It was almost dark. Jaden and Sartorious ran until they finally lost Aster.

"Now you've done it!" Sartorious said. "He's going to kill us!"

"We'll hide in the Comedy Club!" Jaden said. "He'll never suspect it."

"Oh yes! Of course," Sartorious said with a hint of sarcasm. "Not after you told him we were going here!"

"Come on!" Jaden dragged Sartorious inside.

Jaden approached the Cast Member standing there.

"We came to see Mike!" Jaden said.

"Oh yeah!" the Cast Member said. "You're the one who hopped on one foot like a moron! Come on in!"

They entered the stage and Mike greeted them.

"Well, it's about time!" he said. "How did you like it, Sartorious?"

"It was a very amusing day," Sartorious answered.

Aster caught up with them.

"I'm..Going...To...Kill..You..JADEN!!!" Aster chased Jaden around the club. Jaden screamed his girly scream again.

"GET HIM AWAY!!!" Jaden yelled.

"What is this reward?" Sartorious asked, completely ignoring the fight.

"Well," Mike said. "As you probably know, this is the Year of A Million Dreams. We give away prizes. And you, my friend, have earned a night in the Cinderella Suite!"

Aster and Jaden stopped beating the crap out of each other when they heard the news.

"THANK YOU!!!" Jaden yelled.

"You lucked out, Yuki," Aster scoffed.

The Cast Member lead the boys to the castle where they were greeted by a beautiful hotel.

"Woah..." they all said.

Jaden hopped on the bed.

"WOO HOO!!!"

"Hey, guys," Sartorious said as he looked out the window. "Look!"

The firework show was starting, and they had the best seat in the house.

"I have to say," Aster said. "Despite all the puking and screaming like little girls, this was totally worth it!"

"This is awesome!" Jaden said.

"Yes," Sartorious said. "I can't wait until next year!"

Aster's and Jaden's eyes grew wide.

"NEXT YEAR?!" they asked at the same time before they fainted.

"Guys?" Sartorious asked. "You okay?"

When they didn't answer, Sartorious shrugged and continued to watch the show from his suite.


Think there should be a sequal? XD

Aster and Jaden: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!