It was a moment in history. Sartorious' first trip to Disney! And who better to take him than Aster and Jaden.

When they entered the Magic Kingdom, Sartorious stood still.

"What is this place?"

"It's called the Magic Kingdom," Jaden said. "Don't tell me you've never been to Main Street USA before!"

"Sartorious has never been outside of Domino, other than DA," Aster said. "This is his first time."

"Well, then we have a long day ahead of us!"

Jaden grabbed their arms and they went into Tomorrowland. A trash can approached them. (Yes A Trash Can)

"Hello," the can said. "Woah! Nice haircut!"

"Is this trash can referring to me?" Sartorious whispered to Aster.

"I guess..."

"Hi! I'm Jaden!" Jaden said to the trash can.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Push, the icon of Tomorrowland. People travel miles to see me!"

"Why does this trash can speak to us?" Sartorious asked again.

"You must be a first timer," Push said.

"He sure is!" Jaden said.

"Then you better show him around! I suggest Space Mountain first. I hope you didn't eat anytime soon..."

"Why?" Aster asked.

" reason. Have fun!" Push said as he left them.

"Well, you heard the man...err trash can!" Jaden yelled. "Last one to Space Mountain is a rotten marsian!"

"You come up with the worst sayings..." Aster moaned as he followed Jaden.

As they entered the line for the attraction, Sartorious was in awe.

"How did we arrive on this planet? Were we not on Earth a moment ago?"

"It's all an illusion," Aster said to his friend. "We're still on Earth."

Moments later, the rocket car approached. Jaden sat in front (of course) Aster behind, and Sartorious in the wayyy back.

"Are you sure this is safe? Do I need an oxygen tank?" Sartorious asked.

"You'll be fine!" Aster said. "Just hang on and pull down on your lap bar!"

The ride started. When it was over...

"WOW THAT WAS AWESOME!" Jaden yelled.

"It was pretty cool!" Aster agreed. "What did you think, Sartorious? Sartorious?"

Sartorious was frozen with fear..

"That comet almost hit me..."

"Should we tell him it was fake?" Jaden asked the silver haired duelist.

"He'll learn..eventually."