Full summary: A Trick-or-Treat trip with a friend has six-year-old Grace Gallaher tumbling (literally) into a world of ghosts, monsters, and scares. After a somewhat embarrassing first impression with the Pumpkin King, Grace has a Halloween and Christmas she would never forget.

Chapter summary: While baby-sitting, Grace finds the quickest way to keep a five-year-old girl and a centuries-old Elf entertained while killing a few hours. STORY TIME!!!!

Okay, first off, I'd like to apologize to everyone for taking so long with my stories. Real life, writer's block, and plot bunnies have it out for me, I just know it. Anyway, this fic will go through a slight rewrite. Nothing too big. Just this prologue and small additions to chappies 1 and 2.

Genre(s): Fantasy, Friendship, li'l bit of Horror, some Action, and some Adventure.

This fic is rated K+ for scary images and MILD language, GRACE!!

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Prologue: Autumn Leaves and Holiday letters

October, 2005

A crisp breeze scattered the fallen leaves on the ground, creating small cyclones of red, orange, yellow, and brown. One colorful cyclone was promptly disturbed by a small pair of bright purple boots jumping and stomping around. The little girl attached to the boots giggled at the sound of leaves crunching beneath her feet as the wind played with wisps of her golden brown hair.

"BiBi," a voice of an older girl called out from one of the surrounding trees. "Don't wander off too far, okay?"

BiBi Kiddo paused in her play and let out a mock sigh of resignation. "Yes, nana."

From her seat up in the tree closest to the child, Grace Gallaher stared in astonishment at the five-year-old she was babysitting before groaning in exasperation.

"Ugh. And your mom says you spend too much time around me!" she said, the smile on her scarred face contradicting the complaining tone. "Well, at least you're learning a new language pretty quick." She added in a cheerful tone.

BiBi giggled in response before gleefully resuming her fun.

Stomping on leaves and hearing them go 'crunch' under her new boots.

Grace kept her hazel green eyes on the dark blue of the younger girl's denim jacket before turning her attention back to the notepad in her lap.

Her teacher (and BiBi's mother), Beatrix Kiddo, had asked Grace to keep an eye on BiBi while she worked on the five-year-old's surprise Halloween costume. As soon as BiBi gave up on begging one of her favorite baby-sitters to tell her what the costume was (after ten minutes), the two girls packed up a small snack and went to Central Park.

Via portal, of course.

After quickly growing bored of the playground, BiBi dragged Grace to a secluded area of the park's paved path, begging to play in the leaves and promising to stay where Grace could see her.

The result?

The fifteen-year-old sitting perfectly balanced on one of the tree branches, notepad and pencil in hand, invisible to the untrained eye, keeping a close eye and ear on the five-year-old skipping and stomping through the leaves.

So far, only joggers, bikers, and the occasional couple had passed by the two, none showing or implying any ill intention towards BiBi. Nevertheless, Grace was tense, ready to draw her knife or gun should the situation call for it.

If anything happened to BiBi…

Grace fiercely shook her head, banishing the thoughts trailing after that fear, and went back to the notepad. It was a week before Halloween and the young woman was writing her annual letters to her childhood friends and guardians.

The scratch of the pencil and the crunching of the leaves went on for a while before one grew silent.


No answer.

Looking up from her letter, Grace searched the ground below her. The five-year-old was no were to be seen.


She started to panic as a cold feeling snaked into her stomach.


"Hi Gracie!"

Grace nearly fell out of the tree. Looking up, she swore to this day she almost had a heart attack.


Dangling her small legs over the branch above Grace, the five-year-old grinned and waved at her babysitter.

Placing a hand over her own heart, Grace calmed herself a little before yelling out.

"Don't ever scare me like that again, BiBi Kiddo!! Understand?!"

BiBi winced at the tone of Grace's voice. She was just playing. She didn't mean to scare her friend or make her mad.

"Sorry." The younger girl mumbled looking away.

Grace sighed. "It's okay, honey," she said calmly. "Just don't do that again. Okay?"

"Okay." BiBi said cheerfully.

"Now on another note; What are you doing up there!?!?" Grace yelled again, this time in disbelief instead of anger. "How did you even get up there?!?!"

"I climbed."

"No, seriously."

"I did!" BiBi said indignantly. "Well, I did have some help." She admitted coyly.

"From wh…?" Grace trailed off, then let out a groan of annoyance as the realization dawned on her.

There was only one person, no, one being she knew who was an excellent climber, at home in the trees, the most overprotective of her guardians, and was just as much guilty of spoiling BiBi as she or Beatrix were.

Rolling her eyes in exasperation, Grace looked up into the higher branches and called out.


The leaves above her rustled for a moment before a familiar lithe figure landed in front of her.

"Hello, tithen-pen."

Grace shot a fake glare at the Elf before stating in a low, seemingly nonchalant tone. "Legolas, quit callin' me little and please get your youngest admirer down from that branch before I do one of two things; string you up by your bowstring and leave you hanging here for the vultures or die of either a heart-attack or a bullet to my head."

Legloas chuckled before giving a slight bow. "Ae anírach, hiril nîn."

Grace went slightly pink at the title, but when she was able to speak, the Mirkwood prince had already leapt to the higher branch to retrieve the youngest of the three. Undeterred, she yelled after him.

"And stop calling me that, too!"

BiBi pouted when her friend had reached the branch she was on, a sure sign that it was time to come down. Seeing the sad look on her features, Legolas gave her a smile and offered his hand.

"Come on, young one." He coaxed softly.

"Do I have to?"

"I believe Grace said for you to get down from the branch," he stated in a thoughtful tone. "I don't recall her saying anything about leaving the tree."

From where she was sitting, Grace's eyes widened again before she smacked her forehead, silently cursing everything from her own stupidity to the watery eyed, kicked-puppy-dog-pout every young child below the age of nine seemed to possess, to a certain Elf's ability to use her words against her at times.

And the fact that this was one of the few times she could think of that said Elf has given into that look.

BiBi, on the other hand, let out a small squeak of delight and practically jumped into the Elf's arms, nearly giving the two older beings heart attacks. Quickly recovering from the scare, Legolas adjusted his hold on the five-year-old and carefully climbed down to meet a still-recovering Grace.

"There we are," he set the small girl down near Grace, who was currently torn between being angry with him or relieved that BiBi was safe. Quickly guessing her train of thought, Legolas spoke before Grace even opened her mouth. "What are you writing?"

"A letter." Grace answered shortly. She had planned to chew him out quickly and cleanly, hopefully without "teaching" the five-year-old girl in their company any more new words, when said five-year-old chirped up.

"Who's it for?"

"A few old friends of mine."

"Where're they from?"

Realizing what had just happened, Grace gave the older being a quick and discrete glare before answering BiBi. "Halloween Town."

" 'Halloween Town'?" BiBi echoed. "You mean like the place on Disney Channel?"

The girl's curiosity grew when Grace gave her the same look she would have when someone asked for a very obvious answer.

"That sorry excuse of a holiday world?!" she exclaimed. "God no! If I ever set foot in that world, Legolas, feel free to shoot me in the head."

It was after her mini tirade that Grace saw the other look on BiBi's features.

It was about to happen.

'Oh crud.'

"So there's another one? What's it like? Is it scarier? When'd you go there? What happened when you were there? Can I come with you when you ever go back?"

The five-year-old's endless-seemingly-insatiable-sometimes-cute-other-times-annoying series of questions.

It took every bit of Grace's self-control and sense of respect of her friend to keep her from screaming at Legolas. Or, in some immature and slightly sadistic corner of her mind, telepathically shoving him off the branch.

Realizing that BiBi had stopped talking and was eagerly, and somewhat patiently, waiting for her answers, Grace held back her petty anger and answered any and all questions. "We'll see and I'll tell you later, Honeybee."

"Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase?" BiBi begged. "I'll sit really still an' I won't tell Mommy that you weren't paying attention for a minute so she won't throw sharp stuff at you."

Legolas stifled a laugh while Grace went a little pale at the mention of Beatrix's "method" of ensuring that anyone who looked after her daughter understood and followed any and all rules in regards of her safety and innocence and punishing those who didn't follow them to the letter.

Although many would argue that the method itself would endanger both the safety and innocence of any child.

Looking for a way out, Grace tried a different tactic. "It's a really long story, Kiddo. I might not have enough time to tell you the whole thing."

BiBi pouted a little before Legolas spoke up. "I believe we have time before Beatrix contacts you and the little one has to return home."

Grace snapped her gaze back up at him in a glare. You're doing this on purpose. She growled mentally at him. With a heavy sigh, Grace spoke out loud. "I suppose I could. If anything, it'll kill some time."

"Alright!" BiBi cheered.

Grace cast a quick glance at Legolas. I'm still gonna yell at you later, tithen las. Right now though, you might want to sit down.

May I ask why? Legolas "asked". As if to answer his question, the Elf felt a small tug on the sleeve of his tunic. Looking down, he met the pleading brown eyes of the youngest of the three.


Like I said, it's a long story and my lap is currently occupied.

He avoided the smirk he was sure Grace was directing at him and sat down, allowing BiBi to crawl into his lap. BiBi settled against the Elf, her small head on his chest hearing the steady heartbeat within, and let out a small sigh of content, earning two amused smiles from the two older beings. As soon as the child was comfortable, Grace began her tale.

"It was Halloween night and I was Trick-Or-Treating with one of my friends in his neighborhood."

"How old were you?" BiBi asked.

"Six-years-old," Grace answered. "But it was my third time going Trick-Or-Treating. We had just finished going to all the good houses and were taking a small break…"


So, there you are. The prologue for 'This is Halloween'.

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Oh and here are the translations for some of the Elvish earlier:

Nana-Mom, mommy

Tithen-pen-Little one

Ae anírach, hiril nîn-If you wish, my lady

Tithen las-Little leaf