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The Coffee

By Jess S

Chapter One: Coming Home

There are times where life may open up another way for you. You can turn. And go to the one place that you long for…. Home.

"Are you feeling tired" Robert Chase quickly took his eyes of the road and they landed on his co-worker Allison Cameron. He continued keeping his hands steady on the steering wheel, while observing her behaviour. The pretty brunette kept her stare firmly and continued watching all the familiar places they passed.

"No, just thinking"

Silence once again feel in the car. Cameron knew she had to ask, not because she wanted to, but because it was in her nature to be polite. "How about you, are you tired?" She didn't feel like talking what so ever.

"A little bit" The Australian said truthfully. Cameron wasn't in the mood to drive, but once again her politeness had a stronger power over her mouth. "Do you want to me drive?"

"No thanks, I would like to get there alive". Chase said in a joking tone, which managed to make Cameron's dimples appear.

"Oh, do I actually see a smile?" Cameron smile grew wider. He always knew how to make her laugh. No wonder they got along so well, she thought.

Chase knew that this trip was not going to be easy for Cameron; she only did it for her patient. At least that was what she told everybody at work and maybe even herself, but Chase knew better.


It had been almost five years now since they stopped working for Dr Gregory House. After Chase's contract was up, he realized the one thing he wanted was the one thing he was not going to get.

Cameron's heart.

After a great deal of thinking, Chase saw it was for his own good to leave the diagnostic department at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

Chase knew that after working for House, it wouldn't be that difficult to get another job. Most people knew of Dr. Gregory House. After all, House wasn't a world known antisocial maverick doctor who is willing to do whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases for nothing.

Chase was, shortly after resigning, offered a position at another hospital as the head of diagnostic. He took the job, because he couldn't just stand by and watch Cameron wait for something that she was mostly likely not going to get.

House's heart.

After a few months had passed, Chase had heard that Cameron's contract had expired, and he decided that it was his chance. His chance, to maybe, for once and for all, win her heart. It was like a match made in heaven. A position had opened at his new workplace and Chase was confident that Cameron was going to have a heard time saying no to his offer.

He gave her a call and even thought he could hear how she hesitated, Cameron called him a few days later, and accepted a position as the head immunologist department where he worked as the Head of Diagnostics.

"Are you sure that we have everything we need, even the patients use of medication?" Cameron looked at Chase with a hint of doubt in her voice.

"Yeah, I am sure" Chase answered her question simply, knowing that she was just anguish and tensed. His theory was confirmed when he noticed that Cameron was playing with her necklace. She had over the years developed a particular habit of touching and twisting her necklace around her pointing finger whenever she was nervous.

Cameron nodded her head slowly and continued looking out the window. She thought about all the memories at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and how fast time had flied by. Now, five years later, it seemed like fate wanted her to return to the only place that she had always thought of as her home.

"Okay, here we are" Chase parked the car in front of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and got out of the automobile. Cameron also stepped out of the car and stretched her arms, holding them over her head. She yawned, feeling tired from the long trip.


"Dr Cameron" The head nurse, Brenda Previn, took one look at Cameron and felt happiness to see the pleasant doctor after so many years. Cameron ignored the pain in her chest caused by her heart's fast beating rhythm, and smiled as she walked over to the nurse's station.

Every one who had known of the compassionate Dr. Cameron was now eager to talk to her. Chase just stood by and watched how well Cameron associated with her former co-workers.

"Chase" Chase turned his head towards the voice that spoke, and saw none other then Dr. Eric Foreman.

Foreman smiled and waved his hand as he walked towards Chase. The neurologist had for some reason that many people could not understand, continued working for House.

They greeted one another and Chase began explaining the reason for their visit. He told Foreman that they had a patient who had a bunch of symptoms that they couldn't connect to a disease and they both knew that if they wanted to save the patient, they had no choice but to seek House's help.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy had approved their arrival, claiming that whatever disease the patient was suffering from was most defiantly a mystery that House was bound to crack.

"So where is…" Foreman was going to ask Chase of Cameron's whereabouts, but when he heard the familiar laughter of his former co-worker he had his answer.

Chase wanted to get this whole trip over-with, so he took a deep breath preparing him self for next his question. "Where is House?"

Before Foreman had a chance to answer, Cuddy's voice was heard.

"Dr. Chase" Her smile was wide as she shook Chase's hand. "Welcome back" She looked around, knowing that Cameron was also coming. It was then she saw the rather large amount of people, both doctors and nurses, talking to Cameron.

"I see that she was missed" Cuddy said referring to Cameron, and nodding her head towards the crowd.

"Cameron" Chase waved his hand to where Cameron was standing. Allison spotted him and said her goodbyes to the people she was talking to.

Cameron hugged both Foreman and Cuddy. Even if Cuddy and her were not that close when Allison worked there, Cameron smiled after their brief hug, realising how much she had missed everybody.

"So, what have you guys got for us? Cuddy asked thinking about the call she had receive from Chase a few days earlier about a patient and his mystery. Her pager went of and Cuddy sighed. She looked at it and said, "Follow me"

Cameron couldn't help but notice how Cuddy still acted very professional when it came to the hospital. Cuddy started walking towards the elevator as Chase, Cameron and Foreman did what they were told.


By the time the elevator door opened, Cuddy had explained the reason her pager had gone of. Apparently a VIP patient had collapsed, and they needed her approval as the head of the hospital to do what was needed to save the patient's life.

Cuddy ran towards the room the patient was lying in, only to see that House had already done what was needed, without waiting for her approval.

"House" Cuddy sounded angry, and Chase almost had to smile of the familiarity.

"Maybe someone should come a bit faster next time" House tossed away a pair of hospital gloves in the white trashcan, but never taking his eyes of Cuddy.

"The patient seemed to have a regular heartbeat," An unfamiliar face to both Cameron and Chase spoke. This unknown person was wearing white scrubs, which told them that she was a doctor.

House looked at Chase and Foreman who were at the moment standing by the door, with Cameron behind them, barely noticeable to House's eye.

"Ah, I see my ducklings just couldn't stay away from me". He smirked.

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