Max's P.O.V

Ok so here's the deal I'm Max your average teenager well not quite you see I'm a tad different well we all are me and my flock. Well you probably know all about us there's me Max, Angel her brother the Gasman (Don't ask), Iggy, Nudge and Fang. If you don't already know this then your probably in the wrong section but just encase you forgot we are hybrids, almost human but 2 of our DNA is bird, we prefer avian Americans. WE just left Dr. Martinez's (well more accurately Mom's) house and decided to fly north towards the Olympic peninsula.

We hadn't been flying long when the flyboys attacked, no fair I thought we were rid of them when we destroyed ITEX well apparently not.

"Guys spread out Angel above me Nudge you help Angel, Gazzy and Iggy to my left and Fang to my right, we're surrounded but any chance you get fly away meet back at Moms ok!"

I immediately lunged at one pulling round and kicking it at the base of it's spine and it fell from the sky another one flew at me managing to kick me in the ribs I dropped down a few meters before surging up and delivering a powerful round house kick to his chest and sending him plummeting towards the ground below. But then I heard a click and something cold and hard against the back of my head. "Don't move." Said a metallic voice.

I froze paralysed, Don't let me die, don't let me die, don't let the flock see my brains be blasted out all over them I mentally pleaded.

"Stop fighting or your leader dies." The flyboy shouted and a saw all of the flock freeze midair, Fang looked ready to dive on the flyboy with the gun but managed to hold himself in place. Two flyboys held me while the one with the gun turned to face me, "You will come with us, you will not fight, the director wants you punished for ruining her plan." The flyboy recited like an answering machine, the director must have been really bore to record all this or maybe she was feeding him lines.

" Go to hell," I snarled glaring at the robot.

A metal fist smashed into my face and I almost blacked out I kept myself conscious though I was seeing stars.

"You will not resist." He said then he turned to face the flock. "If you fight us she dies, if you follow us she dies, if you approach either the school, Institute or any ITEX branch she dies. We will not hesitate we have order and we will follow them. " The flock hovered helplessly as the flyboy hit me in the head again and I blacked out the next thing I saw was a beautiful face which was somehow terrifying staring down at me, he had black eyes and seemed to be shimmering in the sunlight, he seemed to focus on me and backed away. He looked horrified as he shook his head clearing it and turned back to me.

"What are you?" He asked

"I could ask you the same question."