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Chapter 77

Adama had been awake for over and hour. He could have easily mistaken where he was for the fields of Elysium, for heaven. Her breathing was steady and slow, her eyes beautiful even when closed. He was enraptured in her. In her beauty and her forgiveness.

He was also scared to death. He knew that she still loved him, and that she would get past his inane stubborn disbelief in her. What he couldn't be sure of, however, was that it would ever be the same between them. Could it ever be as perfect as it had been – would they ever be that happy?

The answer was undeniably, no. But it did not deter him for even a moment. He accepted it gratefully, jumping at the chance. He would take whatever she had to give. He would crawl to the end of the universe for it, and he would cherish it.

The buzzing of the com against the wall roused them both from their peaceful states. Adama leaned across Laura and lifted the receiver to his ear.

"Adama," He said, his husky voice low.

Laura watched as he spoke, noting his facial expression rise, unabashedly enjoying the feel of him so close.

Bill hung the receiver back on the wall and smiled down at his wife.

"Kara's awake," he smile, giddy but clearly uncertain. "She wants to see you."

Laura smiled in return, more hesitant, but glad.

"What are you going to tell her?" Bill asked running his hand through her hair.

"The truth," she said with a sigh.

"Which is," Bill prompted, uncritically, but trying to understand himself.

Laura smiled and ran her hand along the side of his rough face.

"That there are cylons among us, with us- who love us, and whom we love, and trust. In essence they are no different from you or me," she smiled. "They are our future. Kara and her child are our future." She grew serious as she watched him try and gather his thoughts.

"There are others?" He sighed, trying to quell his suspicion, his learned hate. "Aside from Kara and Saul?"

Laura took a deep breath. "Yes. Five," She smiled and began to turn away.

"And you know who?" He continued, not prepared to let it drop.

Laura turned back to him, her face falling. She was not ready to trust him fully, she couldn't, despite the fact her every fiber wanted to desperately.

"I've been able to feel them since those moments when I died," she sighed, finding it hard to look him in the eye.

"And you're not going to tell me who they are?" Bill said calmly, almost pleading.

Laura sat up and turned to get out of bed.

"It doesn't matter who they are," she sighed, grasping just how far he still had to come. Her heart wrenching with the fact that he wasn't, and would never be fully able to see her vision. "You'll have to trust me."

Bill sighed as well, remembering his promise – remembering his faith. "I trust you," he said softly.

Laura stood and gathered herself together, picking up her coat and sliding on her pumps.

"Aren't you coming?" She asked, an eyebrow arched, a smile breaking through.

Bill sighed and smiled, a little mischief playing on his lips.

"Yes," he replied, groaning a slightly as he rose from the rack.

He took but a moment to pull on his boots and button his jacket. As they exited the hatch Bill offered Laura his elbow, which she took after a moment's hesitation. A year ago she wouldn't have hesitated. Six months ago she would have taken it lovingly. Now, she was finding it hard to fall back into that comfortable place they had once shared. Actually, she found herself falling too easily, and that scared her. Her heart was undoubtedly there – it had forgiven Bill fully, it had never stopped loving him just as deeply and broadly as the day they were married. It was her head that stopped her. Her conscience screamed against her. She had lose too much, hurt too much, to just let it all go. Some part of her had to hold back. Some part of her had to be strong. For both of them.

When they reached the life station, Kara was sitting up, awake, looking nervous, Cottle stood at her side.

"What the frack is going on?" She yelled, immediately upon seeing Adama and Roslin.

"Kara," Adama said quickly, a little shocked by her abruptness.

"My baby is a cylon? I'm a cylon? It's bull shit and you know it!" She yelled, a little less softly, but directly at Adama.

"Where is the child?" Laura asked Cottle, calm and composed.

"Resting. Lee is with him," the doctor replied, his exasperation beyond normal levels. His exhaustion glaringly apparent.

"Would you bring him in please," Laura requested with a smile. "Both of them."

"I'm not sure…" Cottle began before abruptly deciding he was too tired to argue and shaking his head. He stomped through the curtain and disappeared.

"Kara, it's not an easy thing to accept. I can't imagine…" Adama tried but failed to calm her.

"Frack that Admiral! How can you even consider this?" Kara said, her face contorted with confusion and pain.

"Kara," Laura said, almost a whisper, causing the young woman to turn toward her.

Before she could say more Cottle entered, holding Zak in his arms. Lee followed closely on his heels.

"Kara," Lee sighed, racing to her side and taking her hand.

Laura and Bill watched as Lee kissed her head, and Kara softened at his touch.

"Gods I was worried," Lee breathed, holding her close.

Cottle stepped forward and looked to Laura before approaching Kara. Laura nodded encouragingly, and Cottle progressed.

Kara sat in awe as Cottle inched forward, little Zak's tiny hand reaching out beyond his blanket.

Cottle ever so gently handed Kara her son. Kara's face was a mixture of apprehension and wonder. It made Laura and Bill smile to see her thus.

"This is your mom," Lee said, taking the tiny paw of his son in his own.

Kara looked between Lee and Zak and had to blink the tears from her eyes.

"Zak," she said, with a quiet laugh.

Lee kissed her head as she looked down upon her child.

Laura couldn't help but wipe a tear from her eye. It was as it should be, and it was what she had hoped for.

"Kara," Laura said again softly. Kara tore her eyes from her son and looked up at her. Her eyes were hopeful, yet confusion clouded them. She wasn't sure what to feel, how to react… and yet, she clearly felt the overwhelming, primal power of her connection with her child.

"He's perfect," Laura said with a broad smile. Kara nodded and glanced down at Zak before returning her gaze to Laura. She seemed captivated, waiting, desperate for an explanation. Laura wasn't sure she was ready to explain this. Not to Kara, not to anyone. She had fully accepted that she was indeed the prophet, that she would lead her people to Earth, but it didn't mean that she was equipped for this.

"You are perfect." Laura tried. "The fact that you are a cylon means almost nothing."

Kara continued to stare at Laura, disbelieving, anxious.

"This is our future Kara. Your son is our future. We are going to find Earth, and we are going to live there in peace. Build, love, and live as we so desperately have fought to do." Laura smiled radiantly, just speaking the words she could see it all before her eyes.

"I don't understand," Kara chocked out, looking down at Zak again. The glow in her eyes as she looked lovingly upon her son was incandescent.

"Nothing has changed," Adama stepped forward, his expression resolute.

"But everything I've done, fighting, killing… I'm one of them," she whispered, a piercing quality to her tone.

"We were wrong," Adama continued, looking to Laura. "We were all wrong."

"But we have a chance at peace Kara, and that's worth so much more. Zak can grow up without war, and we can rebuild, together," Laura broke her stare with Bill and looked back to Kara.

Kara looked between Adama and Roslin, and then to Lee at her side, before staring back at her baby, sleeping peacefully in her arms.

Kara had never known peace. But she had also never known the power of the feeling inside her soul at that moment. It was stronger than anything, her need to fight, her love for Lee or Adama. It was everything, and somehow, despite her very nature, and her learned defenses, she trusted it. And she would fight for it. The war was over, there was nothing left to fight for, but now, now Kara Thrace had something more important to live for.