A/N: Just four little stories strung together. Because we're all still children at heart. One for each Pevensie. Enjoy. Shadow

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Still Young

Chapter One: Laughing

The High King was late. Peter had never been late before. He burst into the Great Hall of Cair Paravel out of breath, cloak askew, and crown hanging over one ear. Everyone turned to stare. He straightened up, tweaked his cloak right, and set his crown properly on his head. He smiled at his court, and strode up through the crowd to his throne. He glanced at Susan, who was glaring at him, and Edmund, who was wearing a look of stunned disbelief. He refused to look at Lucy, who was stifling laughter behind her hands. Holding his head high, he gathered his tunic and sat down.

"Forgive me," he said, his voice not very loud, but carrying over the whole hall in that powerful tone everyone loved. "I find myself a little behind the time today. I apologise for inconveniencing all of you with my lack of promptness. We may now start with the matters to be placed before us for judgment today. Please, begin."

There were a few mutters from foreign dignitaries about the lack of responsibility shown by the High King. Narnian natives hushed those who would complain with glares or shakes of the head, or a curt word or two. They would suffer no insult to their beloved king. Everybody had bad days, even kings. And anybody could oversleep. As Peter commenced business, the people smiled knowingly up at their king, who smiled back as though nothing were wrong. They commended him to each other on his poise and the way he easily smoothed over the mistake. Nothing was wrong with him in their eyes.

Later that morning, Susan leaned over and whispered to Peter. "Very nicely done, O Magnificent One." He could hear the laugh in her voice. He blushed slightly and looked at her. "But your apology was very elegant."

"Yeah," Edmund commented from the other side. "Just don't do it again, or you'll have Susan the Not-So-Gentle to answer to."

The kings and queens burst out laughing, and the courtiers and visitors looked up with smiles and watched their young rulers in their mirth. They pardoned the outburst with a shake or two of the head and a wistful look in their eyes. The Kings and Queens deserved to laugh just as much as anybody else.

After all, they were only children.