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Italic cupid


The next morning came. They hadn't met the last night, they hadn't even shared a 'Hi' before or after dinner. Harry lay in his bed, knees pulled up close to his chin and the blanket completely draped over him.

Last afternoon, after Hermione and Ron had come from classes they weren't surprised to see him and had told him that Dumbledore had called them out of classes up to his office. They hadn't been happy to see Harry sad and depressed lying on his bed, but he hadn't felt in the mood to spill his feelings. How should someone tell his best friends that he had fallen in love with his school enemy within eight ridiculous days? And the fact that Draco had turned him down last night wasn't of any help either.

He heard the other boys slowly getting up. Ron opened his hangings and poked him softly.

"Harry, get up. Breakfast time."

Although he was still sleepy he sounded happy. Harry knew it was to cheer him up, but it didn't work at all. He remained under the blanket and mumbled a monotonous "I'm not hungry."

Ron sighed but didn't force him.

"But you will come to potions, won't you?"

A "yeah yeah" was all Ron heard before he left Harry alone and went to the bathroom. One after another they left the room and Harry was alone. He pushed the blanket aside and the hangings open. He wasn't eager to go to Potions - staying all day in bed was more to his liking - but he knew if he wouldn't go Remus, Hermione or Snape in-the-flesh would come up and carry, drag or push him to his classes.

The dark haired boy stood up and slouched to the bathroom, just to do the most necessary things, like brushing teeth or so. He got dressed and slouched out of the dorm and the tower.
Ron came up the stairs and smiled at him happily.

"Hey mate, I thought I'll get you to go to Potions together. Mione is waiting downstairs."

Harry gave him a small smile and both went down to meet Hermione and walk together down to the dungeons. The Golden Boy was still sad, but the fact that Ron came up all the stairs just to get him, showed him that he had great friends who he could rely on. Maybe he should tell them of his feelings. Maybe. Maybe not.

Draco, Blaise and Pansy stood in front of the classroom and talked, when the Golden Trio reached Snape's classroom. Blaise and Pansy nodded appraising at Ron and Hermione, but for Draco they weren't existent at all. The three walked along, but Harry stopped in the door frame and turned around.

"Draco, can we talk for moment. Please."

The blond Slytherin turned slowly around and faced Harry with cold eyes. The other four - not involved in the scenery - watched with insecure feelings. Draco's look made Harry feel uncomfortable and he lowered his head, not to look into those cold eyes.

"I don't think I've anything to talk to you about, Potter. And don't you dare address me ever again with my first name. It's 'Malfoy' for you."

Harry closed his eyes. He inhaled deep and slow and turned around to Ron and Hermione. On the verge of tears he opened his eyes.

"Tell Snape, I'm not feeling well."

He stormed away, followed by five pairs of eyes. When he had vanished from their sight, Hermione turned to Draco with a hateful glare.

"That was the worst you've ever done. You – are – an – ARSEHOLE!"

She grabbed Ron's arm and stormed into the classroom, trying to calm herself, not to punch Malfoy, and being gawked at from Ron, who was in awe for her small outbreak.

Draco was still watching into the direction where Harry had stormed upstairs. His two friends came to each side of him and put one hand on each shoulder of him. The lump in his throat was back again and he hated himself the most right now.

"Why did you do that? You love him."

"Panse…I know that I love him, but what did we talk about last night? He would be in much more danger if he would be in a relationship with me. I can't endanger him just for my satisfaction."

"But was it necessary to tell him like THAT?"

Blaise was right. It hadn't been the nicest way, but probably the most effective. Harry would erase any hopes out of his mind and find someone else he would like to be with. He buried his hands in his pockets and felt a piece of paper. He could care about it in potions.
Draco turned around and went into the classroom, close followed from Zabini and Parkinson.

Potions was over, Ancient Runes was over, lunch was over, afternoon classes were over and now Draco was sitting at dinner. The piece of paper in his pocket already forgotten, of course he hadn't read it in Potions. He shoved his food around on his plate and watched the entrance door. He hadn't seen Harry all day. Also he had been the one who had made the decision to be an arse towards Harry; now half a day after turning him nastily down, he missed him badly. He wanted to see boy-wonder again, touch him again, kiss him again. Damn it! He even would go back down into this cage like room, just to be with the Gryffindor.

Pansy and Blaise sat next to him and he knew they were talking to him, but he didn't listen. It was of no importance for him. He knew it was his own fault, what happened now, but he told himself that it was the best, that Harry was better without him.

The meal on his plate was nothing more than mush now and he stood up, having not eaten one bite. His two friends looked at him in question, but he left the table without a word and went out of the entrance door.

The Slytherin Prince wondered what Harry was doing right now and whether he was okay or needed comfort. He wanted to comfort the dark haired boy, but that would never be possible again. Draco went down to the dungeons, a sneer on his face and his most aristocratic walk, not to reveal any weakness. He needed to be strong on the outside to keep safe from a breakdown.

Draco reached his room and slumped down on his bed. Last night it had been too big for just one person and now, where he missed Harry even more, it was unbearable. He stood up again, dragged his blanket behind and sat down in one armchair in front of the fireplace. He needed to find some sleep. His body couldn't bear a second night without.

/ I told you. I screwed up royally. God, was Dumbledore angry. That time I thought he's the devil in disguise. He's not expressing his anger through yelling or something. He's calm, deadly calm. The warmth had vanished from his voice and this twinkling was gone too. God, I was so frightened. But I deserved it.

The same night, when I gave them their freedom back, I regretted it immediately the moment when Draco denied Harry. I was so confused and when Dumbledore summoned me and told me something about pride and bloodlines and family pressure and something, I got a slight hint. The only solution was to get them back into the room. They needed to bond. For the whole wizarding world and for their own happiness. The true, endless love of one person can just be found with their predetermined 'destiny couple' partner.

The trick with the letter wouldn't work for the second time. Especially after Draco had broken Harry's little heart. I needed to think about something else. They had refused to go down voluntarily, although Draco had changed his mind after one day; Harry hadn't. \\\

The dark haired boy was again hiding under his blanket. After Draco's harsh words he had run back and had crawled under the blanket right away. Here he felt safe. Here he felt free from everything. His friends, especially Hermione and Ron, had tried to get him out, at least for the meals, but he had refused. Hermione had brought him dinner, but all he had eaten was a small piece of toast.

Why had Draco been so mean? Down in the room he was nice, gentle and infatuated with Harry. At least he thought so. He had changed his opinion about Draco and now he changed it back. He was supposed to be 'Malfoy' again, not the gentle Draco he had known for the last eight days.

Harry wanted the other Draco back. The Draco that pulled him into his lap and didn't want to let go. The Draco that kissed him. The Draco that wanted to be kissed from him. Harry sobbed and heard the dorm door open. He had closed the hangings of his bed, but pulled the blanket above his head nevertheless.

"Harry, I'll open the hangings, yeah?" Hermione said and Harry sobbed once more. He didn't want his friends to see him like this; completely broken over a boy who was supposed to be his school foe.

"Herm, no please, I…" but it was too late, he heard the hangings pulled aside and the girl dragged at his blanket.

"Oh my." She whispered when she saw Golden Boy and sat down on the bed to cradle him like a small child.

"I'm going to kill him." Harry heard from Ron, who stood next to the bed, but he didn't care. Hermione consoled him. It wasn't Draco, but he felt safe.

"You really love him, don't you?" The girl whispered softly and stroked his head, while he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Yeah." Harry wailed loudly and fell into heartbreaking sobs that ruined Hermione's skirt, but the girl didn't mind. She held him quietly and let him cry until he fell asleep. Lifting him carefully out of her lap, Hermione stood up, closed the hangings and put a reversed silencing charm on Harry's bed.

"Draco Malfoy has truly screwed up." She said to Blaise and Pansy with a stern look. The four had something become to companions in this farce that played with their friends feelings. Both Slytherins had told, after the incident before Potions class, why Draco behaved like a total nimrod.

Although the Gryffindors partly understood why he behaved like the usual git, they didn't accept the way how he did it. They made Pansy and Blaise comprehend that Harry's life always revolved around a war he didn't want to lead, a dark lord he hated so much because he had lost so much family because of him. And if Harry really loved Draco and the blond would leave him behind because of Voldemort it would mean he had lost again something close to family because of being the-boy-who-lived.

Both friends of Draco got it and Hermione and Ron wanted to show them how much Harry loved Draco. It wasn't fair for Harry to present him like this, but it was for his best they assured themselves.

"Draco looks bad as well. It's not that worse, but if you consider he's a Malfoy and the moment he steps into the Slytherin dorms he looks like crying… he doesn't eat either." Pansy said with a concerned tone and leaned against Blaise, who wrapped an arm around her.

"Why is it so hard to be friends with those two?" she exclaimed and all four sniggered quietly.

"Okay, back to business." Blaise said suddenly.

"Oi, you sound like Herm." Ron noticed and rolled his eyes. Hermione blushed a little and shoved Ron slightly.

"Well, maybe I do and maybe Panse is like you." Ron and Pansy looked at each other and after a second or two, fell into loud laughter. Luckily Hermione had cast the silencing charm on Harry's bed. Blaise took Hermione by her arm and left the two clowns on their own.

"Can you manage to get Harry back into the room?" The Slytherin asked when they stood slightly away. Hermione narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"What are you up to, Blaise Zabini?"

"I will send them back down into the room. We can't wait until they find back together, because it'll never happen. Not with those two pigheaded berks. They need to go back down or there won't be a Draco/Harry couple to save us."

"Ookay." Hermione dragged the word, but narrowed her eyes again and poked Blaise's chest this time. "Don't tell me you want to do this just to save your butt?"

"No, No!" Blaise exclaimed and grabbed Hermione's hand to keep it from poking him further. "It's for their good. Hermione, they belong together, don't you think so?"

The bushy haired girl sighed and noticed that Blaise was still holding her hand, but she didn't mind. "I think so, too." Blaise ran his thumb idly over her hand and she blushed slightly while watching it. "Okay, let's get them back down in the room."

The Slytherin smiled and let slowly go of Hermione's hand. He had noticed her blush and thought it as rather cute. They went over to Pansy and Ron, who sat by now on Ron's bed and talked quietly. The red-head and the Slytherin girl looked up and said in choir: "They need to go back down again."

Blaise and Hermione looked at each other and smirked. If even Ron and Pansy thought of throwing them back, it was necessary – definitely.

/ If I've had been allowed to show myself to those four youths, I would have kissed them all. For a cupid that saw his downfall coming with his first assignment, such friends of a 'destiny-couple' mean everything. I had still to struggle with Dumbledore and, oh my, even the beautiful Mrs Malfoy was hunting for my head, but I sensed back then that they wouldn't leave their best friends alone with their problems and apparently I had been right or you couldn't read this now, because the wizarding world wouldn't exist anymore and this stupid idiot of a wizard wouldn't keep me in this gaol. \\\

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