(A/N: As I sit in the dark, sip from my color-changing straw from Rubio's and type these words, I contemplate the fact that I have neglected to do a disclaimer for this series

(A/N: As I sit in the dark, sip from my color-changing straw from Rubio's and type these words, I contemplate the fact that I have neglected to do a disclaimer for this series. So, I don't own Harry Potter or anything else mentioned in this chapter/story/sentence. 'Cept for the plot. That's mostly kinda mine.)

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"Wha? Cow? Where??" Sirius whipped his head around, searching for…eh, sure, a cow.

"No, I said, 'Ow.'"

"Oh, well that makes perfect sense then. D'you want ter meet my godson?"

"Oh, I've already had the pleasure, thanks."

"Weeeeeeeell then…" Sirius lost interest. I mean, what was the point of a new guy if you couldn't even flaunt your godson at them?

The newcomer got up and brushed off their pants. The pants were orange with a strange green pattern. Her shirt, however, was purple with the same pattern in mauve. It was an altogether strange combo, but she managed to pull it off. The dreamy eyed girl seemed to be around Ginny's age, and if fact she was. Pushing her blonde hair out of her pale face, she smiled and got to her feet. Yes, readers, as you have by now guessed, Luna Longbottom was newly dead. She didn't dwell on the fact that Sirius hadn't recognized her. He hadn't really spent much time with her anyway. She was most anxious to see her best friends.

"Hey, there's James – he's up there, next to Victoire. I guess I didn't recognize him with out his glasses," said Harry, letting out a small smile of relief.

Ginny, however, was only more distressed by his statement. "Harry James Potter! You were there when he was friggin' born! How could you-"

"Yes, but Ginny, love, so were you. And you couldn't find him either."

"Harry, he's not frickin' Waldo! I expected you to at least try a little bit harder than I did."

"Well, we all know I suck at Where's Waldo and I Spy and such, Gin. I didn't get much practice-"

"Yes, when you were at the Dursley's, we all know, Harry! So cry me a river, build me a bridge and GTF OVER IT!"

All was silent until a small smile slid onto Harry's face. "You slimy git. You actually expect me to find something to reply when you dole that out, don't you? Ah, well. I guess you fell pretty hard off of the Insult Tree."

"Yeah, well, you hit every branch on the way down the Meaniebutt Tree."

A few seconds of silence while Ginny pouted, and Harry totally started making out with her. Ron and Hermione hadn't even turned around to watch. They had long gotten used to the fighting/flirting of Harry and Ginny.

Luna, noticeably grinning about the continued normalcy of the pair, walked around the side of the couch and lowered herself down next to Hermione. "Hello, everyone."

Hermione turned briefly and said, "Hi Luna," and then did a double take. "HOLY FRICK LUNA, WHEN THE FRICK DID YOU DIE??"

The outburst caused Harry and Ginny to break apart. Ginny launched herself at her old friend, as did Hermione. As Hermione squealed her brains out, Ginny could only hold Luna close and let the tears spill from her eyes. Luna, expecting the opposite reaction from each girl, seemed a bit perplexed. Harry tiredly walked over and put a hand on Luna's shoulder.

"Hey there, Luna. We didn't expect to see you so soon." As the noise level lowered, he asked the question on everyone's minds. "What happened?"

(A/N: Holy frick, man? What happened?? Also, how awesome was that twist there?! RIGHT!! I spent, like, half an hour trying to figure if I should have James die, or Luna/Neville, or some random person like Rita Skeeter. With her, it woulda been like, "Hey there kids, I just stopped by to get an interview on my way to Hell!"

And then Ron would facepalm and pull a big lever marked, 'TO HELL, BIZNATCH' which no one had ever noticed before.)

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