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The Power of Love


The cold mist surrounded the little cottage in Godric's Hollow. A dark figure made his way up the path; at last his only threat would be destroyed. The Dark Lord held his wand steadily, muttering a quick "Lumos," and carried on up the path.

The lights were on in the cottage and the young family were sitting in the living room. The boy, barely a year old, was giggling in glee and clapping his hands as his Father did some trick with his wand. The mother was content with sitting and watching the other two, while running her hands through her wavy red hair. They showed no awareness of the fact they were in hiding from a notorious murderer, they were stupid to put their faith in their silly little friends, not that either parent was in any danger, if they did not fight him, he only wanted the boy. Harry Potter, strange how such a small child was the only danger to his power.

He pushed open the gate, gazing half-heartedly at the garden as he crunched along the gravel. The family had now seen him and were rushing around to grab wands. The Dark Lord chuckled as he shoved the door open to be met with James Potter's dark hair and hazel eyes, "you will not touch my family, Voldemort," he snarled.

Voldemort laughed once again, "Move, fool."

"You will not touch Lily or Harry," the man replied, pointing his wand.

Voldemort scoffed before pushing Potter aside, roughly. He decided to leave the parents alive so they could despair the loss of their son. He glanced over the man, he was unconscious but breathing lightly, he could no longer provide a distraction from the Dark Lord's goal. Stepping over the lifelessly still body, he moved upstairs to where the mother had fled with the baby. Thank you, Albus Dumbledore, for placing anti-apparation charms on the house he thought, it had prevented the mother and child escaping.

He stepped into the nursery as the woman was placing the boy in his crib. She saw Voldemort approach and attempted to muffle her scream. She cried at him "NO! not Harry, take me instead, please! JAMES HELP!!! No, please, not Harry, no." She stood protectively in front of the cot. Her slight body took no effort for Voldemort to push out the way and soon she was as unconscious as her husband.

Voldemort strode over to the crib, grinning wildly, one wand stroke and he would be invincible. The boy looked up at him with deep green eyes. He glanced at his mother and then at Voldemort accusingly as if to say, 'you did this?' the Dark Lord looked at the one year old in surprise, seconds from death, his parents unavailable, the child still did not cry. Voldemort grinned, savouring his victory; raising his wand, he shouted the curse "AVADA KEDAVRA."

There was a huge green flash of light as the curse rebounded and Voldemort's body broke. The baby touched his now tender forehead, where a strange scar was forming. He cried out for his parents, glad the nasty man had now gone.

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