Title: Hairspray

Fandom: Cory In The House

Pairings: Meena/Newt, Jessica/Cory (I know, so unrealistic. There was no one else), Newt/OC

Based on the awesome movie "Hairspray" (2007)

This is set in 1962.

Meena isn't overweight, their being prejudice to her because she's Bahavian.

Yes, Jessica as in the genius. Yes, she's going to be OOC.

Rebel from my other story and me and Crystalized Chaos's story is in here as well.


MAJOR AN: This is the re-done version! All the songs will be included!! Broadway and the brand new movie!! Also, I fixed Jessica's name because it's Maldanado. My bad. And…all the characters are involved. Raven and Tanya aren't in it. You'll have to keep reading to see, but it's much better than the original. And…I changed the show. I used the one that Nanoosh was on instead!

Chapter 1: Good Morning Washington!

A sound of the alarm clock went off in the Paroom house hold at seven am on a Tuesday morning.

Meena slammed her hand down on top of it to silence the annoying sound.

She began to get ready and rat her hair. She glanced up at the many pictures adorning her vanity. They were all of Newt Livingston, one of the stars of Washington D.C.'s "Capitol Beat".

She sighed. In her own little world, she was on that council, dancing on that show, Rebel Samuels, the 'queen of mean' was not, and Newt was hers and only hers.

She walked into the bathroom as she began to sing.

Oh, oh, oh
Woke up today
Feeling the way i always do
Oh, oh, oh
Hungry for something
That i can't eat
Then i hear that beat
That rhythm of town
Starts calling me down
It's like a message from
High above
Oh, oh, oh
Pulling me out
To the smiles and the
Streets that i love
Good morning Washington
Every day's like an open door
Every night is a fantasy
Every sound's like a symphony

Good morning Washington
And someday when i take to the floor
The world's gonna wake up and see
Baltimore and me

Oh, oh, oh
Look at my hair
What "do" can compare with mine today?
Oh, oh, oh,
I've got my hairspray and radio
I'm ready to go

The rats on the street
All dance around my feet
They seem to say
"Meena, it's up to you"
So, oh, oh
Don't hold me back
'Cause today all my dreams will come true

Good morning Washington
There's the flasher who lives next door
There's the bum on his bar room stool
They wish me luck on my way to school

Good morning Washington
And some day when i take to the floor
The world's gonna wake up and see
Baltimore and me

I know every step
I know every song
I know there's a place where i belong
I see all those party lights shining ahead
So someone invite me
Before i drop dead!!

So, Oh, Oh

Give me a chance
'Cause when i start to dance i'm a movie star
Oh, oh, oh
Something inside of me makes me move
When i hear that groove

My ma tells me no
But my feet tell me go!
It's like a drummer inside my heart
Oh, oh, oh
Don't make me wait
One more moment for my life to start...
Good morning, good morning
Waiting for my life to start

She headed out the door, saying goodbye to her mother and she ran down the stairs.

She walked to school, admiring all the sights and sounds, still singing.

She stopped singing when she noticed that the bus had just driven off.

I love you Washington
Every day's like an open door
Every night is a fantasy
Every sound's like a symphony

And i promise Washington
That someday when
I take to the floor
The world's gonna wake up and see
Gonna wake up and see
Baltimore and me...

Yes, More Or Less We All Agree

Washington and me...

Someday the world
Is gonna see

Washington and me!

She hitched a ride with a dump truck and as he dropped her off, the bell rang.

"Shoot!" she said under her breath

She ran in and took her seat just as the late bell rang.

She stared blankly at board as the teacher droned on and on about geography.

The sounds of someone muttering something under their breath was heard from behind her.

"Yes, Mr. Daniels." The teacher said, gesturing to the boy behind Meena.

"Uh yeah, I can't see for Meena's big hair." He said

The teacher rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed by the fact.

"Meena, if I have to keep writing you up for unwanted hair height, I'm going to scream." She groaned

"Well, you hair can't just hang down like some dead animal."

Her mouth fell as she noticed that was how the teacher's hair was sitting right now.

"I mean, I'm really sorry, uh, you know what I mean." She said, her cheeks flushing red

The teacher rolled her eyes and turned back to the black board.

Later on, in chemistry, Meena stared at the clock.

It read, 3:25. "Only thirty five minutes. Come on clock." Meena thought

A few minutes later she began to tap her foot on the side of the chair impatiently.

"Five, four, three, two.."


Meena shoved her stuff into her book bag and ran out the door, grabbing her best friend Jessica Maldanado in the process.

"Jessica, we're going to miss it, come on!"

"Meena, we've got thirty minutes"

Meena groaned, still pulling her friend.

She pulled her friend down the city streets, crossing over to Big Tim's Electronics.

They stared at the T.V. momentarily.

"Hey there teenage Washington, don't change that channel, 'cause it's time for Capitol Beat, brought to you by Ultra Clutch Hairspray."

"Come on!" Meena said, tugging the black headed girl behind her.

They ran up the same stairs Meena had ran down this morning and into the Parhoom's living room and turned on the TV.

"What is that racket?" Mr. Parhoom said, bolting in the room

"Capitol Beat!" Jessica smiled, still dancing to "Nicest Kids In Town"

"Go away dad, it's time for roll call." Meena said

"I'm Rebel"

"Hate her." Jessica said

"I can so dance better than her." Meena said

"Jason, Tammy, Craig, Brenda, Sketch, Shelly, I.Q., Louanne, Joey, Mikey, Viki, Becky, Bix, Jesse, Carla, Paulie, Noreen, Doreen, and I'm…"

There was a brief pause and then a blonde boy with gelled hair and blue eyes came on the screen.

"And I'm Newt."

Both girls shrieked happily.

"He is so gorgeous!" Jessica giggled, still dancing to the tune

"He's mine!" Meena laughed

"Sanjay, have you seen my daughter?"

Jessica stopped dancing and gasped.

"Behind the couch, now!" Meena said, pushing her friend in that direction

Jessica jumped behind the couch as Jennifer, her mother appeared in the doorway.

"Is my daughter here?" she said, making a disgusted face at the T.V.

"Nope, sorry." Meena said nervously

Sanjay shot his daughter a look.

Meena drew her fingers across her lips and signaled throwing away a key.

"Are you trying to tell me that Jessica is actually in this house, without her mother's permission, Meena Parhoom!"

Meena put her head in her hands and nodded.

Jessica came out from behind the couch nervously.

"Jessica Anne Maldanado, you are in so much trouble, you are going to walk around with a huge T on your sweater to show that you are permanently in trouble, come on, you are going home and we are going to pray for your poor friend." She said, pulling her daughter out of the house

"Goodbye Sanjay." She said, before slamming the door

Meena rolled her eyes.

The next day after school, Jessica and Meena walked back to that same place where they were the day before.

"It takes two baby, it takes two." Newt sang, pulling Rebel into him, who kissed him on the cheek.

Suddenly, Newt appeared back on the screen.

"Hey, if you cats want to be one of the nicest kids in town, cut school tomorrow and come down to our studios tomorrow for our open auditions!" he said

The girls both looked at each other.

"I'm going to do it!" Meena said

"You go girl!" Jessica smiled

"I'm going to go down there, become part of the council, and then get my man!" Meena smiled, eyeing Newt who was dancing with Rebel on screen.

Tim, the store owner peered over the bars that barricaded the window of his store to see the girls.

"Oh no, it's Tim, run before he calls your mom again!" Meena said, shoving Jessica

"Bye, see you at this spot tomorrow for your big auditions!" Jessica smiled, running away


Here is some extra info-

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And, the song list goes as followed.

Good Morning Washington- Meena

Nicest Kids In Town- Richard Martinez (Shut up)

It Takes Two- Newt

Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now- Meena, Jessica, and Rebel

(The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs- Samantha Samuels

I Can Hear the Bells- Meena

Ladies Choice- Newt

The New Girl In Town- Rebel

Welcome to The Sixties- Rebel and Samantha

Run and Tell That- Cory Baxter and Sophie Martinez

Big, Blonde, and Beautiful- Mrs. Martinez (who has a different name and isn't married to the Pres. In this!)

Without Love- Newt, Meena, Jessica, and Cory

Cooties- Rebel

You Can't Stop the Beat- Everyone