Sense of Finality
By: Manna (Kitten Kisses)

In this life, we go our way.
On this moment, we cannot stay.
In the end our debt must be paid… In the end, all must fade.
All we are shall burn to embers,
But it will be all worth it if one remembers.

The moist earth beneath him was warm, though it was most certainly not by his touch. He was cold- both inside and out; his soul remaining chilled as the sun beat down upon him.

It was hard for him to believe that he had finally been victorious. But at what price? The few people that still remained on Earth were always looking over their shoulders- trusting no one. His mother and he were alone; so very alone, though they were still together.

And he had lost the only friend he'd ever had.


The name sent chills down his already numb spine. Had his Master known that fighting the androids would be for naught? Had he gone into battle willingly, knowing what his fate would be? Had he wanted to die, then, as he watched the once-beautiful Earth slowly crumbled around him?

He wasn't sure he wanted to know. His friend and confidant had lost so much; almost everything.

He wondered if Gohan's mother and grandfather were still alive. He rather doubted it, but he couldn't help but hope that they were still around. His mother had sometimes mentioned the energetic ChiChi; and God knew his mom needed a friend, now.

He rubbed the back of his hand against his forehead, wiping away the drops of sweat that had beaded there as he worked. A light breeze blew through the area, forcing the flowers he'd only just planted to sway gently back and forth. He watched them, an almost regretful look on his face.

They were not enough- could never be enough. Not for a man as great as his Master. A few simple transplanted wildflowers would never do Gohan justice. He deserved so much more… Perhaps in a few years, when the rubble that they called home was restored for the most part, he would be able to find some beautiful flowers to plant there, but for now, they would have to do.

The bright oranges and yellows of the flower petals contrasted greatly against the dull grey of his friend's gravestone, and he found it to be eerily unnerving, reminding him of the skies the afternoon he'd found Gohan lying in a puddle, his eyes expressionless, and his body only too far gone.

In the end, that was what had driven the androids to their demise. Laying a hand on the top of the stone that bore his friend's name, he stood.

If he pictured his Master there, lying in the murky water; rain falling on his still form… he would get so angry, and yet, so sad. Sad that things had had to end the way they had, and angry, because he'd had no other choice.

It was only too bad that it had taken the life of someone so important to him. His Master, his confidant, and most importantly… His friend.

Author Notes:

Not sure if this was any good. Reviews are greatly appreciated, especially if you can give me some help on the characterization of Mirai Trunks.

I just hope that you didn't find it too boring. Thanks for reading!