(A/N and Disclaimer: Spur-of-the-moment oneshot time! This was something I planned to add into Chapter 3 of our other fic 'Two Years Later' but it got too long so I decided to make it a oneshot. If you've read it, you'll remember that Ziva was off work with 'stomach flu' and then dropped a blatant hint at the ASL class about her being pregnant which everyone but Tony, her fiancé, picked up on. Definite, blatant Tiva. Hope you like it, it was a random thing.)

'So, your place or mine tonight?' Tony said, flashing his dazzling smile at Ziva over the top of his car. Ziva rolled her eyes.
'Do you even need to ask, Tony? Almost all of your worldly posessions are now in my apartment. I don't even recall you bringing them, they just seemed to be there'
'Like when I woke up and found you there, posing as my wife and pouring water in my ear' Tony laughed as they got into the car. 'And then you found out you were my pregnant wife too... haha...' He laughed to himself as Ziva put her seatbelt on, smirking to herself. 'Wasn't that a blast?'
'If you count being cornered in an elevator by armed asassins, tied to a chair and very nearly murdered or worse a blast, Tony, then yes; it was' Ziva said. They spotted Tim and Abby's car pull out a few spaces in front of theirs, and drive off.
'They fit so well together as a family' Ziva mused, as Tony backed out (he didn't trust Ziva's driving in the slightest).
'Yeah. I can't get over how well Abby looks after little Caitie, though. I never pictured her as the maternal kind'
'You thought just because she slept in a coffin and wore black constantly, she'd do what; eat her own young?' Ziva asked, amused. 'Mind you, in some countries-'
'Don't even say it, Ziva' Tony said, raising a hand as they drove out of the car park and headed for Ziva's apartment. 'All I meant was that the maternity really changed her. Kids change a lot of things...'
'Not all the time' Ziva said carefully, placing a hand conspicuously over her stomach. He could hardly fail to notice... 'Being with child only changes you if you want it to'
Tony didn't look at her, keeping his eyes on the road. Damn...
'Yeah but - some people you just can't picture with children, can you?' he replied. 'I mean - well, the Director...'
'She's good with Caitie' injerjected Ziva patiently.
'Yeah, but so are you. And I couldn't imagine you - us with kids of our own. Granted, they'd have looks that every other kid would hate them for, and we'd be a hit on Career day...'
Ziva still waited, tapping her fingers light against her stomach.
'...but you, pregnant? Waddling round like a misplaced hippo with hormones flying, breasts like basketballs and a little DiNozzo inside of you? I mean, come on-'
'Tony DiNozzo, stop rambling so that I can tell you I'm pregnant properly'
Tony's head whipped round to stare at Ziva and his car began to veer all over the road. Other drivers beeped their horns and swore angrily at them as they weaved haphazardly all over the road, and it took the screech of their car shuddering onto the hard shoulder for Tony to tear his eyes away from Ziva and regain control of his vehicle. Even then, he could only gibber.
'Are you -you're - we're - I'm - baby - DiNozzo - our - your - my...' he stammered. Ziva raised an eyebrow and laughed at him.
'And you say my driving is terrible'
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