Inao: Princes Of The Universe

Written by: Wings90

Category: Action/Adventure, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Romance, Supernatural/Sci-Fi, Crossover
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: violence
Spoilers: it starts after Unending so... everything up to that point. But I don't read spoilers so nothing for the movies.

Summary: The mission after Unending (10x20) is just another everyday mission to save the galaxy... Or not. Because something Daniel tried very hard not to think about for the last eleven years is going to be revealed, and it's going to change everything.

Author's Notes: This is my first fic, but don't let that stop you. This is a crossover too, but don't let that stop you, you don't need to know what kind of a crossover it is to read it, I'l explain everything. English isn't my native language but don't let that stop you either. It's going to have canon ships, mainly Daniel/Vala because I need to get them together, but also Jack/Sam because I'm convinced they're together since the fishing trip to Minnesota. But don't let that stop you either. That's not going to be the main plotline, and I think (hope) it'll be worth reading even if you're not a shipper. Transcript is from GateWorld. Oh yeah, and I'll be putting this up in Hungarian, too. I just need to translate it first.


Chapter 01 - Chaotic Thoughts

LANDRY: Dial it up, Walter.

HARRIMAN: Yes, sir.


HARRIMAN: Chevron one encoded.

MITCHELL: That is how we're supposed to travel light years across the galaxy to other planets.

HARRIMAN: Chevron two encoded.

MITCHELL: You know, I'd like to think that I handled myself well, but I imagine that I went a bit crazy, cooped up on that ship for so long.

HARRIMAN: Chevron three encoded.

DANIEL: You know, Teal'c did tell me some things I learned from the Asgard knowledge base.

VALA: He did? Like what?

DANIEL: Oh, boy. What were they again?

HARRIMAN: Chevron four encoded.

DANIEL: Beggars can't be choosers. Better late than never. Look before you leap.

MITCHELL: The best things in life are free.

VALA: And let me guess - beauty is only skin deep?

DANIEL: Silence is golden.

HARRIMAN: Chevron five encoded.

MITCHELL: Jack of all trades, master of none.

CARTER: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

VALA: Life is too short.

HARRIMAN: Chevron six encoded.

TEAL'C: Good things come to those who wait.

CARTER: You know, as hard as it is for us not knowing, it must be torture for you not to tell us.

TEAL'C: Indeed.


HARRIMAN: Chevron seven is locked.


LANDRY: Good luck, SG-1.

MITCHELL: Just another everyday mission to save the galaxy, sir.

ALL: Indeed.

LANDRY: Godspeed.



Just another everyday mission to save the galaxy. Meaning they went to a planet which was already visited by a Prior, but not converted yet, and they tried to convince them not to accept Origin before the Prior returned. These kind of missions were always very risky, especially since they destrolyed the Ori with the Sangraal; but even more so since they "killed" Adria. Who has ascended. The implications have not even begun to sink in yet. Ultimately, Daniel thought, this meant that they were back to square one: the Ori were back. Granted, now the whole Ori was only one ascended being, but with the power she got from the followers most likely that wouldn't make any difference in a war against the Others. The Others had more power if there were more of them; but the Ori had more power if they had more followers, so their own number only mattered because it determined how much power a single Ori got. But maybe, just maybe, this one-person-Ori was a bit better than the previous situation: maybe she still couldn't be in more than one place, seeing she was still one being.

But this was all speculation. Maybe the Ori are always a kind of collective consciousness, able to split themselves into as many parts as needed. But Daniel hoped that was not the case; he wanted to believe that he, Merlin and his friends didn't go through the hell of finding the Sangraal, building it and using it just for nothing. At the very least, if they managed to turn most of the believers against the Ori (Ha! Like that was going to happen...), then there would only be one Ori with normal ascended powers to destroy. And they would only need one ascended to do it, then. Like Oma with Anubis, fighting forever.

These thoughts plagued Daniel as they walked towards the soon-to-be-converted-or-not village on P6X-023; but seeing as he thought them over, and over and over and over since Adria has ascended, this wasn't in the forefront of his mind. No, he had fresh "material" to think about: their last mission. Which gave Teal'c a silver streak in his hair.

To live fifty or sixty years with five peole on a ship standing unmoving in space... He was kind of glad he didn't remember. Apparently, he had gone old with the rest of them... With Vala... the woman he was in love with. To think that either he had to bear it, had to hide it for all those years, or they got together, and spent all that time in each other's company, both of them growing old... But no matter what happened, they still had a completely pointless life aboard a ship. Vala was right, if he looked at it that way, life really was too short.

Even for him. And that brought the thought of a big problem he had since the first mission to Abydos. Had he ever told them there, stranded in space for the rest of their lives? Does this older Teal'c know his secret? Teal'c was very subtle, but Daniel was extremely good at reading people, so he saw that Teal'c was looking at him a little different since the "Odyssey incident". But Daniel was hopeful; he also saw Teal'c giving Vala looks, and the looks doubled in intensity when Vala and Daniel were close to each other... that could mean he was waiting for them to get together "again"...

So, despite his worries about the Ori and the re-emerged worries about his "problem", he was positively cheerful. Maybe that's why he started saying all those proverbs in the Gate Room... He may have a chance with Vala. Up to this point, he didn't really believe it. He was afraid because he thought she was just playing with him. He knew it was unfair to her, but he coudn't get rid of that fear. But now... What Teal'c told them (and what he didn't tell them) got him thinking, and he suddenly realized that there was no point in being afraid. He had to give it a chance. And the look they shared in the Gateroom... So why shouldn't he be happy, and why should he dwell on the Ori or on the problem that started on Abydos and gave him a chance to live one human life?

Dammit, his thoughts couldn't be more chaotic. That problem gave him a chance at one normal life; so why couldn't he leave it alone? Because he knew it was likely that he won't die a natural death, and if he died earlier and his theory proved to be correct... Well, that would save him from having to worry about getting shot, wouldn't it? But it would raise a lot of other problems... For example, explaining it to his friends.

Since Abydos, he tried to live like a normal man. He tried to completely forget his previous life, he tried to be Daniel Jackson, but every time he came close to death, or died and was revived in a sarcophagus, or those two times he ascended, it was brought again to the forefront of his mind: that this state couldn't be permanent. Something may bring back his old life again. He didn't want that. That's why he didn't tell anyone: he kept hoping he wouldn't have to.

Don't think about it! You know you don't want to remember! He scolded himself for letting his thoughts wander to that dangerous territory. Better to think about Vala and think of ways to let her know he seriously loved her. Before the Odyssey, he wouldn't have dared to consider that; but now he was hopeful she might be serious, too.

And with that thought, Daniel showed the nagging feeling that he may have to deal with his old problem soon to the back of his mind, and focused his wandering mind on Vala.


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Oh yeah, and who knows what kind of a crossover it is? The title kind of gives it away... If you don't know, Princes of the Universe is an excellent song by Queen. They made a whole album (A Kind of Magic, 1986) for that movie.

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