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I came up with this when I was playing Sonic Heroes. It's a tale for Rouge x Tails x Cream x Charmy (the thing with Tails and Rouge is only one-sided, though, and doesn't last for too long. Neither does Cream and Charmy, because that's one-sided. So, in the end...)

I've been thinking about something else: is this story cliched, with the cootie-thing and all? Feel free to tell me if it is.


Dear Rouge,

Excuse me for not being able to speak to you directly, but I had to find some way to tell you how I feel. I've been thinking a lot about you, since we last met in the Frog Forests, and whenever I do, my stomach flip-flops. I actually like the feeling.

You are the smartest and prettiest lady I've ever had the good fortune to know. And I don't think you're all that rotten, no matter what my friends say.

The point I'm getting at? All that I am meaning to say is that...I like you. No, I really, REALLY like you. A whole lot. So much that I think I want to melt whenever you come around.

I MEAN it.


M. "T." Prower

Tails looked over what he had written with a slight blush over his fuzzy white cheeks. Personally, he wouldn't have considered this the world's best love letter. But the point of a letter like this was to explain to someone how you felt about them, no? So, that was what Tails had done, in the best words his little infatuated mind could concieve. He slipped the note into a tiny white envelope.

Now what? The letter had been written, so he guessed that the next step was to somehow give this to Rouge. How?

Tails paced back and forth under the tree and tapped his chin. "I could just deliver this to her, myself. Oh gee, I'd look pretty silly, wouldn't I? No...maybe I could mail it? Ah, wait: where does Rouge live, anyhow? Does she even have a house?"

Just then, little Charmy Bee chanced to be zipping by, looking a tad flustered. Not very Charmy-like. He was twidding his thumbs and peeking in all directions.

"Afternoon, Charmy!"

"Wah! Wha- oh! What's up, Tailsy?"

"Something the matter? You look flustered..."

"Look who's talkin'! You look as red as a tomato!"

Tails paused for a moment or two. "Say, uh, Charmy? Can you, um, do something for me?"

"Well, I'm not doin' anything right now, Vec and Espio don't wanna play with me, and I can't stand havin' nothing to do...what'cha need?"

The young fox cleared his throat nervously, and handed Charmy the envelope. "I'd like you to, well, deliver this for me, please."

The young bee stared at it quizzically. "Oh, wow! Mail! So, who's it for?"


"Hey, who's it for, Tailsy?"

"W-Well, it's for...it's for...Rouge."

Charmy instantly turned wan at the mentioning of the treasure hunter's name. "Rouge?! You mean, you want me to give this...t-to a GIRL?!"

"What's the matter with girls?" Tails asked indignantly.

"Y-You mean, you've never heard of that really bad thing they carry that we can catch if we touch 'em?"

Tails passed a funny look. "Excuse me?"

Suddenly, Charmy grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him like a rattle. "I'm talking about the cooties, Tailsy! Cooties!"

When Tails managed to regain composure, he sputtered, "C-Cooties?"

"Yeah! I learned about it from Vector and Espio!"

"All I was doin' was helping myself to a honey and banana sandwich, minding my own business! I was licking my fingers clean of honey and bread crumbs, when I heard Vec plop on the couch. Espio was on the floor, watching Naruto.

" 'Hey Espio, how come you spend the day watching that silly ninja cartoon when you're not doing that other ninja stuff?'

"Espio must've gotten real mad at that, 'cause he shot back with, 'Oh, you shut up! Like caressing the money in the vault is much more productive! I watch this to learn new techniques!'

" 'Riiiiiight...why don't you go, I dunno, out? You know, find yourself a nice girl?'

" 'Why would I do that? I'm not interested in girls!'

" 'Oooh, what's the matter? You scared of girls, ninja boy?'

" 'Shut up!'

" 'Oh, come on! You can tell me, can't you? We're buds! What, you scared of the...oh, say, COOTIES?'

"Espio gave a shout, and zipped out of the den, right past me, and up the stairs. I think he was scared, because he looked so flustered. But I never got the chance to say anything to him, on account of he locked himself in the bathroom.

"I flew into the den, while Vector was changing the channel. 'Vector? What are cooties?'

" 'Huh? Oh, just some really nasty germ you catch when a girl touches you, and you lose your manliness. So we guys have said for decades. But I wouldn't count on people believing that anymore. 'Cept really immature boys, like Espio,' he snickered."

Tails listened to Charmy's story with doubting eyes. Cooties? He never heard of that before. Was it a new sickness? And why would you only get it from girls?

"Uh, Charmy? Do you think, maybe, Vector was just pulling yor leg?"

The young bee shook his head. "Nuh-uh! Vector's my friend. He would never trick me like that!"

"Ooo-kay...but still, will you deliver this note to Rouge for me?"

"Why would you write to a girl? You don't wanna get cooties, do ya?"

Tails could feel that overwhelming heat wave consume his entire face. "W-Well...uh...it's...for...it's a business note! Yeah! I, um, owed her money, so I need to give it back! And a thank-you note!"

Charmy didn't seem to buy it. "When did the bat-lady ever lend money? And how come you can't do this yourself?"

"B-Because...because...ooh! It was for an invention of mine! Please, Charmy? It'll give you something to do! Plus, there's a reward in it for you, if you do! You give Rouge the note, and I'll give you...a jar of honey? How's that?"

Oh, you know how bees are with honey. At the mentioning of the word, Charmy's striped antennas twitched excitedly. "Honey? Did you say honey?? Oh man, why'd you have to bribe me with my number one weakness!?"

Tails sighed, then took Charmy's hand and shook it. "So it's settled: you'll give Rouge the 'money', and I'll give you the honey!"

"But I don't want a girl touchin' me! She'll gimme the cooties, for sure!"

He had thought of that. That was when he picked up a stick that conveniently lay at his side. From behind him, the fox pulled out string and a paper clip. Quick as a wink, he bent and twisted the clip into the shape of a hook. Then, he tied one end of the string to the stick, and the other to the hook.

"Viola! A fishing rod!" Tails exclaimed, hooking the envelope like one would hook fish bait. He handed the rod to Charmy. "Now you can be approximately seven feet away, and still pass her the envelope."


Tails gave the two-finger salute. "Thanks, Charmy! You're a good friend! Oh, one more thing: whatever you do, please don't look in there! I wouldn't like a cent to be missing..."

Meanwhile, in a bedroom not too far away, a certain spotted rabbit-child stood in front of a mirror, making the final touches: smoothing out her orange dress, and fixing two velvet ribbons of robin egg blue around her floppy ears. Her tiny chao friend hovered over her head, combing her fur with a tiny brush.

"I guess this is the best I can do," Cream muttered. "But, Mother always said to look your best when you seek to meet with someone."

"Chao, chao!"

"I am a little nervous, I'll admit. But I can do this. Asking him out for ice cream won't be too difficult...right?"

"Chaaaooo!" Cheese cheered, clapping his wee paws together.

A small smile crowned Cream's fuzzy lips. "Thank you, Cheese. That means so much. Well...better go get him..."


That was part one! Stick around for part two! Oh, and I am open to criticism; feel free to lay it on me. This is my first actual story for Sonic the Hedgehog, so feedback would mean a lot!