Title: Pregnancy For Dummies

Author: Pscy0gurl0

Disclaimer: No one belongs to me! I wish! That would be pretty effing cool!

Summary: It just takes one time and your in for life. One stupid drunken night after I got the Cure and now I'm stuck with a kid whose father hates me behind belief.

Author's Note: This story is loosely based on Knocked up. This is all from Rogue's POV. So right now I have this undying need to write Ryro. I know I'm doing ALOT of stories right now, but I just HAD to write this. lol. So tell me what you think once you read!

Chapter 1: Lucky Number 21

It just takes one time, like the books say, like the teachers in health class say.

It's like, if you try Meth once, your addicted. If your lucky, your not. If your lucky, you find it disgusting and never try it again, at least not with the same person. If your lucky you don't get pregnant.

All it takes is one night to change your life forever. Like, if you try Meth once and get caught by a cop, you're in for awhile, or life, depending on if you were going to sell it.

I'm in for life.

My whole life.

Until I die.

Like jail.

My life has turned into jail because of that dick. No pun intended.

One stupid drunken night after I get the stupid-good-for-nothing Cure. It's the Cure's fault! The Cure made me touch again, made me not think of other circumstances. Like STD's and pregnancy. The thing I'm facing now, pregnancy.


I'm pregnant. To make it worse I'm pregnant with my archenemies baby.


Just freakin Marvelous.

I think I'm going to cry.

He was there, though. Just there. He was there to yell at me. Throw mean insults about my lack of self-esteem. He was there to tell me how disgusting I was and how Bobby was a piece of shit with no balls. He was there to watch me throw down copious amounts of alcohol. He watched it all not touching anything. And then he was there to screw me senseless and throw me out the next minute.

No cuddle time for Rogue.

No, all I got was a 'Thanks' and 'See you around' it was very demeaning and I felt like a common prostitute. So now, here I am, pregnant with John Allerdyce's demon child, having no clue as to what to do and I'm only 21.

8 weeks Earlier

"Fancy meeting you here."

I winced.

That voice, a voice I hadn't heard in almost a year. A voice I had many dreams about. A voice that was whispering in my ear and touching my clothes arm.


"And I thought this day couldn't get any worse." I mutter turning around and facing the now blonde pyro-manic.

"John!" I said in a fake sweet voice.

He smirked like he always did and raked his eyes over me. I suppressed a shiver. "Rogue." he said after a minute, "what? No hug?" he said with a mock pout.

"What have you been up to?" he said sitting beside me.

It was like he never left. Like he never walked out on Bobby and us. Like we were still friends. As if I would sputter out my deepest darkest secrets.

As effing if.

"A little of this a little of that." I said sipping my beer. It was my 2nd tonight.

"I see." he said waving the bartender over here. "You know, you can tell me."

I shot him a weird look. Tell him what, exactly?

"You got the Cure, I saw you." he said.

His voice was still light and teasing, but I could hear the underlining anger. The hate and resentment. And lets not forget the disgust. The disgust of wanting to be like them. I didn't exactly want to be like them. I just wanted to feel. To be loved. To be...touched.

"I won't bash your head in, like I imagined doing. I'm not going to do anything, Rogue. I'm just going to say one thing and then I'll leave." he said.

He wouldn't leave. I know he wouldn't. He was going to give me an hour long speech about how humans are bad and mutants are good and how I should join the brotherhood. How x-men suck and how the world would one day be taken over by mutants. He wouldn't leave, he had too much to lecture me on.

"What is it that you would like to say, John." I said finishing my beer.

Finally the bartender came over and he ordered a beer and I ordered 2 shots of Vodka. If I was going to be lectured I was not going to be sober.

"You're weak." he said not in an angry tone or a disgusted tone. He said that in a light tone. But I felt like I'd been slapped neither the less.

"What?" I said taking my first shot.

"Your weak and you disgust me with your need to be human."

"I wanted to be human so I could touch!" I said loudly, glad that no one else was in here.

"Right." he said snorting.

"Because you can't figure out a way around that. You can't put all your energy into controlling that. You're filthy and disgusting and I can't believe I was ever friends with you."

Now I felt like I'd been shot.

"We weren't friends, John. We were never friends." I said quietly taking my other shot. By now I was a little tipsy, but not much.

"Sure we were. We told each other shit, you know? You complained about Bobby. I complained about Bobby. We talked."

"Then if we were such good friends, why'd you go?" I said ignoring the break in my voice. I was going to cry soon and no way was I doing that in front of this jackass.

"I went because I wasn't learning anything at Xavier's." he said shrugging. "It was a useless time for me. I wasn't learning how to control my powers."

"Right." I said feeling empty because I didn't have another drink.

"What does is it, today?" he asked suddenly making me turn towards him and raise an eyebrow. Did he even care what day it was?

"October 7." I said wondering if he knew the importance of today.

"How old are you?"

"Just turned 21." I said lightly waving the bartender back over here. I wonder if I could get him to leave the whole bottle...

"Ah. A nice past time. Getting shit-faced on your 21st birthday. Nice going."

I through him a smirk as the bartender leaves two glasses and the bottle.

"So how's Bobby?" John asked laughing when I glared.


I was tempted to tell him, but no, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

"Fine. He's fine." I said taking a sip from the bottle and winced. It burned all the way down. I should have eaten before I did this.

"Right." he said in a disbelieving tone.

"He is, really." I say trying more to persuade myself then John.

"I said right, I believe you." he said innocently.

No, innocent wasn't the right word. John was never innocent he was a—

"you guys still together?"

"Why do you care?"

"Just do."


"Yes." I say not looking at him.

"That's nice." he sneered.

"Have you guys had sex yet?"

"John!" I yell repulsed by his vulgar question.

"It's just a question, Rogue. And by your tone I'm guessing that's a no. God, that guy had no balls. You know that right? If I had a girlfriend who couldn't touch jackshit I would have screwed her already. What's his problem? He too big of a piece of shit?"

I glowered at him.

"You don't have the right to ask me that, John!" I yell taking another sip.

"Yeah, I do." he said.

I was too tired to argue with him.

"So, why do you think you haven't had sex with him, yet?"

God, we were still on this subject? I liked the previous ones better.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe the fact I can't touch." I said sarcastically.

Just throwing it out there.

"No. I think it's your lack of self-esteem. Is it you don't want him to see you naked? Is that it? Or see the scars on your arms? Or is it even the fact that—"

"John! Shut the hell up!" I scream wanting to through the bottle at his stupid smirking handsome face.

"Don't say that." he said laughing quietly.

I roll my eyes, "say what?"

"Say that name."

"It's your name, moron."

"John isn't my name anymore, Rogue."

"And Rogue isn't mine." I countered.

"Marie? Are you seriously going by Marie, now?"

I glared, "yes. I am."

"Pyro." he said smirking.

"No one calls my John anymore."

"No one calls me Rogue anymore."

We stared at each other glaring.

Brown vs. Blue.

And then suddenly our eyes weren't locked.

Our lips were.

It felt so good to kiss him. Especially when I didn't have to hold back. I could let it all out. Lips and tongues and fingers and hands. I was touching him all over, his back, his hair, his face.

I wrapped my fingers in his coat and let out a small moan when he stopped kissing me.

"Apartment. Now."

I obliged and let go of the bottle of Vodka.

I didn't realize how drunk I was when I could barely walk straight. Or see. John led me and I followed not caring about anything except him and me.

"Are you done, yet?" he yelled as I finished dressing and washing my face.

I winced when I heard his voice and the pounding on the bathroom door. Loud. Too loud.

"Nearly." I whisper buttoning my jeans and jamming my feet into my shoes. Seconds later I opened the door and came face to face with a shirtless John.

"Finally." he spat shoving my coat and purse into my arms.

"You can leave now." he said almost pushing me towards the door.

"What? No goodbye kiss?" I said sarcastically as he basically pushed me out of his apartment.

He smirked and looked me up and down. "Happy Birthday, Rogue." and then he slammed the door in my face.

Loud slam, too. Too loud.

Some birthday that was. Getting the Cure. Getting very drunk. Sleeping with John when I have a nice cheating boyfriend at home.

I tried to smooth my hair and clothes as I walked down the steps and out into the busy streets. I walked fast out towards the nearest bus station and winced when their were particularly loud honks as cars drove by.

It was 3 am and I should be asleep in a bed right now. Instead I'm looking for a bus to take my back to the school. I was angry at him for kicking me out and frustrated at myself for falling for his goddamn tricks.

I never wanted to see John Allerdyce again, as long as I lived and that was my birthday promise.