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Fang's P.O.V

Wow I cannot believe what just happened. How can a guy who looks so impassive feel so many emotions at once and still not show them? I'm so happy and relieved to find Max safe, but who are these guys they don't look normal. They're all really pale with dark shadows under their eyes and in the dim sunlight in the room they seem to sparkle slightly.

Max trusts them so that usually means they're ok, I mean Max is even more paranoid than I am..

I sat down by max on the sofa and lay her head in my lap and stroked her hair, and then I turned to the others, "Who are you?"

They looked uncomfortable but Max turned to the younger boy and said, "You might as well tell them. Angel will find out in about 5 minuets anyway so theirs no point hiding it."

"Hiding what?" I asked.

The boy turned to the more normal looking girl beside him and she whispered something to him. He then turned to Max and said, "I've got to take Bella home, her Dad will be back soon but when I get back we'll tell your friends everything."

"Okay that's fine but you might want Carlisle to be here too." Max replied.

"Good thinking, Alice is almost home so she can get you some food etc. I'll see you in a while.

I turned my attention back to Max who looked as if she was fighting to keep her eyes open.

"You ok?" I asked.

She nodded, "It's been a long day," she muttered.

"Care to expand on that?"

"Don't worry everything will be explained later, it will make more sense if you here this from the beginning." She replied. Max closed her eyes and snuggled into me, "Just wake me up when Alice gets here, I'm starving."

Bella p.o.v

The air was filled with a sort of nervous static that seemed to stop me from talking. What would I say anyway? 'I'm sorry I just slapped a girl because I thought she was going to run off with you' it sounded stupid even in my own head.

"Bella, why didn't you just talk to?"

Edwards's words cut through the silence like a knife leaving me unsure how to answer.

We sat there for a minuet waiting for my answer, he didn't push me, he just waited patiently for me to reply.

Why didn't I ask him? I didn't really know. Was it because he wouldn't tell me what Max was thinking? For some reason I didn't think that was it.

"I'm sorry Edward," I started.

"Don't be, I probably would have felt the same way. I just want to know why."

"I was stupid, it all seemed to fit. The little smiles at her thoughts your private grins with Alice after her vision, when you wouldn't tell me it all seemed to add up. I put two and two together and made five."

"But why not confront me first?" Edward asked.

"I thought I'd loose you." I whispered.

"But," I interrupted him.

"I thought I had to fight for you, I was so scared you'd choose her." My voice was barely a whisper as I finished.

Edward silently pulled over before turning to me.

"You're never loosing me. I promise you will never loose me because I could never loose you."

He leaned over and touched his lips touched mine, my hands tangled themselves into his hair as he deepened the kiss. Eventually I had to pull away for breath. I sighed. Reading my mind as only he can Edward smiled.

"Soon," he whispered before kissing me again.


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