The Power of Love

Chapter 7

The Troubles of Two Three Year Olds

"More toast, Dudley?" Lily asked her three year old nephew.

The little boy took the small slices greedily. He ate so much more than Harry ever did, Lily had discovered this over the last couple of days. Luckily her parents were coming to pick up him up today; they always spoilt him as much as his parents. It had confirmed what Lily had always known, Harry was such sweet child. Dudley was demanding and rude while her son was quiet and loving.

She shared a soft smile with her husband, watching Harry nibble at half a banana. Dudley had refused to eat fruit but her son clearly loved it.

James stood and walked to the window to fetch the letter an owl dropped off moments before. It was a letter from Alice asking if they could take the boys out to the park later that week.

Once their breakfasts were finished with, James went off to have a shower and shave, leaving Lily to watch the two children. They were playing in separate sides of the room, Harry with his toy Snuffles and Dudley, a toy lion and tiger.

Lily was sorting out some washing when the doorbell rang. She glanced at the two boys playing on the carpet and decided it would be okay to leave them for a minute.

She was glad to see her parents standing at the front door when she opened it.

"Hi," she greeted them, standing aside so they could come in. "Good trip?"

"Not bad, Petunia phoned us first thing this morning to make sure we picked Dudley up straight away," her mother said.

Lily let out a slight laugh," let me get you some drinks. Is coffee okay?"

"Yes, thank you, darling," her father said, kissing her on the cheek.

They moved into the kitchen, just as James walked into behind them. His hair was still wet and he was wearing a pair of muggle jeans. Lily thought her husband looked rather attractive at that second.

He shook hands with her father and with greeted her mother with a slight kiss to her cheek. "You're looking good, Anna," he said.

"James," Mrs Evans chided.

Lily smiled at him as he stepped next to her and put his arm around her. He kissed her gently on the cheek and helped her get some mugs out of the cupboard. Lily had just put the kettle on when she heard a scream from the other room.

"No! Don't break Snuffles!" Harry cried out.

James snaked his arm from around his wife's waist and rushed into the sitting room. His mother-in-law followed him, leaving Lily and her father alone.

"You look tired," he commented.

"Having two three year olds in the house can do that," she commented lightly.

"Are you sure it's nothing more, honey?" he asked slowly.

"Yeah…" she said quietly.

He raised an eyebrow to show her that he clearly wasn't convinced, but said nothing, because at that moment James came back in and he didn't want to worry her husband. James was very susceptible to worrying about his family and David knew how much it annoyed his youngest daughter.

Lily took their small son off her husband, who was holding the small black dog tightly to his chest.

"What happened?" she asked him.

"Dudey, tried to break…" he trailed off, gesturing to the small dog in his arms.

She looked over to her mother who was telling the older of the two boys off. Either way, Lily decided she needed a rest. She felt awful.

"You okay?" James asked, sitting down on the sofa next to her.

It was two-thirty and Lily had just put Harry to bed for a nap. She was using the time to relax, her eyes closed.

"Yeah, fine," she replied, squinting through one eye.

"Do you want to go upstairs for a bit while Harry's asleep and, well… you know," he said suggestively, moving closer to her.

She gave him a tired smile as he bent in to kiss her. She moved her head to the side at the last moment so he kissed her on the cheek. James raised a questioning eyebrow at her.

"I'm sorry, James, I'm too tired," she gave him an apologetic smile.

"No," he said harshly, "you don't get tired like this. You struggle through. Something else is wrong… what the hell is wrong, Lily?"

"Everyone gets tired like this, James," she sighed, rubbing her eyes. "It's a part of life."

He fixed her with a look of disbelief, obviously not agreeing with her.

"I feel so sick," she whispered, standing.

James followed her to the bathroom as she threw up for what seemed like the hundredth time in the past three days. He sighed, placing his arms affectionately around her. Letting her know he was there and trying to help her.

She burst into tears, "James, I can't deal with this much longer. I'm scared…"

"You could probably do with a rest. Perhaps you should take tomorrow off, drop Harry off with your Mum and have a rest. Hmm?" he stroked her cheek, as they knelt on the bathroom floor.

"I'm okay, James," she said defensively.

"Stop lying to me!" he said sharply. "You are ill, so calm down and take some time to get better. Or I'll take you to St. Mungo's first thing in the morning."

"I'M FINE!" she snapped.

He frowned slightly, but remained quiet. The expression on his face was a mixture of hurt and thoughtfulness.

"Sorry," she breathed, when he didn't answer. "Perhaps you better get that appointment for tomorrow," she said, biting her lip.

"Yeah, I think that would be for the best," he agreed slowly.

He picked her up from under her knees and walked into the living room. He then placed her on the couch before fetching her, a glass of water.

"I'll go and contact them now," he promised, "and I'll ask Mum to watch Harry…"


"…And I'll contact Moody to say we won't be working tomorrow," he continued, sitting next to her and pulling her into his embrace.

"You don't need to take the day off, James," she argued.

He ran the pad of his thumb along her back. "I'm coming with you, babe," he alleged.

Lily decided to give up arguing with him, he was winning the arguments here. Instead she rested her head on his chest and placed an arm around his waist. He kissed her temple briefly, before gently moving out of her embrace.

"I'll be right back," he promised, "stay where you are."

She could hear him talking to the healer into the fireplace in the kitchen and allowed the soft tones of her husband's voice in the background to help her relax. She closed her eyes and lay back on the sofa. Eventually she heard his footsteps treading back towards her until he was standing over her.

"They promised to see us first thing tomorrow," he told her, settling back by her side. "And Mum is taking Harry all day… I'm afraid Moody still wants me to work the afternoon though, so we could have lunch before I return to work. And then you can have a rest."

"That sounds like a plan," she smirked. "But I may have a sleep now."

"Okay, sweet dreams."