's so unfair!

Dark Uchiha : Welcome to the real world

Just Unique Hitomii : Grr tell me you're name!

Dark Uchiha : No,funny thing is that I know yours : Haruno Sakura

Just Unique Hitomii : Not fair! Tell me more about you,what do you like?

Dark Uchiha : I hate many things

Just Unique Hitomii : Do you have dreams?

Dark Uchiha : I don't have dreams only ambitions,to surpass my brother

Just Unique Hitomii : Why that so? You're jealous of your brother?

Dark Uchiha : No,he's a total moron

Just Unique Hitomii : Don't you wanna tell more about yourself?

Dark Uchiha : No

Just Unique Hitomii : JEESH You're so cold! You really need to tell me how you and my sister met each other!

Dark Uchiha : Ask her

Just Unique Hitomii : ARGH! I really wanna throw a kunai at you!

Dark Uchiha : Kunai?

Just Unique Hitomii : Yeah a ninja weapon,on my school they learn us things about ninja's and stuff.

Dark Uchiha : Serious? Ninja are awesome

Just Unique Hitomii : Yeah! Ninja's are cool! If ninja's still excited I would be a medic nin

Dark Uchiha : Medic nin?

Just Unique Hitomii : Medic nin's are ninja's that heals

Dark Uchiha : Lame dude,Ninja's that are fighting are awesome

Just Unique Hitomii : Medic nin's aren't lame! They heal ppl that are hurt!

Dark Uchiha : Whatever,I'ved readed a book about ninja's and things and the sharingan is like kick ass

Just Unique Hitomii : Sharingan? Oh that red eye thingy?

Dark Uchiha : Aa

Just Unique Hitomii : That's scary but I heard that you could copy jutsu's with the sharingan

Dark Uchiha : Awesome

Just Unique Hitomii : The chidori is really cool!

Dark Uchiha : Betcha that it's,who was the user of it? I'ved heard that only one dude used that technique

Just Unique Hitomii : I think the user of the chidori was the son of the white fang and the technique wasn't complete without the sharingan.

Dark Uchiha : White fang? the legendary?

Just Unique Hitomii : Yep

Dark Uchiha : g2g,give me your email

Just Unique Hitomii : You wanna talk with me?

Dark Uchiha : Yeah you're interesting

I felt warm inside,someone who knew who Hitomi was wanted to talk with ME!

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So what did I do? MAKE MY OWN CHATBOX! Hihi I've got that idea from Hitomi lending Sakura's computer from MYSELF AND MY BROTHER!
Im lending my brothers computer XD Hihi and my brothers name is...DAVID! I wanted to take revenge of him because he's always bothering me.
That Hitomi didn't logged off. and Sakura is on her account is also from myself and my brother.While I was lending his comp. he didn't logged off. and oh my
I had mean ideas! Too bad that he catch me...T.T BYE