Title: Redemption

Disclaimer: None of it's mine it belongs to Sci-fi and RDM. Thanks for letting me borrow!

Note: This fic is in three parts, and follows the cliffhangers presented at the end of Season 3. Please enjoy, but also give feedback. This author thrives on the thoughts of her readers. Thanks!

0o0o Redemption - Part I

President Laura Roslin sat silently as she felt the liquid from her IV drain into her. The supposedly life saving solution, made her skin crawl, and her stomach churn, and her heart race all at once. She often wondered whether it was worth all this trouble.

It had been several weeks since the jump to the Ionian nebula and the attack on the fleet. Everyone was still reeling from the damage the cylons had managed to do in the twenty minutes it took to spool the FTL drives and jump away.

Though Galactica had taken the least of the damage, everyone aboard was dealing with an unimaginable shock of their own. The return of Lieutenant Kara Thrace had shaken everyone to their core, especially the unshakeable Admiral Adama. The President had sat in on his interrogation of her. He was unrelenting, which she knew to be due to his deep affection of the girl, and his resentment at mourning her loss.

Starbuck had explained herself as thoroughly as she could. She'd jumped out of the gas planet, out of some kind of vision or inexplicable urge, and then had continued to jump. She said that she had no idea why or how, but she jumped over and over again until finally she recognized her surroundings. She'd been there on Kobol, and just like the President herself, Starbuck said she would never forget the patterns of stars she'd witnessed there. She'd found Earth.

The Admiral had thought himself far too emotionally involved and had sought the President's council in deciding what to do with the ever-troublesome Starbuck. Roslin had decided to trust the girl because, after all, what cylon would try and win back their trust with a ridiculous story like that.

The President found herself smiling as she realized that the entire episode had healed some of the wounds that had formed between herself and the Admiral. The trail had split them grossly, and she was unsure if she could ever forgive him. But as he came to her racked with guilt and uncertainly over Kara, she had seen that his judgment was the same as it had always been. He was forgiving, and strong, and without spite, something she wished to aspire to herself.

Lee on the other hand, was a different story. The Admiral had yet to forgive his son, and the President was even further behind him. Bill had explained that while he understood Lee's actions, he still could not forgive his insubordination. Roslin, could not consider either as forgivable, not yet anyway. She had trusted him implicitly so long ago, he had committed mutiny against his own father for her, but he had also accused her of taking drugs and having poor judgment, just before he'd outted her cancer to the entire fleet. It wasn't the fleet she cared about so much, as it was Adama.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Dr. Cottle as he burst through the curtain.

"You have a visitor. I tried to tell him you didn't want any, but he out ranks me." He said with a shrug before stepping aside. Bill Adama made his way slowly through the curtain and smiled at her in his sweet way.

"Admiral, this is a surprise." Roslin smiled as best she could.

"I heard your last treatment didn't go so well. So I thought I'd bring you a little something." He said as he sat down in the chair next to the bed and stretched out his arm to hand her something.

It was a book, and she turned it over to read the cover. "The Man from Geminon." She read the title out loud. "Thank you Bill." She forced a brighter smile than she thought possible.

"You're welcome. I confiscated it from one of my pilots, but I haven't had a chance to read it, so you'll have to tell me how it is." He said with an almost indiscernible laugh.

"Well then this one will have to be a loaner, that way you can read it too," She said, setting the book down and shifting her weight. The Diloxin always made her muscles ache.

"How are things on Colonial One?" He asked, a hint of nervousness in his voice. She picked up on it, understanding his urge to make polite conversation.

"Busy, as usual. I think the fleet is beginning to settle down, after the trial, and the attacks. And then of course there are the never ending questions about my health." She shook her head and sighed.

Adama's smile faltered as he pondered her words. She watched him intently, trying to read his thoughts. Every once in a while she thought she caught a bit of what was going on in that head of his, but then again he'd always surprise her.

"How have you been feeling?" He asked suddenly, catching her off guard.

"The cure makes me feel worse than the cancer," she said with a sad smile. "But otherwise I feel fine Bill." She stared at him again, as his eyes betrayed some emotion she couldn't quite put her finger on. He gazed back at her, trying to find words to express what he was thinking, without making a fool out of himself.

"When will we know if it's working?" He said finally, his voice surprisingly even.

"The good doctor says there aren't any signs of improvement yet, but it could take time to work." She said, astounding him with the lack of emotion in her voice or eyes.

'She seems resigned' he thought to himself. He nodded in understanding, slightly afraid to speak. What could he say to her?

"Alright," came the gruff voice of Dr. Cottle as he tore open the curtain. "You're done for today," he began to detach her from her monitor and IV.

"Thank the Gods," She sighed and smiled at Adama.

"How do you feel?" He said as he stepped back and checked her over.

"A little woozy." She admitted sheepishly.

Admiral Adama stood as the President slowly began to rise.

"You need to eat something, despite the fact that you may not want to Missy." The doctor said, helping her up.

"I'll try," She said with a sigh, as she slipped her shoes back on.

"Would you like to join me for dinner?" Adama asked politely.

She glanced from Cottle to Adama and smiled. "Yes, Thank you Admiral. That would be nice."

"Take it easy Madam President," Cottle said as she began to walk toward the exit.

"I'll see that she does," Adama replied as he took her elbow and guided her through the door.