Summary: Evelyn is away on Halloween night, and Bobby is left in charge. When he decides to have a scary movie night with his brothers, chaos will ensue.

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Bobby- 18

Jerry- 16

Angel- 14

Jack- 10

Chapter One

"All right. I'm only going to be gone for one night," Evelyn said as she put on her coat. "A friend of mine isn't doing too well, so I'm going to spend some time with her. I think you'll be all right by yourselves for this short amount of time."

"We'll be fine, Mom," Angel assured her, putting his arm around his younger brother, Jack's, shoulders. The ten-year-old nodded in agreement, a smile on his face as he unwrapped another mini candy bar and ate it. Today was Halloween, one of the best days of the year for kids his age. He had gone Trick or Treating earlier that afternoon, reluctantly accompanied by Bobby. The oldest Mercer said that he would only go if he could have half of the candy that Jack collected, but seeing his baby brother's wide eyes, he had lowered it to one fourth.

"Yeah. You don't have to worry about a thing, Ma," Bobby added.

"I know," Evelyn muttered with a sigh. "It's just that I haven't left you alone or without a babysitter for one full night before. Bobby, since you're the oldest, I guess you'll be in charge, dear…"

"Oh, now we're not gonna' be fine if he's in charge," Jerry said while he rolled his eyes. "Don't be surprised if you come home and the house is burned down or somethin'…"

Bobby gave his brother a death glare, but he automatically fingered the lighter that he always kept in his back pocket. "Shut up," he replied in defense, not wanting to swear in front of Evelyn. "I'm not gonna' burn the house down!"

"Sure you're not."

"All right. That's enough, both of you!" Evelyn snapped. "Bobby, you're almost an adult. I expect you to act like one, especially since you're going to be the only one taking care of your brothers. And don't aggravate him, Jeremiah."

Bobby laughed a little. "It's all right, Ma. Don't worry," he said. "Everything will be fine. Nothin's gonna' happen."

"I know, dear. I just can't help but worry," Evelyn told him. "But I suppose I should be going. If you need anything, you've got Betty's number. It's on the fridge if you need to call. I'm not too far away. I'll be home in the morning, all right, boys?"

"Okay, Mom. That's fine," Jerry replied. "Give Betty our regards."

Evelyn smiled. "I will, dear. That's very kind of you, Jeremiah. I hope you all have a good night." Then, she hugged her three youngest sons, but when she got to Bobby, she gave him a serious look.

"Behave," Evelyn said before she laughed and hugged him too. "Well, I'll see you later. Remember to call if you need anything. I love you!"

"We will, Ma," Bobby told her, waving as she walked out the front door. "Love you too. Bye!"

After watching their mother drive out of the driveway and disappear down the street, the oldest Mercer turned back to his brothers. "Give Betty our regards?" he asked. "Jerry, are you crazy?!"

"What's wrong with that, Bobby?" Jerry asked defensively. "Sure she may not be the friendliest lady, but she's still Mom's friend."

"Jer, she hates us!" Bobby countered. "She still thinks that we're criminals and should be in the slammer. She's calling Ma crazy for even taking us in!"

"I wouldn't really say she hates us…" Jack muttered through a mouth full of peanut butter.

"Yeah, hate is such a strong word," Angel agreed. "She just doesn't understand us, that's all."

Bobby rolled his eyes. "All right," he said. "She just strongly dislikes us, but she still thinks that we're criminals and should be in the slammer."

"Well, okay, that's true," Jerry muttered. "But still. It's good to be nice once in a while, Bobby, you still have to learn that…"

"Now that we've gotten that settled," Bobby loudly addressed his brothers, giving Jerry a look that clearly stated that the conversation about Betty was over, "we still have an issue to deal with. What do we do tonight?"

"Aren't you going to go to Taylor's party?" Jerry asked. "You've always gone in past years."

Bobby shook his head. "It gets boring after a few times you go," he answered. "Besides, I'm in charge of you three this year. I can't leave you girls alone, can I?"

"We're not girls," Angel muttered, getting sick of Bobby's endless teasing.

"Why don't we keep it simple this year?" Bobby suggested, ignoring the comment. "We'll rent a movie and stay up late. But since it's Halloween night, it'll have to be something scary."

"Scary?" Jack asked as he unwrapped a piece of gum, looking unsure about this decision.

"Yeah, Jackie. Scary," Bobby answered with a mischievous glint in his eye. "It's a tradition to watch a scary movie on Halloween night sweetheart. I'll take Jackie with me to the video store to get the movie. Angel, you make popcorn and prepare soda, while, Jer, you make pizza. Then, when we get back and the food's done, we'll watch the movie. After that, we'll figure out somethin' to do until we go to bed. Then, Ma will be home in the morning and everything will be fine. Sound good?"

"Fine," Jerry said quietly as he glanced at Jack nervously. "Just make sure that you don't get anything too scary, all right?"

Bobby looked over at his youngest brother as he grabbed a hoodie from the closet. Then, he grinned. "Don't worry, Jer. It'll be fine."


"Bobby, what the hell are you thinking?!" Jerry exclaimed as he looked at the movie that his brother had brought back. "Halloween?! Are you serious, man?! Jack can't watch that! He's ten! Come on, man!"

"What? I saw worse movies than that when I was his age," Bobby replied calmly. "Stop being such a dick, Jer."

A vein could be seen throbbing in Jerry's temple. "And look what you've turned out to be!" he snapped. "You're a pyro with an anger management problem!"

Bobby looked his brother in the eye for a moment, then began to laugh. "That's all you can come up with? Man, Jer, that's lame…"

Before Jerry could reply, Jack came running into the kitchen at that moment, another peanut butter candy bar in his hand. "So, what movie are we watching?" he asked brightly.

Jerry looked up at the oldest Mercer in disbelief. "You didn't even tell him?!"

"Nope," Bobby told him with a smile. "What's the point if we're gonna' watch it anyway?" Then, he looked for his other brother. "How's the popcorn comin', Angel?"

"All done!" the second youngest Mercer answered, bringing out the steaming bowl and placing it on the table. "You'd better get the pizza, Jerry, before it burns."

Jerry glared at Bobby darkly before he rushed to the oven to turn it off and carefully take out the pizza.

Soon, the Mercers were all settled on the couch, the way-too-much-buttered-yet-still-tasty popcorn and the sausage-and-pepperoni-with-too-much-toppings-but-could-still-use-more pizza on the small table in front of them. Bobby put the movie in the VCR and then sat back down on the couch between Jack and Angel, leaning back in a relaxed position as the movie started.

As the film progressed, a different reaction could be seen on each of the Mercers' faces. Jerry was leaning on the arm of the couch, looking very bored. Angel kept glancing nervously around the living room as if he expected some man with a knife to suddenly appear out of nowhere. Bobby had a contented smile on his face, an expression that read, "I've seen this movie a hundred times and I still love it" while he ate the popcorn since they had already finished off the pizza. Jack sat with his legs tucked beneath his arms, his face half buried in his hoodie sleeves as his wide eyes remained glued to the screen in pure terror. He had never seen anything so terrifying in his life.

When the movie was over some time later, Bobby was the only one clapping as he laughed. "Man, that's the greatest Halloween movie ever!" he exclaimed.

"More like the most boring," Jerry muttered, getting to his feet and grabbing the empty pizza pan and the empty popcorn bowl. "I'm gonna' go do the dishes…"

"I… I'll come with you!" Angel said, jumping to his feet and following his older brother into the kitchen.

"Ah, what do you know, Jer?" Bobby shouted after him, turning back around to face the now off television. Then, he glanced down on his youngest brother. "What did you think, sweetheart?"

Jack didn't answer. He remained in his protective ball, the only thing visible on his face his wide, terror-filled eyes.

"Come on, Jackie," Bobby said, trying to pry his arms away from his legs. "It wasn't that bad, was it?"

The youngest Mercer finally allowed his body to relax, but he looked up at Bobby with fear. Then, he failed to suppress a yawn.

Bobby looked up at the clock that was hanging up on the wall, seeing that it was about a half hour until midnight. "Hmm. Maybe it is getting a little late for you, Jackie-O," he muttered, patting his mass of hair. "I think it's time we go to bed." Then, he turned his head in the general direction of the kitchen. "Hey, girls! After you're done with the dishes, it's bedtime!"

"Okay, Bobby!"

"I'm going outside to have a cigarette," the oldest Mercer said, pulling one out of his pocket along with his lighter. "I'll be right back, Jackie, and then we'll all go to bed."

Jack watched his oldest brother walk out the front door, wanting to tell him not to go but didn't. Even though he knew that when Bobby got back it was bedtime, he also knew that he wasn't going to get any sleep that night.

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