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The Coffee

By Jess S

Chapter thirteen: To suppress the first desire is much easier then those that follow

There are two tragedies in life: one is to lose your heart's desire, the other is to gain it - George Bernard Shaw.

Sunday night:

Allison Cameron didn't have to wait to long for her cab. And it did not help her when she arrived ten minutes later to the her former home. When the cab stopped and parked, she was afraid to open the door. But her mind kept telling her not to think about anything. As she got out, she looked up at the familiar building.


Home was what she thought of that building. All the anger that was boiling inside of her and "home" was all she could come up with.

The cab-driver watched her oddly as she examined the large building. There weren't many people outside; in fact Cameron couldn't spot one person. Suddenly something cold landed on her nose. She shivered and looked up. Cameron then saw hundreds of snowflakes falling down on the ground from the dark sky.

Millions of crystal of frozen water covered the streets, and Cameron couldn't help the huge smile that was forming her lips. So she quickly paid the taxi-driver, and ran inside as fast as her feet could carry her slim body. However standing in front of the door, Cameron felt like she had to give herself a moment to collect her thoughts. She didn't know why, but she knew it was necessary. The she lifted her cold hand and slightly knocked.

She didn't even give the person inside some time to answer, before her fist hit the door harder. And another knock followed.


House presumed that whoever was at the door would not offer him something interesting. It was most likely Wilson that had forgotten his key, and House almost didn't want to get up. So he took his time.

House walked over to the radio and turned it on. Perhaps he could hear a song that he liked. He enjoyed listening and analyzing every note. It was his little secret, that very few people knew of. The knock was really getting hard to ignore.

Whenever he heard a song, he had managed to memories the piano-notes and later play them. The last knock became even more noticeable. House let out an angry growl. "Hold your horses," He screamed at the door. House didn't bother taking his cane as he stood up. The place looked messy but it didn't matter for House. Wilson would make the time to clean it up.

House opened the door and the person that he greeted caught him off guard. "You're not Wilson" He said.

What ravages of spirit

conjured this temptuous rage

created you a monster

broken by the rules of love

and fate has led you through it

you do what you have to do

and fate has led you through it

you do what you have to do ...

Cameron's beautiful eyes meet House's blue one's. They stayed that way for a few seconds, needing time to process. Cameron was the last person House expected to see, and Cameron didn't barge into his home out of anger like she had planned.

Instead, Cameron coughed and slightly shook her head trying to get rid of the feeling that consumed her.

"What gave me away?" She asked awkwardly, but her voice stayed in a serious tone.

She walked inside, not waiting for House to invite her in. Cameron looked around his place and saw that not much had changed since she was last there. Judging by a few extra shoes and clothes lying around Cameron presumed that Wilson was staying over at House's place, once again.

House closed the door slowly, he was still trying to figure out what Cameron wanted. He found it odd that she might have visited him just so she could yell at him for hitting Chase. It was Cameron, and it was something she would have done earlier today if she had desired.

"You hit Chase" Cameron's first words were said calmly. House found that very strange, he had expected her to get really angry with him. He wondered why she had waited for so long to yell at him.

When House said nothing, Cameron shook her head and looked down on the floor. "Aren't you going to say anything?" She watched as he nurtured his wounded fist. Cameron noticed that he had during the day wrapped his fist in some sort of white clothing.

"Not much to say" House responded honestly. He did what he did, and there wasn't much he could do to change his actions. Besides he had been in pain ever since his fist met Chase's face, and he felt like passing out would soon be an option.

"You didn't even apologize to him" Cameron felt the anger bolting inside of her again, and her voice was heard in a higher tone. The odd thing was that she didn't even expect House to apologize and yet there she was, angry with him for hitting Chase.

"It wasn't necessary" House answered harshly.

"Not necessary" Cameron repeated and once again, her eyes pointed to the floor. She needed time to think trough her next words. She took one look at the couch, and remembered all those times they had spend watching movies and eating together.

House followed her eyes, and he guessed that she was probably thinking about the same things he had thought every time he was inside the apartment. Them.

House didn't know what to do with himself. She was so quite and calm. He did not expect that, not at all.

"Why are you doing this?" Cameron asked. She didn't know how much more she could take.

"Doing what? House asked innocently, yet he knew what she was referring to.

Cameron sighed. "You know" She pointed her finger and her hand slightly shook. "I don't even know why I bothered," She said quietly.

House watched her and said nothing. He knew that she was going to say more and he had to hear it. It was what he had waited for. House bit his tongue and remained silent. And for some reason he had to turn away. He hadn't managed to igrnore the weird feeling in his stomach.

Cameron knew that House didn't say anything for a reason. She hadn't worked and established a relationship with him for such a long time, just so he could play his little games on her. She was done with that. He had taught her a lot, but it was time to let go.

And I have the sense to recognize that

I don't know how to let you go

every moment marked

with apparitions of your soul

I'm ever swiftly moving

trying to escape this desire

the yearning to be near you

I do what I have to do

the yearning to be near you

I do what I have to do

but I have the sense to recognize

"You had all day to come by and yell at me," House stated openly.

"What's your point?" Cameron recovered from her silent thoughts, and came back to reality faster then she had intended.

"Why didn't you yell at me when you found out?" Now the tables were turned and House was the one asking the questions.

Cameron wasn't sure if she envied or despised his abilities. He knew how to manipulate a conversation like no one else she knew.

"Why wait until the day was over?" House continued asking the questions, wanting to know if he was right about the answers.

"Don't turn this around, House" She pointed her finger at him to make her point more clear.

House felt the pain in his leg growing by the second, and he had to sit down if he wanted to be able to communicate. He clutched to the couch, and sat down as he let out a sign that Cameron interpreted as a sign of relief.

Cameron watched him and understood that standing, even if he had the walls to lean on, was hard for him. It seemed that it had gotten tougher these last couple of years. Cameron had noticed that House hadn't change much psychically. He still suffered doing to his damaged leg and he had still managed to maintain the strength in his upper body.

She remained silent until he had positioned himself comfortably on the worn out couch.

"Apparently your coward-ness hasn't changed much since you left" House knew it was harsh and not true, but he also knew from experience that it was the most effective way of getting her to say what was really on her mind. Or getting them to attack you, physical...

Both noticed and yet ignored the fact that House's voice sounded angry. Cameron couldn't help wondering if his anger came from her leaving five years ago. Was that why he had hit Chase?

Her eyes searched for understanding. But it didn't come easy, it hardly even appeared. And if looks could kill at that second, House imagined himself without any inch of breath left in him the way Cameron was looking at him.

That I don't know how

to let you go

I don't know how

to let you go

Cameron took the deepest breath she could even remember taking. "I'm going to go before I say something I might regret"

House rubbed his wound even harder, feeling the pain becoming even stronger. "Isn't that what you do best?" His words came out harshly.

She turned and felt the anger coming back. "You told me to take the job?" It was true. They talked and without any warning he told her to take the job as the head of immunology when Chase had offered her.

"Facts that aren't relevant" House stated, true to his own words. "You wanted to take the job and you took it" He turned to see her standing by the door watching him.

"Yes, I wanted that job." Cameron walked closer to the couch. She made her way next to House and sat down. House noticed how she used past present.

He wondered if she even enjoyed her job. House could clearly see that it took a lot of energy from her. The many smiles she had once given to the people around her weren't seen so often anymore. He had often speculated why she hadn't put up a fight about her staying behind and Chase going back. House feared that he had gotten his answer.

"And why wouldn't I have taken it. It offers a wonderful position at a respected hospital with world-known doctors" Cameron sounded as if she had given up.

House waited for a but, however it never left Cameron's lips. And that was when his heart started beating faster then usually.

House noticed how she played with her slender fingers, and he placed his strong right hand over both of hers.

"Greg" His name left her lips softly. He knew that Cameron had something she wanted to say and House believed that it was something that he wanted to hear, but it didn't stop him.

A glowing ember

burning hot

burning slow

deep within I'm shaken by the violence

House knew he wasn't good with words in situations like these. It wasn't who he was. He was good with sarcastic comments and making the nurses cry. He had managed to make all those things happened, and at the same time run a department, including avoiding Cuddy for a large amount of time.

However when it came to Cameron, things weren't simple as they once were. They were back where he and Cameron first started; their awkward date at the restaurant, and later everyone making a big deal of them dating. House also remembered the time when he had started dating Honey, and when Cameron began establishing a relationship with Chase.

House realised that he and Cameron were so close… so close to not have what they once shared.

House loved the weakness she showed around him, and he failed to mention to himself that he hated the weakness he had around her.

Carefully, House brought her cold hand up to his face, and pressed his stubbly cheek against the palm of her hand. He found it amazing how much thrust she had in him, and that gave him the courage to do what he was about to do.

Cameron's hand was still attached to House's face when his warm lips met her cold one's.

The snow out side hit the window even harder and covered the streets like there was no tomorrow.

It was then one of House's small smiles that rarely made an appearance came trough. House had learned her habits fast in the beginning of both their professional and romantic relationship. Her habits had almost become an addiction to him.

Cameron's kisses became more demanding, and House found himself responding her demands. Her lips tasted as sweet as he could remember. He needed to savour her taste, and felt no need to break their kiss.

Cameron's cheeks were covered in a dark shade of pink when she first arrived at House's place, but they now replaced by a lighter shade of pink. She knew how this would end up, but she also knew that she couldn't go trough with it.

Their lips parted and not a single sound came out of House.

Cameron stood up and watched House sitting behind on the couch. She was afraid that if she spoke her voice wouldn't be heard. Cameron felt a somewhat lump in her throat that hadn't been there for two days, now it was making it's comeback. And she swallowed several times, but it refused to go away.

He wasn't surprised that Cameron broke of their kiss. He was frustrated at himself for being the one to start their third kiss in the two days of her returning. House knew the reason as to why he had started kissing her, and he hoped he knew the reason why she had kissed him back.

House got up by the help of his cane that was resting on his table, and prepared himself to spit out a sarcastic comment. But her hand surprised him.

Cameron knew that she loved him. It sounded cheesy as hell, but House was "it" for her. She knew it every time he looked at her, every time he would challenge her in being a better person and every time he kissed her.

And she had missed him. There were times where she considered going back to him, and leaving every thing she had established at her new job. But House had told her to take the job and pushed her away at the same time.

However, her missing him was stronger then her argument of him pushing her away. Cameron had searched for his hand and locked their fingers together.

Cameron hugged him and kissed his clothed chest. Then she backed up and looked in his beautiful face. Knowing that House would get too self-conscious if she stared at him for longer than usually, Cameron made her way down the hallway still holding House by his hand.

Knowing where Cameron was heading, House realised that he didn't want to think anymore. He just wanted to feel.

It amazed her that he hadn't said anything. She had almost prepared herself for a "You know what I haven't done in a while" or something similar.

Soon House's black Rolling Stones tee shirt was thrown on the floor, and Cameron toed off her shoes.

House's head met his pillow and the bed shifted under the extra weight. Cameron tossed away her winter jacket and reviled a familiar tee shirt, almost identical to the shirt that House had been wearing a few moments ago.

"Nice shirt" House commented, remembering when she had claimed it as hers. Cameron's lips twitched in smile. "Admire it tomorrow" The sarcasam came fast from her mouth and he smiled as Cameron planted her kisses on him.

Before she knew it House was above her, and Cameron sensed the warmth of his breath of skin, then his soft lips touched her neck, sparking a yearning desire.

Cameron lifted her arms above her head, offering her body freely and fully as clothes fled the bed.

And soon her soft body joined his movements, holding him close, needing to fell his hard body inside of her soft, accepting one. A moment of silence appeared infront of them. House's eyes gazed over her naked body.

They moved freely together, their bodies twined and joined, begging for responsiveness, flowing moistly, pleasure entwined with desire, dampness against heat, hardness against softness, and strength against gentleness.

House could feel that the strength of his arms threatening him in letting go, but he bit his tongue in pain, and lowed his body.

As their lips met, Cameron felt his warm flesh against hers. House ached in pleasure, as Cameron dug her fingers into the back of his muscular shoulders.

Cameron whished she could remain in that moment forever, but she could see his pain and before she knew it... she was above him.

With endless soft kisses, their bodies slowly parted.

House felt the warmth of her lips at his chest, and it brought his flesh alive at her touch.

I know I can't be with you

I do what I have to do

I know I can't be with you

I do what I have to do

and I have sense to recognize but

I don't know how to let you go

I don't know how to let you go

I don't know how to let you go

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