A/N: Susan never approves of anything the others do! This one makes me smile, and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy! Shadow

Still Young

Chapter Four: Dancing

The Valiant Queen was hot. Lucy had never wished for winter so fervently before. But the Great Hall of Cair Paravel was full of people, and the crowds didn't help with the heat. The windows were open, trying to tease any passing breeze into coming inside. But the ceremonial cloaks were what did it for Lucy. She just wanted to go to the sea and never come back inside until she was blue in the face with cold.

Peter called an early end to the matters of state and concluded business sooner than usual. Lucy and Susan escaped to the small sitting room the siblings had claimed as their private gathering room. One of the servants had already sent up chilled fruit and a pitcher of ice water. Susan poured four glasses, and Lucy picked at the bowl of grapes while they waited for the boys.

"Susan," Lucy asked into the settling silence. "What would you say to a bit of swimming this afternoon?" She asked in the manner of a child asking a parent something they know the answer to will be no.

"Oh, no, Lucy," Susan said at once. "We can't go swimming! It would be—"

"Did I hear the word swimming?" Peter asked, entering the room fumbling with the tie on his cloak. "Blasted knot!" he muttered.

"Here, let me," Susan said, standing up and picking at the knot.

"I wouldn't say no to swimming," Edmund said, pouring a second glass of water after drinking the first in one or two gulps. Lucy squealed in delight and Edmund held up fingers outlining three-to-one. Susan looked stricken and Peter just smiled.

In no time, they were running down the path to the beach that neighbored the harbor, the golden sand hot under their bare feet. Susan spread a towel and they gently covered their crowns to prevent them from harm. Then Lucy plunged into the water, and Peter followed, Edmund and Susan a beat behind. They were laughing and shouting, and splashing and Lucy didn't remember having so much fun in a long time. When the sun set and the air cooled down, they had dried off, and Lucy started humming one of their favorite songs. She pulled Peter to his feet and soon they were dancing and laughing under the almost full moon by the sea. The people looking out of their windows at the four kings and queens dancing laughed softly to themselves, and thought about when they were young and had danced in the moonlight. Everybody had the urge to dance, even kings and queens. So Lucy could twirl as much as she wanted, and nobody would say anything was wrong with that.

After all, they were only children.